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great early success to present diminishing results
  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Thank you Brian, Buster, Hlaser, et al for all your help in the past.

    Brian, you know a little of my history with the aneros as we have written back and forth in the past. To bring everyone else up to speed - I started out with a helix and eventually purchased a progasm.

    My success with the helix was nearly immediate and astounding. I also enjoyed quick success with the progasm.

    To bring you to today, my successes have diminished greatly and of course, like others I have encountered in these forums, left me searching for answers.

    There are two potential causes I am exploring that may provide answers. I am seeking additional thoughts from you guys and others to see if you have heard anything like this before.

    The first is the ever-surfacing problem with lubrication which we all agree is absolutely essential. Once things start sticking, the game is over till it is corrected. In the beginning I experimented with several lubes, but ended up with ID Glide or KY. In the beginning, it didn't seem to take a whole lot and I was on my way. Then it seemed like I needed more and more. Now I am using a small syringe and I cannot seem to stay slippery enough. I have also tried injecting one and lubricating the aneros with the other (both ways), but that doesn't seem to work.

    There is another possible factor involving my personal health, and that is (forgive my frankness here) something that began before I started using the aneros. My bowel movements began to change. From what I can tell, I may have a mild case of IBS, which I found out may run in my family. I found out that one of my siblings is also afflicted.

    Is it possible that the helix has a finish that might have come off or deteriorated in the time I have owned it - either do to use or maybe related to my personal situation? Maybe something that causes it to not respond to the lubricant. Or, have my insides changed in such a way that lube isn't effective. It sounds silly, but I am trying to think of anything.

    As a side note, in no way do I want to fall into the camp of people who occasionally come through here blaming the aneros for causing IBS. My symptoms were beginning easily before my helix arrived in the mail.

    In the beginning, it was amazing. It was so easy. One thing I liked was using the helix when I went to bed - to go to sleep with it in, and have those dreamlike full-body experiences you have read about in this forum. A couple hours later, I would take it out and go back to sleep. About 5am, I would have the experience all over again, as though the device were still inserted.

    Now, I can get the beginnings of what used to be, but then it just dissipates like the morning fog. I never get those full body sensations anymore, and those wonderful "aftershocks" that awakened me so pleasantly from my sleep are just memories.

    When I use the progasm, it seems like I have become desensitized to it. It used to nearly instantaneously grab hold, and every contraction felt like an orgasm - now, not much of anything.

    I'm not giving up - but if you guys have any thoughts, please let me know. I know I could have written you, Brian, personally, but I thought maybe there might be others with my situation and maybe this could help more than just me.

    All the best - thanks in advance for your consideration,

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Lincoln

    Sorry to hear about your diminishing aneros results. I too have IBS and have occasionally experienced some "surface" discomfort with my Helix. Most of my first year I had only my original MGX and did not have that problem. But I don't think it is the Helix causing the problem.

    I have had times when I just don't want to put anything into my rectum, but through diet I have been able to minimize that and gain great ease and comfort. I should say that I have massaged my prostate for much of the last four and half decades, but not during the era when I had violent colitis and some other powerful manifestations of a chronic IBS and upper GI problem gut.

    Two to three probiotic supplement capsules a day, and a "lycopene lavage" (a good dose of fibre mixed with a tomato and mixed vegetable drink) have done wonders, and the three capsules of fish oil I take related to a cardiac condition, have also had a good effect on the digestion. Check out Zaneblue's post here and on her own site and her book The Orgasmic Diet. Fish oil arousal may do it for you both ways!

    Then you might want to think about your pattern of sleeping experience with your Aneros in, followed by later waking experience of after-effects. I developed the ability to drop into hypnagogia, a liminal state of consciousness between full consciousness and regular sleep or full subconsciousness. If you look at my story in my blog you will see the early IOs, Intellectual Orgasms. They sometimes arose from sleeping and or waking states, although that was a minority of cases.

    So I have some experiences somewhat similar to yours. My guess is that you might well benefit from some fully conscious Aneros sessions and follow their after-effects and those possibilities as they suggest themselves to you. You can then take advantage of the practice that sees your Aneros models as "training wheels" that enable your body to learn and take charge of this whole range of ecstatic possibilities. See JIH's thread on "teasing the prostate tip" for example.

    Finally, I found that the combination of Aneros and Jack Johnson's Key Sound system for multiple orgasms was most effective for me, particularly given the chronic pain management within which my Aneros practice must co-exist. Pan and some others share similar experiences and provide good advice both here and at KSMO.

    Hope these ideas can be of some assistance to you. All the best.

  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Thanks for the quick reply, AF!

    Do you think my lubrication problem is related to this bowel condition? I don't think I have full-blown ISB. It's just not like it used to be. I am already taking acidophilus - one capsule daily. Do you think more may be necessary? I only started last week but have seen little results yet. How long can it take to see results? My wife takes fish oil for another unrelated condition, so we do have that in the house too, and I can take some of hers.

    I have done both fully awake sessions and the limited consciousness sessions. Fully awake was ok in the beginning, but again, all effects have diminished. It's funny, because even now, just writing about it makes me leak. My brain knows it feels great - just can't seem to find it in reality.

    I have been on the KSMO website, and would love to buy into his system. Right now, due to well-reported economic conditions in my industry, I just don't feel comfortable spending the money on a luxury as this! One day, I hope....and soon!

    Thanks again for your thoughts and help.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again Lincoln

    I too use either ID Glide and or KY. The only time I have had any lube problem was when I took some not-so-efficacious advice and was syringing too much ID Glide into my rectum. The glycerine dose over-stimulated my bowels with "distracting" results.

    My test for whether I have the right dose of acidophilus plus (I take a mixed form) is the amount of clean-up required from defecation: when the dose is right there is very little if anything to wipe away. Give it at least a couple of months. Even the natural changes of diet effect the results, but they tend to stabilize over time, at least in my experience. Same with the fish oil which I find very helpful: see The Orgasmic Diet.

    In the first year, I too had delays and setbacks. Patience and being sensitive but not anxious waiting for the signs and allowing them to develop as they will, even not in line with your expectations, is key. All the best.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419

    I second ‘artform’s sentiments in wishing you well and getting you back on the path of pleasure. As far as I can determine there is no coating on your Aneros models which could be worn off affecting performance. Your choice of lube can affect you in subtle ways. When I first started using the Aneros I used copious amounts of generic KY jelly, but over time I seem to have developed sensitivity to the laxative effects of the glycerin component. I have subsequently switched over to using the Natural Jelly formula (posted elsewhere). This seems to have resolved that minor issue.
    Your fundamental health concerns can greatly influence your ability to enjoy may aspects of life, including sensual experiences. There are a number of additional potential impediments to your inability to derive as much pleasure now as you had in the past. It is possible you are experiencing some hormonal imbalances which could be affecting your testosterone levels and thus degrading your libido and arousal potential. It might be helpful to have some blood work done to determine if there are any anomalies in that respect. In many cases adjusting ones diet can make significant differences in resolving these issues as you are already aware.
    As regards the desensitization issue, it is possible that you may be simply experiencing a temporary “burnout”. Overuse of nearly anything can lead to desensitizing; perhaps a couple of months of voluntary estrangement might help re-ignite the orgasmic furnace. This time period would allow you to make any needed adjustments in your diet and for them to begin to take effect as well. This would also give you a chance to pursue the KSMO protocol as suggested by ‘artform’. The fact that you still “… get the beginnings of what used to be,…” bodes well for you, the stirrings of desire are not dead, they just may need some time to get re-energized.
  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    I have used sandpaper to polish three Aneros models and have seen no evidence of a coating.
  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Thanks AF and Rumel for your thoughts.

    AF, I think you have hit the nail on the head concerning the acidophilus. I seem to be moving in the right direction already, and what a relief it is. Funny how something like this over time can get so depressing.

    As for my libido, it is alive and well. In fact, sometimes, I wish it were a little less robust! A little story- starting last Friday, I did perineum massages like Buster wrote about a long time ago - with great results. I actually had multiple orgasms like I used to get with the helix, except these were not full-body. And till Monday I allowed myself no penile stimulation and by then had had probably a half dozen non-ejaculatory orgasms.

    Monday morning I developed an unprecedented case of "blue balls". I kept thinking that my work - maybe some relaxation breathing would help distract, but that was not the case. Finally, in the afternoon, I took matters into my own hands, and the pain subsided.

    I have wondered about desensitization, but would I experience desensitization if my frequency is twice per week or less?

    This is all good food for thought. Thank both of you for sharing your opinions. I really appreciate it.

    All the best,

  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    To Catchemup - thank you for your thoughts as well. Your post snuck in while I was writing the previous post. And I think you are right about there not being a coating. In fact, I think it would be a bad idea - just considering all the possibilities.

    Thanks again,