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penis contact
  • LinghamanLinghaman
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    I have not been on for a while but felt the need to make this post to make users aware of a discovery of mine this last month. Previously I have been able to get to a super o with a fair amount of concentration (an hour of effort) and a lot of prep (porno, breathing etc). I have been following the advice of most users that you should avoid any contact with the penis for fear that you will ejaculate.

    In my eight months of sessions so far I have never been able to maintain a hard on during an aneros session. I have tried the pressure in the magic spot ...I have tried a variety of pressure points, I have tried sexual imagery and porno. If I do get hard ...the minute I put the aneros in I deflate like a spiked tire. Once it is in there is no way I can get hard. I must wired so that the two just can't occur together. So last month I figured what the hell . . . what have I got to loose? Let me try some penile stimulation during a session.

    I prepped with lube as always and put in my helix. I assumed the tried and true on your side one leg up position, but I lowered my upper hip down towards the bed so that the underside of the corona of my cock was lightly resting on the bed. Mind you I am soft . . . when I am soft I am about 5 inches.

    In seconds literally it was as if there was an electric shock. Actually it felt more like a jerky - spasmic tug of was between the tip of my dick, my prostate and the sweet spot underneath my balls. In less than a minute I was off to the races. With no prep . . .no waiting after I inserted the helix, no mild contractions, there I was trying to keep up with this wild time that happening between my legs.

    I could feel major spasmodic twitchess traveling from deep inside me right along my perineum and to the tip of my penis and back again. My prostate was swelling and tingling...I could feel it buzzing and inflating. It was all I could do to just hang on for the ride. In less than 5 minutes I was in a super o that lasted for 15 minutes. I didn't have to struggle to keep it focused ...the slight stimulation of the underside of the corona of my penis on the sheets of the bed was enough stimulation to set the whole thing in motion and keep it going. So far the longest I have been able to go is 4 hours of constant super o's with five to ten minutes rest between them ... at the end of that my prostate was throbbing and wasted and my legs were weak.

    Since that initial discovery . . . I have been able to concentrate and keep the waves going for almost as long as I would like. I still never get hard and I don't ejaculate but an hour session will cause me to unload a virtual puddle of pre cum . . . I am talking like an eigth of a cup of slime. When i am done I am so freaking horney that I have almost jumped my wife almost 3 hours later.

    Since this initial discovery ...I have been able to get myself going with no aneros ...just laying naked on the bed with the underside of my penis lightly resting on the bed and doing five or six contractions. In about ten or fifteen minutes there I go again.

    It seems that being soft keeps me from ejaculating but it doesn't keep me from getting major big o 's.
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    Sounds like a great ride!!! And think this probably isn't the top!

    I have found the same to be true - not much erection action with the thing in. People talk about having intercourse with it in and that hasn't been a real goal at this point. It seems that the pressure is a distraction during arousal.

    Thanks for the tip, going to try the position tip next in case there's a relation between the lack of erection and pressure point etc.