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Planning to purchase Helix vs MGX. Perineum Tab Question
  • tlcmdtlcmd
    Posts: 2
    Suggestions and comments appreciated:

    Planning to purchase either the Helix or the MGX and notice that one of the differences is the standard vs the dime perineum tab. Any tab preferences and why?

    Am leaning toward the Helix; is it worth $19 more?

    Will be a new user of Aneros (or any other type of prostate stimulus products. Am 6', 230 lbs. Have taken a 1" dildo without difficulty.

    Any other suggestions or comments?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi tlcmd,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    This is a frequently asked question by new members. The following is from the Aneros ‘HOME’ page -
    “Which Aneros model is right for me? How do I know it's the right size?
    1) Despite differences in height, weight and other physical characteristics, the location of the prostate gland - 2 to 3 inches inside the anus - is the same in approximately 98% of all men. By having an insertion length of approximately four inches, the Aneros compensates for differences in physical dimensions. Unfortunately, we do not have any definitive rules for deciding upon which massager is best for any given individual. Ultimately, this has to be a personal decision. People of all sizes and shapes from all over the world have used the Aneros, and preferences vary.”

    I suggest you check out and read the following : , read "Choosing a model" in the WIKI - and "Which Aneros model is best for new users?" Poll - Also see a related thread -
    Those should help you make an appropriate decision for yourself.
    As regards to your question “…is it worth $19 more?” Well, how much are multiple orgasms worth? How much is it worth to you to experience indeterminate hours of pleasurable sensuality? Only you can make that determination, but I think my massagers have been well worth the purchase price.
  • tlcmdtlcmd
    Posts: 2
    My original question was regarding the "dime" of the Helix or the standard perineum tab of the MGX. Which is preferred by users who have had experience with both?

    My $19 bucks was a question referring to the effective differences between the 2 models.

    I have done the research and never found anyone who could explain the dime vs regular pereneum probe.

    Help, please.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    While I don’t know the designers intent for the variations in the P-tab designs, I suspect the smaller “dime” tab of the Helix and Eupho models was intended to provide a more concentrated pressure point in response to anal contractions/movement of the massager.
    Many new Aneros users have reported discomfort from the P-tabs of both models. Preferences do vary from one user to another. I believe once you become inured to your particular model’s sensations, the P-tab configuration doesn’t really matter much and the three different P-tab designs all function similarly and are equally tolerated. After nearly a 1½ years usage of the various models I don’t really have a P-tab preference because they all feel pretty much the same to me now.
  • I feel I picked the wrong model. Helix is too short. I've been reading all the beginner stuff. 5'6" and shorter for the helix. I'm 6'1"

    Well... off to find the right one. Like NOW.

    Nevermind. It's good. Strange initial sensations.
  • LeaderdomLeaderdom
    Posts: 8
    I'm 6'0", or 6'1" depending on which convenience store I'm walking out of at the time, and 260 lbs.

    I have both the MGX and the Helix, but have only been using the Helix. I'd never done any anal play before the Aneros, but on my fourth session with the Helix I was able to experience a Super-O, and I have no doubts I have no where to go but up from here! The perineum tab on the Helix is at times uncomfortable for me (and was painful the first time I used it), but a small piece of paper towel folded over the tab greatly reduced the discomfort but still provided the stimulation.

    The first two times I used the Helix I also though it wasn't hitting the right spot for me, that I was too big somehow and it wasn't long enough, but as I quickly found out (Happily :) ) on my third and fourth sessions, the Helix was actually more or less dead on and my body just had to adjust to the new stimulation.