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A Peridise - The First Time
  • hapticbearhapticbear
    Posts: 83
    A Peridise - The First Time

    After much anticipation my airmail package arrived and there, inside the blister pack was the duo of advanced Peridise. I chose the more fulsome, with the rounded head, though neither are large - in fact they look innocent and comfortable and feel fantastic, just to touch, silky smooth and with an unexpected slight weightiness.

    It is 9.30pm I squat, wash the chosen Peridise and then lick it, covering it with spittle (see Note A), I insert the head and contract slowly to pull the rest in, up to the last small bead, before the axe handle (for most of this first session this last bead stayed outside the rectum, but occasionally it went right in). I stood up walked around - first impression - it feels very natural to have something this size in you, just very pleasant sensation.

    I got into bed, laid on my right side, legs slightly pulled up towards chest - I start contracting the anus muscles, pretty soon erect (at times in the session I was tempted to touch my cock, but I kept thinking I know where that goes, what will happen, instead hopefully listening to the advise of others I countered the temptation with the knowledge that a quicker re-wiring is going to occur by focusing on the sensations provoked by the Peridise). My erection came and went, sometimes incredibly hard and during what turned out to be a one hour session I had three pronounced flows of pre-cum.

    As others have reported with these aneros products I started to change positions, strength of contractions, periods of relaxation, periods of prolonged grasping of the Peridise, times when I relaxed and it seemed less present. From about 10 minutes into the session I began to have a base level of just overall mild body bliss, like being wrapped in cotton wool and a buzzing from head to toe, sometimes quite rough, but in the main a glowing pleasure in the background.

    On this foundation of warmth, coziness and very low level ecstasy, there would play out waves of warmth starting around the anus and moving out, down back of legs and up spine, leading three times to mild abs contractions. There was a point where I really got into very strong anal contractions (Note B), just a profound rubbing of a certain spot by the Peridise inside the anal canal and me moaning, after that in a more relaxed state the after glow buzz of that stimulation ran all over my body - it felt like the best times when I have been able to 'edge' right on the point of ejaculation, but that is rare and never easy to achieve, this seems very easy in comparison. At some point, mid way though I remembered reading about the effectiveness of nipple stimulation and crossed my arms over my chest and took my nipples between thumb and forefinger, gently twisting and pulling - absolutely beautiful, and I was literally writhing in the passion of my own stimulation.

    Towards the end of the session I thought about not wanting to over exercise my muscles and over rub the prostate, this being the first time and was just about to pull the Peridise out, when I started to feel a slightly burning sensation on the top of my cock, almost painful, but not, actually powerfully blissful when I relaxed into it and it began to resonate across my whole body and then I lost the tuning in ability and decided to give it a rest.

    I'd like to thank the designers, the individual who packaged this up and sent it so professionally across the waters and all the contributors here that lead me to purchase this amazing device. As many have said, it feels like the beginning of a real adventure.


    Note A - I usually shit twice a day, morning and evening, so this insertion was about 10 minutes after my evening dump, I always squat on the toilet, feet on the rim, takes a bit of balancing sometimes, however, the best position to relax the colon and not over strain - I eat mostly vegetarian and have 4 prunes in the morning this seems to give a natural lubricant coating to the rectum walls, hence I wasn't inclined to use a lubricant except my own spit.

    Note B - I generally do some kegel exercises on the train to work, but in this session I've never been so motivated before to do them, the bio-feedback was stunning .. oh that it could feel like this when I'm doing press-ups!