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Aneros produces too much stimulation?
  • Beachboy7Beachboy7
    Posts: 13
    Hey guys,
    i have used the aneros for one year now. In the beginning, I felt nothing. Now, I'm at a level where I can feel light tingling and muscle tension with the aneros inserted. But I can produce this, and sometimes even slight p-waves (once in 5 sessions or so) which feel like very small orgasms in the area of my perineum and stay only for a few seconds without the device.

    I noticed that without the aneros, even my perineum feels aroused when no aneros is inserted. The imagination of having it inserted arouses me more than the actual stimulation it provides!

    Why can this be? When I masturbate, I can accelerate my way to orgasm by contracting my pc-muscle. When I'm near orgasm, this provides a very noticeable boost to my pleasure. So my prostate is existent and is also sensitive :lol:
    I also noticed that my prostate reacts more to the stimulation of pressing motion (like bowel movement) or the stimulation from my stomach where I gently press downwards from my lower abdomen than stimulation from inside the anus.

    But, when I have a penile orgasm with the aneros inserted, the ejaculation (not the orgasm which is a separate event as you know) doesn't feel very pleasurable. It feels more like there is something that pushes two much. It's not pain, but an ejaculation without the aneros feels better. Is that the way it is meant to be??

    And I think that is the same matter when trying to reach the super-o. The stimulation of the aneros doesn't really feel pleasurable and natural. It distracts me from the feelings I get when I do the same muscle contractions without it (in case I get them).

    I don't understand this, and I haven't read this problem in this forum yet. Could it be that the aneros is not working for me? I own the MGX, the Helix, Eupho and Progasm. The MGX and the Eupho feel better for me than the other ones, but even with these, I can achieve better feelings without them. I don't know what to do??? :?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi snowtygr!

    The sensitivity of your prostate and the functioning of the PC muscles is a normal occurrence with continued
    use of the muscles and the Aneros! that's a good thing!

    Although, I am not sure what this unpleasant feeling IS when having a traditional Orgasm with an Aneros
    inserted??? I guess I would NOT insert it during a traditional Orgasm! (maybe try more lube or different
    type like plain old Vaseline and try not to tighten your PC muscles as tight . . . relax more ???)

    Hope this helps?

    Good luck in your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Beachboy7Beachboy7
    Posts: 13
    Hi Hlaser99,

    although I'm not snowtygr, I appreciate your answer :lol: .

    The feeling with the aneros inserted is not unpleasant. It's more of a strained feeling. I also have it sometimes when I orgasm the traditional way after an hour or so of using the aneros or just having trained my pc-muscle without it. It is hard not to tighten my muscles, because the spasms are involuntary at orgasm.
    Perhaps my prostate is very sensitive? Without the aneros, it's easier for me to develop (little) pleasure waves. I concentrate on my perineum and lead the feelings there with my thoughts to my prostate. Or do I misconstruct the feelings my prostate produces while using the aneros?
    What's your formula to get really relaxed and concentrated? And on which part of your body do you concentrate? What are the feelings you get when the aneros stimulates your prostate?
    Perhaps this could help me to reclassify my thoughts and experiences..
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Beachboy7!

    Sorry, I must have had snowtygr's name copied into memory and somehow
    pasted it into your thread by mistake!

    Ah! I see! Kinda hard to stop something you didn't start! (like involuntaries!)

    I guess I would start with relaxing of all muscles, from head to toe . . . breathe slow, deep breaths from the belly
    and observe the subtle effects on my prostate and anywhere else that is having orgasmic feelings. (even the smallest feelings!)

    Actually, the HypnAerosession CD's offered on this site, take you through all of this, with Alana's hypnotic instructions
    and makes it easy to get into the ideal place to receive your Super-O's!

    I am not just saying this because I helped in the development of the CD's either; they really deliver!

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi beachboy7,

    Maybe something just to try.... Don't use the Aneros at all, and see if you can have a good mini-O or super-O.
    Do the same things just like you would do if the Aneros is inside you.

    A lot of folks here can have super-O's without anything inserted at all, and it is a great feeling!!

    hlaser has some great advice and info to follow and try as well.
    I hope it helps...
  • Beachboy7Beachboy7
    Posts: 13
    hlaser99 said:

    Hi Beachboy7!
    I guess I would start with relaxing of all muscles, from head to toe . . . breathe slow, deep breaths from the belly
    and observe the subtle effects on my prostate and anywhere else that is having orgasmic feelings. (even the smallest feelings!)

    Hi Hlaser! I did that, and I think there were good feelings, although very subtle. I have the problem of increasing them. Somehow, I concentrate so much that the feeling can not develop, I think. What I noticed is that when I touch the mouse of my PC or some other thing, the touching motion sometimes gives me small pleasure waves. This can sometimes happen when I clench my fist, too. It sounds absurd, but so it is :shock:

    @skeeter: Thanks for your answer. Can the Super-Os without the aneros be so nice and fulfilling as the ones with it inserted? I think its all a matter of the mind, isn't it?