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Have Had Some Dry Orgasms - Need Help Interpreting Them
  • bossma33bossma33
    Posts: 3
    So I have owned the aneros MGX for about six months. After lots of experimentation with positions, lubrication, etc. I am finally getting somewhere. For the first five months of ownership I was largely using the aneros as a masturbation aid. I nearly always jerk off to porn that I download onto my computer. I found that I would get some pleasant sensation from the device as I was jerking off and that it would really enhance the intensity of my orgasms. But I wasn't getting any involuntary contractions or anything close to a mini-O, let alone a super-O. Fortunately, however, about a month ago just as I had lubed up and inserted and was about to start my session, my computer started acting up and I had to shut it down. Since it takes forever to re-start and I already had the aneros inserted, I decided to lean back on my office chair, put my feet up, close my eyes, and focus on the feelings of the sensation of the aneros. Having re-read the on-line instructions, I tried to focus on my breathing (shallow, short breaths) and continuously holding a light contraction. I then started gently stroking the top half of my penis. I could feel the arm of the aneros pressing into my perineum but I was so well lubricated I couldn't even feel the device in my anus. As I started to get erect, I began experiencing my first involuntary contractions. They continued for 2-3 minutes, and during this time I experienced what I think was my first mini-o. Pleasure built up until what I would describe as a "cool wave of pleasure" washed over the backs of my thighs, my ass cheeks and my midsection in general. It felt very much like a small ejaculatory orgasm without the cum. The next night I experienced two of these, the first was much like the one I had on the first night, while the second was more intense, washed over my entire body and lasted a good 30-45 seconds. I've struggled since then to have a repeat performance, but finally between yesterday and today I have had three more of these dry orgasms. The first one that I had yesterday early evening was my most intense to date. It lasted a good 2-3 minutes, had me moaning outloud, and the intensity of the pleasure and tingling around my anus and the surrounding area was so great that the aneros took on a "frictionless" feeling - I knew it was inside me and that the involuntary contractions were continuing, but I felt as if it almost wasn't there. I was then able to get shorter, less intense (but still fun!) dry orgasms late last evening and then again this morning. Furthermore, in all three sessions the ejaculatory orgasms that I finished with were mindbending in intensity. Key observations:

    1) Proper lubrication is key! I use water based lube and do three things a) lube up around and inside my anus with my finger, then b) inject a good 20ml of KY into my ass, all the way along the anal cavity, including right in the beginning of my anus, c) apply a healthy dose of lube to the aneros, INCLUDING A HEATHLY COATING DOWN AT THE BASE and around where the ribbing is. Proper lubrication and thus allowing the device to be as slippery as possible inside me is the only way I can get steady, orgasm building involuntary contractions;
    2) I can only achieve these dry Os early in my session. Once the lubrication "breaks down" or gets absorbed or spread around too much and I start to be able to feel the pressure of the base and stem of the aneros in my ass, I can still get good sensations but I can't get the types of involuntary contractions I need in order to get the dry orgasm;
    3) I must be stroking my cock in order for the involuntary contractions to be consistent. Having a full or partial erection seems to make my perineum swell up and enhances the sensation that I get on my perineum from the aneros.

    Questions for the forum:
    1) Are these cool waves of pleasure better described as an anal orgasm or a prostate orgasm? Would any of you describe them as mini-Os?
    2) Any suggestions as to what I can do to get to the level of the Super-O?

    I am really getting into using the thing. Can't wait until the wife goes to bed so I can try it again tonight.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Sounds good, and like you are on the right track. :D I'd say it is a combination of the stimulation of the anus, perineum, and the prostate that are causing the waves you describe which do sound like p-waves and perhaps mini-O's. I find O's are somewhat indeterminate. Eventually you just focus on the pleasure and the waves and O's come. For me it is a continuous thing pretty much for hours on end. Granted...when I first was learning it wasn't that way, but once you learn the feeling to expect and focus on it is a bit like riding a bicycle and you won't fall over.

    It is true that porn can help to raise a level of excitement that can increase the experience. I've found however that it can actually distract during an Aneros session because then you should be focus more on internal sensations, breathing, and fantasy / day dreaming. If you are busy watching then you aren't necessarily paying attention to your feelings completely. So, if you watch it, then I'd turn it off during a session. Also give yourself plenty of time. You might experiment with different lubes as some are slicker than others. Initially I thought I needed a lot, and perhaps did, but with time I now need very little. Take fish oil, as mentioned elsewhere. Also experiment with different positions. Positions can make a huge difference in setting off orgasms. For me no position is better than on my back with a pillow under lower back/rear end and feet/legs extending up to top or sides of a bed or low dresser. Perhaps a pillow under my head as well. While a session is in progress do not move or chance positions a lot. You have to have time to really get focused and experience the full ride in a particular position. If you become uncomfortable, cramped, or bored then move to another position. Probably on all fours in some variation would be my second fav with lying on side third.

    Enjoy the ride and let us hear your progress. I'd have to say I post on here so much just because the Aneros orgasms keep me SO stoked. It's really hard to believe it's possible when you start experiencing what's possible and then you just have to share it / express it. Well, at least it seems I do.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi bossma33,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    In answer to your query #1, IMHO it doesn’t really matter whether you call it an anal or prostate orgasm, it was a dry-O induced by your Aneros and was more than a mini-O. The subsequent evening you experienced the wonderful MMO’s and a mild Super-O (when has a traditional ejaculatory orgasm ever lasted 2-3 minutes?)
    In answer to your query #2, you are already at the level of a Super-O. It is now more a matter of you refining your techniques to achieve more consistent results. Just understand that there will still be some “dud” sessions to contend with. This Forum is full of tips to increase the probability for your successful Super-O journey, you just need to be patient in trying out the many combinations to hasten your progress. I suggest you do as much reading of Forum posts as you can accommodate to find out about all these techniques.
    One particular tip I would suggest now is that you refrain from much penile stimulation if you want to have sustained Super-O experiences. Once ejaculation occurs the refractory period kicks-in and Super-O’s are unlikely to happen thereafter.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    20ml of lube???

    that is way too much. 5ml is more than enough.

  • bossma33bossma33
    Posts: 3
    Thanks to all three of you for your thoughts. As I reflected on my best session yet (early last Friday night) and I take your comments on-board, I am now certain that I had a super-O that day but didn't realize it. One of you said it best - orgasms that last 2-3 minutes aren't "mini" in nature. While the Super-O component of it was only about 30 seconds long, it was more intense than any orgasm I have experienced in my entire life. The pleasure built up and then almost exploded in my mid- section, and as mentioned the aneros continued to contract but I became completely desensitized to it - basically, while it sounds stupid, I became "one with my aneros." And during that brief period as I was peaking I felt a bit "out of body" as well.

    Now I need to find out how to get back there! Couldn't do it on Saturday or Sunday night. Pleasant sessions, but only a very small mini-O in one of them. So I need to continue to use the device regularly and learn how to sustain it once it cums (sic). Any advice would be appreciated.

    I agree that I am using too much lube, but don't know where, or on what surface, to cut back. My pleasure has increased as I have used increasing amounts of lube. And once the lube starts to dissipate around and in my anus, I seem to lose the ability to have minis or supers because of the lack of sustained involunatary contractions. So I am hesitant to cut back right now given the progress I am making.

    And other comments were helpful as well. Please note that I never induce a penile orgasm until at least 45 minutes into the session. Gently rubbing my cock just seems to stimulate the involuntary contractions.

    And lastly, I usually only use pornography at the beginning of the session to get aroused, and at the end of the session when I know my chances of getting a dry-O are over. I agree, it actually is a distraction when you are building up to a mini or super.