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Aneros Chat Event #4 Transcript
  • Hi Everyone, another great Chat Event is complete. Here is the transcript.

    [17:02:04] ArcticWolves: Woohoo I'm the first on in!
    [17:02:07] ArcticWolves: one*
    [17:02:16] cet: Scared me for a minute -- the event was gone!
    [17:02:22] ArcticWolves: I took off work just to be in here so :)
    [17:02:30] Buster: Hey everybody!
    [17:02:42] ArcticWolves: Hey Buster!!
    [17:02:45] cet: What some foolish "wolves" will do with their Saturdays! ;)
    [17:02:54] [email][/email]: Hello Everyone, had some minor technical difficulties, glad you all made it in!
    [17:02:56] Buster: You doing good AW?
    [17:02:59] ArcticWolves: Quite funny trying to get in the chat room... I was like dang they canceled it :P
    [17:03:20] cet: Hey Rumel!
    [17:03:23] ArcticWolves: I'm doing great Buster
    [17:03:24] hlaser99: Hi All!
    [17:03:33] ArcticWolves: The CD God is here!!
    [17:03:38] cet: Hey Hlaser!
    [17:03:42] rumel: Hi guys
    [17:03:42] ArcticWolves: How is everyone today? Where's everyone from?
    [17:03:45] Buster: Laser and Rumel......good to see you.
    [17:04:01] Buster: I'm orange
    [17:04:01] cet: Hey Buster!
    [17:04:10] ArcticWolves: just so everyone knows to increase the size of text hit your ctrl and + key at the same time
    [17:04:11] Buster: Hi cet.
    [17:04:32] ArcticWolves: I'll be red no one take my color!
    [17:04:34] cet: Fine, if we're gonna play the color game!
    [17:04:46] hlaser99: Yo!
    [17:04:47] ArcticWolves: oh wait i don't need christmas colors
    [17:04:50] ArcticWolves: forget that
    [17:05:01] Buster: AW, can you make it just a bit brighter?
    [17:05:07] cet: I feel sorry for folks who'll have to read the transcript. :bigtongue:
    [17:05:14] [email][/email]: Hey Brian, welcome!
    [17:02:04] ArcticWolves: Woohoo I'm the first on in!
    [17:02:07] ArcticWolves: one*
    [17:02:16] cet: Scared me for a minute -- the event was gone!
    [17:02:22] ArcticWolves: I took off work just to be in here so :)
    [17:02:30] Buster: Hey everybody!
    [17:02:42] ArcticWolves: Hey Buster!!
    [17:02:45] cet: What some foolish "wolves" will do with their Saturdays! ;)
    [17:02:54] [email][/email]: Hello Everyone, had some minor technical difficulties, glad you all made it in!
    [17:02:56] Buster: You doing good AW?
    [17:02:59] ArcticWolves: Quite funny trying to get in the chat room... I was like dang they canceled it :P
    [17:03:20] cet: Hey Rumel!
    [17:03:23] ArcticWolves: I'm doing great Buster
    [17:03:24] hlaser99: Hi All!
    [17:03:33] ArcticWolves: The CD God is here!!
    [17:03:38] cet: Hey Hlaser!
    [17:03:42] rumel: Hi guys
    [17:03:42] ArcticWolves: How is everyone today? Where's everyone from?
    [17:03:45] Buster: Laser and Rumel......good to see you.
    [17:04:01] Buster: I'm orange
    [17:04:01] cet: Hey Buster!
    [17:04:10] ArcticWolves: just so everyone knows to increase the size of text hit your ctrl and + key at the same time
    [17:04:11] Buster: Hi cet.
    [17:04:32] ArcticWolves: I'll be red no one take my color!
    [17:04:34] cet: Fine, if we're gonna play the color game!
    [17:04:46] hlaser99: Yo!
    [17:04:47] ArcticWolves: oh wait i don't need christmas colors
    [17:04:50] ArcticWolves: forget that
    [17:05:01] Buster: AW, can you make it just a bit brighter?
    [17:05:07] cet: I feel sorry for folks who'll have to read the transcript. :bigtongue:
    [17:05:14] [email][/email]: Hey Brian, welcome!
    [17:05:28] ArcticWolves: I'll be this weird color
    [17:05:28] hlaser99: How's this?
    [17:05:29] rumel: Hi Brian
    [17:05:35] cet: Welcome Mr. Mayfield!
    [17:05:38] B Mayfield: Okay...what's going on here! Are we playing with our Aneros' yet?
    [17:05:38] Buster: Looks good on you.
    [17:05:45] B Mayfield: Hi all!
    [17:05:56] ArcticWolves: well
    [17:05:57] Buster: Anyone playing as we speak?
    [17:06:01] ArcticWolves: i'm abstaining
    [17:06:04] ArcticWolves: going for day 4
    [17:06:12] cet: Mayfield, don't tell us you're using it while your chatting?! :happy:
    [17:06:22] B Mayfield: I was up til 2:00 a.m. last night doing so
    [17:06:27] ArcticWolves: knowing me i'll end up having a 'happy session' tonight with alana
    [17:06:36] B Mayfield: taking a break now...
    [17:06:49] Buster: Which model got the ride, Brian?
    [17:06:49] B Mayfield: isn't she just wonderful!!!
    [17:06:53] cet: And we lost support, ah they're back!
    [17:07:08] rumel: AW how is your relationship with Alana?
    [17:07:11] ArcticWolves: not only is she wonderful but the orgasm sounds in the background send me through the roof
    [17:07:16] B Mayfield: like I said I could listen to her read the yellow pages!
    [17:07:20] ArcticWolves: i have never dug myself so deep into a bed LOL
    [17:07:51] B Mayfield: Arctic.....I just gottsa to know one thing?
    [17:07:56] cet: So, are we gonna get this thing started?
    [17:08:01] ArcticWolves: uhoh
    [17:08:12] [email][/email]: Well everyone, yes, let's get started
    [17:08:17] B Mayfield: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOCK?!!!
    [17:08:26] B Mayfield: socks that is? lol
    [17:08:33] ArcticWolves: oh you want socks?? I'll put em back on ;)
    [17:08:40] B Mayfield: LMAO
    [17:08:43] [email][/email]: First, I'd like to say that it's great to just sit back and watch the first few minutes here
    [17:08:54] [email][/email]: It's like you guys are all old friends
    [17:09:00] [email][/email]: It's really great
    [17:09:06] Buster: It's like old buddies getting together.
    [17:09:13] B Mayfield: you know...there is something about that strangely made it special..and personal to you
    [17:09:32] B Mayfield: well indeed that's a certain extent
    [17:09:35] [email][/email]: As far as the format of the event goes, this one is open
    [17:09:42] B Mayfield: there some of us that go back years here
    [17:09:42] ArcticWolves: thanks support for putting on such a wonderful event!! It's an honor to talk to the people who took
    [17:09:50] ArcticWolves: this toy to the next level with this thing of a super-o
    [17:09:55] [email][/email]: I would like you all to suggest a few topics so we can have some structure
    [17:10:12] [email][/email]: but otherwise, this one is open
    [17:10:15] rumel: We allshare this deeply personal intimate experience that is profound in its effects.
    [17:10:22] B Mayfield: toy, no......TOOL....or maybe
    [17:10:46] cet: Well, I was hoping there'd be a few folks here, such as myself, who are still "not quite there", but the vast majority in the
    [17:10:51] B Mayfield: support what did you have in mind(s)
    [17:11:03] cet: room are seasoned pros who have all managed to get to the Super-O and beyond.
    [17:11:25] Buster: That is a good room to be in cet.
    [17:11:25] B Mayfield: hey , that's a good thing!
    [17:11:26] ArcticWolves: oh my bad this unique lil 'device'/companion :)
    [17:11:42] B Mayfield: pepper us with questions...g'head!
    [17:11:45] [email][/email]: Yes, so with all the seasoned pros here, what about some advanced and complementary techniques talk?
    [17:11:53] B Mayfield: there ya go Arctic
    [17:12:05] hlaser99: CET . . . youchoose a subject or just ask away!
    [17:12:29] Buster: Take the stick cet.
    [17:12:40] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [17:12:42] cet: Well, I really don't want this to be about me ... but I guess I never quite get there.
    [17:12:59] [email][/email]: and maybe at the end, we can swtich topics
    [17:13:09] Buster: Where are you in your journey?
    [17:13:12] [email][/email]: to talk about the Suggestions For Aneros thread on the Forum?
    [17:13:14] B Mayfield: how far do you get with it?
    [17:13:26] rumel: cet, the Forum is filled with little tips and techniques one may try, probably too many to discuss in depth here.
    [17:13:26] B Mayfield: yes....what kind of sensations are U experiencing?
    [17:13:33] cet: I've both a Helix and Progasm, and I do seem to get a little further with the Helix, but never to the point of what you guys
    [17:12:42] cet: Well, I really don't want this to be about me ... but I guess I never quite get there.
    [17:12:59] [email][/email]: and maybe at the end, we can swtich topics
    [17:13:09] Buster: Where are you in your journey?
    [17:13:12] [email][/email]: to talk about the Suggestions For Aneros thread on the Forum?
    [17:13:14] B Mayfield: how far do you get with it?
    [17:13:26] rumel: cet, the Forum is filled with little tips and techniques one may try, probably too many to discuss in depth here.
    [17:13:26] B Mayfield: yes....what kind of sensations are U experiencing?
    [17:13:33] cet: I've both a Helix and Progasm, and I do seem to get a little further with the Helix, but never to the point of what you guys
    [17:14:02] cet: experience ... Most times it comes to the point where things get going a bit and I wind up expelling either model.
    [17:14:02] ArcticWolves: One question CET have you ever had any anal experience?
    [17:14:07] ArcticWolves: like other sex toys etc...
    [17:14:29] cet: Not a novice to play, for certain.
    [17:14:57] B Mayfield: I'm curious...have you explored the mental compenent...fully?
    [17:14:57] Buster: So expulsion is an issue for you, eh cet?
    [17:14:57] ArcticWolves: ok sorry for interrupting carry on...
    [17:15:57] ArcticWolves: lol oops
    [17:16:03] ArcticWolves: poor cet
    [17:16:06] addicted: cet I`m just like you
    [17:16:11] B Mayfield: I hope we didn't intimidate him?
    [17:16:18] addicted: can `t get there
    [17:16:24] ArcticWolves: I am so sorry!!!
    [17:16:37] ArcticWolves: omg we're losing people like flies
    [17:17:00] B Mayfield: of things that I'd say is that many users expect this to be a purely physical process...
    [17:17:07] B Mayfield: it is NOT!
    [17:17:24] ArcticWolves: oh yeah you're so right about that
    [17:17:32] rumel: addicted, how long have you been using your Aneros?
    [17:17:33] B Mayfield: I know I've hammered on this for years...but mental focus plays a HUGE role in this...
    [17:17:34] ArcticWolves: it's just amazing the electric feelings and sensations you get all over your body
    [17:17:41] hlaser99: I sense this as well!
    [17:18:03] ArcticWolves: then your foot starts shaking and you want to buck your hips etc...
    [17:18:06] ArcticWolves: it's like wow...
    [17:18:09] B Mayfield: he's back!
    [17:18:09] cet: Had to exit and come back.
    [17:18:12] Buster: The mental focus is so much easier with the new CD you guys made.
    [17:18:17] cet: Chat window froze.
    [17:18:18] ArcticWolves: Welcome back CeT
    [17:18:30] B Mayfield: very good!
    [17:18:53] B Mayfield: just remember how I've written about "sense memory" in the past?
    [17:18:57] addicted: Im` using it for 3 monthс
    [17:18:59] cet: Thanks ... applet must not like me! :tongue:
    [17:19:11] B Mayfield: does everybody understand what that's about?
    [17:19:11] rumel: I think mental focus is at least 80% of the process.
    [17:19:26] ArcticWolves: actually I haven't seen what your talking about mr. mayfield
    [17:19:32] ArcticWolves: you're/
    [17:19:47] cet: Not sure if you got the part I typed, but it was about involuntary contractions, leading to involuntary pelvic thrusting, and
    [17:20:00] B Mayfield: indeed....last night's session.....40 to 50 orgasms....all mental (with some contraction) no Aneros even.
    [17:20:08] ArcticWolves: you're getting that cet?
    [17:20:09] cet: that's when I feel the helix or progasm begin to slide down and then finally out.
    [17:20:25] cet: I'm definitely in the mental zone.
    [17:20:29] ArcticWolves: it's popping out on you?
    [17:20:29] B Mayfield: it the idea of using the memory of a sensation as a stimulus
    [17:21:04] B Mayfield: one when has no memory of a Super O
    [17:21:25] B Mayfield: many have used memory of ejaculatory sensation in it's place
    [17:21:28] hlaser99: cet, what position are you using???
    [17:21:41] ArcticWolves: So Cet, just so we all can understand you are able to achieve involuntary contractions and pelvic thrusting?
    [17:21:48] ArcticWolves: but once this start's happening the toy pops out on you?
    [17:21:54] ArcticWolves: oops Device!!!
    [17:22:01] ArcticWolves: sorry i love it therefore it's my toy!!!
    [17:22:14] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:22:30] B Mayfield: I think he's having technical probs today
    [17:22:42] ArcticWolves: i wonder if he got what I typed?
    [17:22:53] ArcticWolves: CeT try installing firefox
    [17:22:56] cet: Yes, the applet doesn't accept a long line of text for me.
    [17:23:01] [email][/email]: For me Firefox seems to work the best
    [17:23:11] cet: I'll come back using fireforx. BRB.
    [17:23:22] Buster: I'm on Firefox and everything is working great.
    [17:23:34] hlaser99: As am I...
    [17:23:22] Buster: I'm on Firefox and everything is working great.
    [17:23:34] hlaser99: As am I...
    [17:23:38] ArcticWolves: yeah firefox for the win
    [17:23:41] B Mayfield: I'm on Safari today....but I've used Firefox in the past too
    [17:23:59] hlaser99: See amy big game???
    [17:24:01] Buster: Hey support, how about hitting everybody one by one and see if anyone has something to say?
    [17:24:05] hlaser99: any
    [17:24:30] [email][/email]: Buster, you mean as an intro?
    [17:24:36] cet: Back in FF.
    [17:24:37] [email][/email]: or related to Cet?
    [17:24:43] rumel: With all due respect to Brian, AW I think calling it your toy is OK with us.
    [17:24:56] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:25:00] ArcticWolves: no biggy
    [17:25:03] Buster: I think we all know eachother, maybe just see if anybody has anything specific either question or comment.
    [17:25:08] B Mayfield: :)
    [17:25:35] [email][/email]: sure, let's finish with Cet and then we'll start from the top. Sound good?
    [17:25:36] ArcticWolves: Rumel's CD is giving me Delivery VANGASMS!!!
    [17:25:47] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:25:56] Buster: Great!
    [17:26:00] cet: To recap, the paragraph I typed and lost (twice) to the applet-monster! I can get involuntary pelvice thrusts going - that's
    [17:26:06] hlaser99: ???
    [17:26:20] rumel: Glad to hear it, that is the intent!
    [17:26:22] ArcticWolves: Let me see if we all can undetsand you CET
    [17:26:31] cet: when the helix or progasm works it's way down then out. Feelings are very good just prior to expulsion.
    [17:26:50] ArcticWolves: You are able to achieve involuntary contraction and pelvic thrusting, but once this happens that darn lil
    [17:26:55] B Mayfield: and the expulsion is involuntary....yes?
    [17:26:57] Buster: You got to keep it in there cet. What have you tried?
    [17:26:59] ArcticWolves: toy pops out on you...?
    [17:27:09] hlaser99: Damn! How about duct tape???
    [17:27:17] ArcticWolves: lmfao laer
    [17:27:20] ArcticWolves: laser*
    [17:27:21] Buster: On a hairy ass!
    [17:27:29] cet: Yes, expulsion is involuntary ... in fact, for all intents and purposes, I'm holding it in rather tightly, but it seems the
    [17:27:30] B Mayfield: hey it's good for warts....why not?
    [17:27:34] ArcticWolves: LOL stop guys...
    [17:27:40] hlaser99: You have seen his ass?
    [17:27:55] ArcticWolves: CET, what I normally do with my progasm is hold it in with my fingers or keep it pushed in during that
    [17:27:58] cet: thrusting forces it down the rectal canal a bit, to the point where it reaches a point of no return and exits.
    [17:27:59] ArcticWolves: strong expulsion feeling
    [17:28:06] Buster: No, but I am laughing. I have seen AW's socks though.
    [17:28:40] B Mayfield: well this is a tough one... because if you put anything there other than your hand as an obstacle..
    [17:28:45] ArcticWolves: and that's with both the helix and progasm?
    [17:28:45] B Mayfield: it will effect mobility
    [17:28:54] rumel: cet what body postition are you using?
    [17:29:05] cet: I've tried more lube, less lube, same results really.
    [17:29:06] hlaser99: cet, what position are you using???
    [17:29:18] ArcticWolves: Yes exactly
    [17:29:31] ArcticWolves: actually less lube might be better in this case...
    [17:29:38] ArcticWolves: I don't go pouring lube all over
    [17:29:41] cet: On stomach and on back and on all fours, knees bent. Happens in any position.
    [17:29:44] ArcticWolves: I just lube it up once and that's it no more...
    [17:30:03] B Mayfield: I would like to suggest that you try a different that gives your hand easy access to the Aneros
    [17:30:23] B Mayfield: I'd would give kneeling a shot.....
    [17:30:28] Buster: Have you tried wearing briefs that might stop the expulsion?
    [17:30:46] hlaser99: Or keep it trapped between your ass and the matress!
    [17:30:47] ArcticWolves: How about sitting :P
    [17:30:56] B Mayfield: have to be speedo! lol
    [17:31:02] cet: Thought of try that buster, but they'd have to be pretty tight -- when I tried it, it managed to work it's way out.
    [17:31:02] hlaser99: that too!
    [17:31:10] Buster: Not too tight though.
    [17:31:11] ArcticWolves: they would have to be some really tight briefs
    [17:31:21] B Mayfield: sitting is tricky...
    [17:31:26] cet: Yeah Brian, I don't think I could pull off a speedo -- perhaps one leg!
    [17:31:40] B Mayfield: again....I think this will likely require a little bit of intervention with you hand
    [17:31:52] B Mayfield: particularly when those involuntaries get going
    [17:31:52] rumel: What about wearing a reversed small size jock strap?
    [17:31:58] ArcticWolves: CET, you are not the only one whose experiencing this. SO hang in there and try to work with it..
    [17:32:14] ArcticWolves: What worked for me was holding it in with a few fingers... and actually figuring out a way to contract
    [17:32:22] cet: On fours and kneeling tends to expel easier than on stomach. The arching of the back, etc. position seems to force it out
    [17:32:25] cet: faster I'm afraid.
    [17:32:27] ArcticWolves: that didn't push it out so much yet gave the same sensations... kind of hard to explain
    [17:32:46] ArcticWolves: It's like your pushing as hard as you can yet it's drawing in closer and closer
    [17:32:55] ArcticWolves: weird to explain though...
    [17:33:06] B Mayfield: again it will require manual intervention....however it's easier to do without compromising mobility
    [17:33:33] cet: I will say that just prior to expulsion, the good feeling are strongest, almost as if something else is being stimulated, or
    [17:33:44] Buster: How about NOT doing the pelvic thrusts?
    [17:33:46] Mindgasm: good morning. first time here in chat.
    [17:33:55] cet: perhaps my prostate is closer to the exit than normal -- unsure actually.
    [17:34:01] ArcticWolves: yes, just try holding it in by LIGHTLY pushing in when you feel it popping out...
    [17:34:10] ArcticWolves: oh but the pelvic thrusts are the best part buster ;)
    [17:34:19] hlaser99: What about trapping it between your ass and the matress!
    [17:34:23] cet: Buster -- they are involuntary, I've tried to stave them off, but it's very difficult -- it seems to be the natural progressi
    [17:34:26] B Mayfield: has more to do with the nature of the contractions themselves
    [17:34:28] cet: progression.
    [17:34:36] ArcticWolves: oh wow how rude of me...
    [17:34:41] ArcticWolves: WElcome Mindgasm!!!
    [17:35:01] ArcticWolves: glad to have aboard with the seasoned pro's :) any questions you have feel free to ask away.. Right now we are
    [17:35:05] Buster: Hey Mindgasm.
    [17:35:31] hlaser99: Yo!
    [17:35:34] Mindgasm: This sounds to me like CET is having trouble keeping the aneros in during a
    [17:35:44] Mindgasm: bearing down type of movement?
    [17:35:47] rumel: Hello M.
    [17:36:00] B Mayfield: Hello Mindgasm
    [17:36:16] cet: Anyway, I don't want to bother everyone with my problems ... I'll try to control the thrusting - not sure if a less ejectable
    [17:36:48] Buster: You gotta figure out a way to keep it in there!
    [17:36:58] cet: model might do the trick, like the peridise.
    [17:37:36] cet: I draw the line at super glue Buster! ;)
    [17:37:43] B Mayfield: very's sounds counterintuitive.... but sometimes the smaller models are easier to hold on to
    [17:37:44] Mindgasm: That has happened to me occasionally CET. AW sort of described the solution - learning to contract it in while still pushing
    [17:37:50] rumel: cet - you do need to let your body express itself fully for maximum enjoyment, just usea little manual handwork to keep the
    [17:37:55] rumel: Aneros in.
    [17:38:00] Mindgasm: it out. Sounds weird, but it does work.
    [17:38:06] hlaser99: or MXG with the little grippers...
    [17:38:22] cet: Was thinking in that direction as well hlaser.
    [17:38:52] cet: The tapering on the MGX looks like it might aid in retention.
    [17:38:55] Buster: So Mindgasm, you are thinking that a bit of sphincter muscle control would help?
    [17:39:02] hlaser99: Better P=spot stim too!
    [17:39:20] Buster: Everyones muscle tone is different, I would assume.
    [17:39:43] cet: Keep in mind, during the involuntary pelvic thrusts, I've got the "pull in" contraction going at maximum.
    [17:39:46] B Mayfield: I would opt for the Peridise...
    [17:40:15] Buster: It is worth it cet.
    [17:40:28] cet: The thrusting action during this "pull in" tends to make the aneros slip down further until it gets to the point where I can'
    [17:40:31] Mindgasm: I suppose. I still eject the Helix now and then. My main issue requiring hand intervention is when it
    [17:40:37] cet: can't keep it in any longer and it's gone.
    [17:40:49] ArcticWolves: Yes buster... A lil sphincter muscle control will do the trick
    [17:41:07] Mindgasm: thrusts away from p-tab contact, it tends to rotate and when I contract again, the p-tab comes down off to the side
    [17:41:11] rumel: Brian may be right in that the rectal muscles may have a harder timeejecting the smaller device.
    [17:41:13] ArcticWolves: start doing those PC exercises they will pay off millions with this toy ;)
    [17:41:32] Buster: Sounds like Mindgasm has got similar issues and deals with it nicely.
    [17:41:52] Buster: oops, gon e again.
    [17:41:58] ArcticWolves: I think we all have had issues with it occasionally popping out no?
    [17:42:15] Buster: Maybe he took our advise and decided to start a session.
    [17:42:17] cet: I'm fairly certain I've got very good PC control ... it almost feels like I'm trying to hold on too tightly to something
    [17:42:18] hlaser99: no?
    [17:42:27] cet: slippery and as a result, I lose my grip.
    [17:42:27] Mindgasm: Usually on my back is when this happens. On my side with knees stacked keeps everything aligned fine.
    [17:42:56] rumel: AW - Yes, I re-contoured my Helix to a more tapered bodythat keeps it in better.
    [17:43:02] cet: I will try working on my side, but on stomach, all fours or back give the best feelings.
    [17:43:06] Mindgasm: I'll just grab the curly handle lightly and adjust as necessary
    [17:43:21] ArcticWolves: Stomach is the best for me
    [17:43:30] ArcticWolves: It will require manual intervention as others have said
    [17:43:33] Buster: Stomach for me too.
    [17:43:45] ArcticWolves: just lightly hold it in or slight push when you feel it going to pop out
    [17:43:51] hlaser99: Back...
    [17:44:09] hlaser99: and side ...
    [17:44:11] cet: Well thanks guys, I do appreciate the comments, suggestions, and empathy ... I'll keep at it and hope for the best ...
    [17:44:13] ArcticWolves: Or keep practicing with different squeezes and contractions and you might
    [17:44:14] Mindgasm: But I can also agree with Brian in that the Peridise is a great model to avoid this.
    [17:44:30] ArcticWolves: figure out a way to bring the same pleasure w/o having the pop out problems.. everyone is different
    [17:44:33] ArcticWolves: as Buster said..
    [17:44:51] Mindgasm: I can execute strong bearing down movements and that little guy doesn't come close to popping out
    [17:44:55] ArcticWolves: oops let me rephrase that... Popping will be minimal but will still happen
    [17:45:02] ArcticWolves: just not as much ;)
    [17:45:32] ArcticWolves: lol sounds like I'm going to pop a balloon :P
    [17:45:34] cet: Gotta admit, when the large part of the prograsm is right on the sphinctor, just before ejection, the feeling is terrific.
    [17:45:47] Buster: Hey believer
    [17:46:02] believer: greetings
    [17:46:15] ArcticWolves: if you can hold it in then you will get the most incredible full body orgasm you have ever had
    [17:46:17] rumel: Hi believer
    [17:46:27] hlaser99: Hey!
    [17:46:29] believer: how are all of you doing
    [17:46:31] Buster: cet, sure it feels terrific, that is like expelling a big turd. Sorry for being so graphic.
    [17:46:36] ArcticWolves: and I don't mean convulsions and out of control breaking the furniture type stuff lol
    [17:46:49] cet: Well, AW, I'd sure like to achieve that ... believe me, it's not for a lack of trying!
    [17:46:59] hlaser99: LOLOLOL!
    [17:47:09] ArcticWolves: I mean just the whole feeling of an electric charge throughout your body... when it's all over you'll be sweating lol
    [17:47:30] cet: Lovely imagery Buster ... you should write for Hallmark! :grin:
    [17:47:37] ArcticWolves: Buster has hit it spot on
    [17:47:43] ArcticWolves: it's exactly like that
    [17:47:46] believer: dudes, have had the helix in now almost an hour doing jobs around the house. so far so good
    [17:47:56] Buster: I try to help when I can.
    [17:48:02] ArcticWolves: great to hear believer
    [17:48:19] believer: only had it one week, and I really like it
    [17:48:21] B Mayfield: big turds....what's been happening in here while I stepped out..?
    [17:48:23] hlaser99: Buster is an animal!
    [17:48:39] B Mayfield: has this degenerated into scatology?
    [17:48:40] Buster: Never let him out!
    [17:48:42] hlaser99: LOL!!!
    [17:49:06] [email][/email]: lol great guys, shall we transition to Buster's suggestion for starting from the top before things get out of hand?
    [17:49:13] ArcticWolves: there's a word I have never seen in my life
    [17:49:16] hlaser99: scatman buster!
    [17:49:17] Buster: Right on.
    [17:49:17] cet: Leave it to Buster to turn a Picasso into a Jackson Pollack.
    [17:49:21] believer: sure
    [17:49:24] ArcticWolves: LOL good idea support
    [17:49:31] ArcticWolves: Spiraling is imminent :P
    [17:49:32] B Mayfield: Llol
    [17:49:36] [email][/email]: AW do you have any questions/topics?
    [17:49:38] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [17:49:48] [email][/email]: We have just over an hour left as a timecheck
    [17:50:33] ArcticWolves: the best Super-T though in my life
    [17:50:36] B Mayfield: you mean an ejaculation?
    [17:50:44] ArcticWolves: yeah :(
    [17:50:53] rumel: AW - Do you mean ejaculation?
    [17:50:53] B Mayfield: mean another Super O?
    [17:50:57] Buster: That's a tough one to get around.
    [17:51:17] ArcticWolves: Yes, it's about after a good 2 hours with my session
    [17:51:18] B Mayfield: AW explain a bit
    [17:51:38] ArcticWolves: could it be because my bladder might be getting full from all that stimulation?
    [17:51:43] cet: If your body craves it, I wouldn't deny it ... There's always time for celebacy to increase the potential -> kinetic
    [17:51:56] believer: the first time i used the helix, i had what seemed like a whole body convulsion w/o ejaculation. What was that?
    [17:52:02] B Mayfield: you mean you want to experience another Super O after the traditional orgasm?
    [17:52:08] ArcticWolves: Ok well I get the super-o's and everything it's awesome.. But all that now starts building up to one of the most exploseive
    [17:52:11] cet: conversion of energy for your aneros sessions, but if your body's screams, "Let it GO!" then you should do so.
    [17:52:19] ArcticWolves: orgasms I have ever felt with an ejaculation :(
    [17:52:33] ArcticWolves: of course I start thrusting and all that because it just feels so F****ing incredible
    [17:52:49] ArcticWolves: but once it's all over I go damn wow that was amazing then get mad because I want to do another one
    [17:52:52] ArcticWolves: but can't :P
    [17:53:16] B Mayfield: are we talkling ejaculation here or non-ejaculatory?
    [17:53:26] ArcticWolves: Ejaculation.. I thought I said so
    [17:53:43] ArcticWolves: that's what all it ends up to building up in the end after a good 2 - 3 hours
    [17:53:48] rumel: believer - It sounds like you experienced a dry-O.
    [17:54:03] Mindgasm: so, you'd like to go for long sessions that do not end with you wanting to ejaculate?
    [17:54:14] cet: AW -- there is some information available concerning the ability to have multiple wet orgasm and/or greatly reduce the time
    [17:54:15] Buster: Those ejaculations can really take some wind out of your sails.
    [17:54:15] ArcticWolves: exactly
    [17:54:17] believer: afterwords I shot farther than ever
    [17:54:26] cet: of the refractory period ... but it's another journey, of course.
    [17:54:26] ArcticWolves: lately I have been wanting to do it after my sessions
    [17:54:33] rumel: AW - the inevitable refractory period kicks in.
    [17:54:39] ArcticWolves: at first, I stayed away from the urge
    [17:54:50] Mindgasm: I get that same way at tiimes AW.
    [17:54:56] B Mayfield: so you would prefer NOT to that what you're saying?
    [17:55:06] [email][/email]: AW, we would agree with Cet - listen to your body
    [17:55:12] ArcticWolves: yes mr mayfield
    [17:55:21] Mindgasm: Usually related to going too long and getting turned on more in the penile way (even without touching)
    [17:55:38] B Mayfield: this is the essence of Taoist practices
    [17:55:48] B Mayfield: and it's not an easy thing to achieve...
    [17:56:05] ArcticWolves: wow thanks for that one CET makes me feel all better I guess I am just doing what my body wants ;)
    [17:56:08] Mindgasm: I try for shorter sessions afte the first or second super-O and quit. That usually keeps the need for full on
    [17:56:09] B Mayfield: what it involves is the manipulation of energy in the body
    [17:56:14] Mindgasm: ejaculation down to a minimum
    [17:56:26] hlaser99: Sometimes that cyclops has a mind of its own!!!
    [17:56:32] ArcticWolves: ok it's quite weird once I start going and doing the thrusting I go on my stomach and do something
    [17:56:39] ArcticWolves: but it just is quite amazing the whole process
    [17:56:41] cet: I believe we've all come to realize that the human body is capable of so much more than we realize ... it's all about
    [17:56:49] ArcticWolves: I than get up on my knees and start humping the air etc...
    [17:56:52] ArcticWolves: then on my back
    [17:56:53] cet: finding the right techniques and tools to explore these paths.
    [17:57:00] ArcticWolves: then back on my stomach lol
    [17:57:09] B Mayfield: I'm just curious....does the thrusting always play a part in this?
    [17:57:18] ArcticWolves: my body i guess
    [17:57:23] B Mayfield: are you able to have a Super O without it?
    [17:57:32] ArcticWolves: yes I'm begining to think it is mayfield
    [17:57:46] ArcticWolves: I just have no idea
    [17:58:08] ArcticWolves: hmmmm
    [17:58:15] B Mayfield: sense of it is that eventually you WILL be able to have orgasms in MANY different ways
    [17:58:26] B Mayfield: this IS the journey...
    [17:58:38] ArcticWolves: it's an awesome journey
    [17:58:44] B Mayfield: you're not a one-trick pony my friend...
    [17:58:57] ArcticWolves: ??
    [17:58:57] hlaser99: Exactly!
    [17:59:03] B Mayfield: they are SO many ways for these sensations to express themselves
    [17:59:11] B Mayfield: you've tapped into one of them...
    [17:59:27] B Mayfield: it works for you...but I think you might want to start investigating others as well
    [17:59:41] hlaser99: More new flavors of O keep adding to the mix!
    [17:59:41] cet: Is it possible to avoid the involuntary pelvic thrusting? I've tried, but have not been successful. Have any of you
    [17:59:45] B Mayfield: I'm always exploring different ways of doing things...
    [17:59:51] cet: managed to contain that part of the process?
    [18:00:27] B Mayfield: this is not necessarily about "pushing the envelope" but finding different ways of doing things
    [18:00:53] ArcticWolves: lol the humping the air was probably the funniest thing I have ever done
    [18:00:54] hlaser99: Variety is the best way to keep it new!
    [18:01:01] ArcticWolves: would have been funny to catch on camera lol
    [18:01:06] B Mayfield: for instance...when I first started this, I read a lot of Chia's writings
    [18:01:09] rumel: I don't experience much pelvic thrusting at all.
    [18:01:23] B Mayfield: tried didn't work for me...
    [18:01:28] cet: Rumel -- you don't feel the urge kick in?
    [18:01:30] Buster: No thrusting for me either.
    [18:01:37] ArcticWolves: Rumel when you first started did you notice any thrusting?
    [18:01:45] hlaser99: I'm a thruster!
    [18:01:49] ArcticWolves: did anyone when they first started notice any type of thrusting?
    [18:02:00] ArcticWolves: or are the people that thrust going about this the wrong way?
    [18:02:01] rumel: Very little urge to thrust.
    [18:02:05] ArcticWolves: is it something we can truly control?
    [18:02:06] Buster: Buster's not a thruster.
    [18:02:26] ArcticWolves: or is just every person different and wire differently as has been said many times?
    [18:02:36] B Mayfield: that's happened for me.... but relatively recently...
    [18:02:39] hlaser99: I get a jolt with each thrust...
    [18:02:41] cet: Well, as I've said, from my 2nd sessions til today, the pelvic thrusting comes as an involuntary action.
    [18:02:53] cet: When I first started, for some reason I was able to keep it in place.
    [18:02:56] Mindgasm: If there is contact with my penis against something (bed, thigh, etc), yeah I might start thrusting
    [18:03:00] ArcticWolves: same for me.. i can't control it just comes
    [18:03:04] Mindgasm: otherwise not really
    [18:03:11] hlaser99: Yes, involuntary!
    [18:03:18] rumel: I think we are all different in our minute ways.
    [18:03:19] ArcticWolves: hmmmm very good obvservation mindgasm
    [18:03:27] believer: yes voulntary
    [18:03:00] ArcticWolves: same for me.. i can't control it just comes
    [18:03:04] Mindgasm: otherwise not really
    [18:03:11] hlaser99: Yes, involuntary!
    [18:03:18] rumel: I think we are all different in our minute ways.
    [18:03:19] ArcticWolves: hmmmm very good obvservation mindgasm
    [18:03:27] believer: yes voulntary
    [18:03:38] ArcticWolves: however, when I was on my back with the peridise listening to rumel's golden CD
    [18:03:52] ArcticWolves: I thrusted my hole body back into the bed
    [18:03:58] ArcticWolves: so I really don'[t know...
    [18:04:02] ArcticWolves: nothing was contacting my penis either
    [18:04:05] B Mayfield: yes....but be open to the different possibilities my friends....there is SO MUCH MORE!
    [18:04:06] cet: I wonder if I could get further if the thrusting didn't occur.
    [18:04:13] ArcticWolves: just alana and the lovely music :)
    [18:04:29] ArcticWolves: that's what I'm wondering
    [18:04:35] cet: Yeah, same here, no contact ... it's more of an internal thing.
    [18:04:37] ArcticWolves: The pro's have me wondering too
    [18:04:42] hlaser99: try everything at least twice!
    [18:04:44] B Mayfield: by the way...I'm not suggesting that one conscious stifle themselves either...
    [18:04:52] B Mayfield: it's a matter of approach...
    [18:05:02] ArcticWolves: the question is if you stop the thrusting then you are consciously controlling that part of the body
    [18:05:07] ArcticWolves: no?
    [18:05:17] B Mayfield: no ...
    [18:05:27] believer: at what point do erections occur?
    [18:05:32] B Mayfield: you start up in a different way
    [18:05:35] ArcticWolves: hmmm we got a long journey ahead of us... this is so cool
    [18:05:42] cet: Well Brian, I respect that of course ... it just would be nice to get further, as my present course is hitting a snag.
    [18:05:44] Buster: Very seldom to erections occur with me.
    [18:05:51] ArcticWolves: periodically through the sessions believer
    [18:05:52] Buster: "do"
    [18:06:00] B Mayfield: for example....instead of lying on the bed face down....try it in a different position
    [18:06:02] ArcticWolves: they can last for a long time or just a few seconds but they are great
    [18:06:20] hlaser99: Does the Journey end with death???
    [18:06:34] ArcticWolves: Mayfield, I did.. I tried it on my back and still the uncontrollable humping came about
    [18:06:39] cet: I get the involuntary thrusting in each position I've tried ... some are more comfortable than others ... some more
    [18:06:39] B Mayfield: it's a matter of "laying new track" !!!
    [18:06:42] cet: stimulating.
    [18:06:47] ArcticWolves: only this time I was thrusting my back into the bed
    [18:07:12] rumel: cet - The journey is not without some temporary layovers.
    [18:07:14] ArcticWolves: hmmm this is really werid... I am going to start taking notes...
    [18:07:33] B Mayfield: if you always approach something the same way the results will be limited....
    [18:07:34] ArcticWolves: I am really going to see if this is all happening for me because of the thrusting or not
    [18:07:45] cet: Rumel -- Should have packed an extra back, this layover has been going on a year! ;)
    [18:08:01] ArcticWolves: oh but mr. mayfield it's because of me laying on my back that has got me wanting to ejaculate now... I'm all confused lol
    [18:08:10] ArcticWolves: i love every moment of it
    [18:08:15] ArcticWolves: something so unpredictable every time
    [18:08:31] B Mayfield: without touching yourself?
    [18:08:39] ArcticWolves: anyways, enough about me... I am going to start watching this now
    [18:08:43] ArcticWolves: yes mayfield
    [18:08:44] Mindgasm: laying on your back AW, does your penis thrust along your stomach?
    [18:08:48] ArcticWolves: on my back without any touching
    [18:08:58] ArcticWolves: nope it's not erect during that time
    [18:09:18] ArcticWolves: but it feels like bucket loads are pouring when I'm on my back
    [18:09:37] B Mayfield: this is after after a session where you're on your stomach?
    [18:09:41] cet: For the authors in the room, a title comes to mind "The Most Fun You Can Have Without an Erection!"
    [18:09:52] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:09:53] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:10:01] believer: i get lots of pre cum on my stomach, and it feels so good to have the penis roll around in it
    [18:10:11] ArcticWolves: no this is a completely new sessions mayfield sorry I think I have lost you
    [18:10:11] hlaser99: Indeed!
    [18:10:18] B Mayfield: AW how about a session that is start to finish on your back?
    [18:10:26] ArcticWolves: fresh sessions that is
    [18:10:48] B Mayfield: yes, again...manipulate the variables!
    [18:10:53] ArcticWolves: Mayfield I have been able to do that with the help of Rumel's CD
    [18:11:14] ArcticWolves: but in the end after all those sounds and stuff I just want to )(*%)(* something so badly
    [18:11:30] ArcticWolves: sorry no offense to rumel great CD i love every bit of it
    [18:11:40] ArcticWolves: just telling you what's happening for me
    [18:12:00] B Mayfield: hey....I have the same feeling as well....
    [18:12:01] Buster: Actually that is a great testimonial to the CD
    [18:12:04] hlaser99: She's quite a Gal!
    [18:12:12] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [18:12:13] cet: Well AW, as Support and I agree -- better to satisfy the body's need and develop a positive finish, than hold back and
    [18:12:19] rumel: Maybe my next twoCD's will provide a different experience.
    [18:12:25] B Mayfield: this is Taoist journey...
    [18:12:37] cet: potentially add a negative impact to the session by denying your body's need for release.
    [18:12:41] ArcticWolves: and so I end up rewinding the CD and there I go starting to thrust in the air and then I finish off on my stomach
    [18:12:45] B Mayfield: not a simple matter....we scratch the surface here...but there is much more to it..
    [18:12:51] ArcticWolves: but that's after a whole session with both cd's on my back
    [18:12:56] B Mayfield: BRB
    [18:13:22] ArcticWolves: thanks CET
    [18:13:32] [email][/email]: okay, we may not have time to get through everyone today but we'll try :smile:
    [18:13:34] ArcticWolves: I believe I completely agree with that mind of thought
    [18:13:44] ArcticWolves: sorry Support I'll hush up now
    [18:14:01] [email][/email]: who's next with something to share? Buster?
    [18:14:07] Buster: Hello, my name is Buster and I am an alcoholic.
    [18:14:17] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:14:22] Mindgasm: hello buster
    [18:14:23] cet: Welcome Buster.. How long have you been ... ;)
    [18:14:32] Buster: Just kidding. The only thing I have to say is that I had a rockin' Eupho session last night.
    [18:14:34] Mindgasm: :laugh:
    [18:14:37] [email][/email]: Hi AW, no need to apologize at all :smile: maybe we will have to make these 4 hour events!
    [18:14:58] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:15:04] Buster: I just wonder where the limit is to these feelings.
    [18:15:39] [email][/email]: that is great buster
    [18:15:41] rumel: I hope there is no end to these feelings!
    [18:15:42] Buster: The orgasm was so intense and lasted close to 45 minutes in different intensities. That is all I have to say.
    [18:15:56] cet: If you see a bright light and hear heavenly music, I'd suggest you stop at that point and NOT go into the light! ;)
    [18:16:03] hlaser99: No ceiling . . .
    [18:16:32] Buster: I am afraid of Laser's comment about death being at the end of the journey.
    [18:16:37] [email][/email]: Mindgasm, any thoughts, topics, questions?
    [18:16:58] Buster: Bring it on Mindgasm!
    [18:17:06] Mindgasm: death is just another part of the of which we can't report back to here about.
    [18:17:08] hlaser99: No, I said is death the end of the Journey???
    [18:17:12] cet: Buster -- I sincerely doubt you'd have to worry about that, unless your health is in question, but even so, it would be one
    [18:17:16] cet: heck of a way to go, eh?
    [18:18:00] hlaser99: Works for me!
    [18:18:08] Buster: I have it in my will that if I die with an Aneros inserted, that they have to go to the forum and tell y'all about it.
    [18:18:24] Mindgasm: Finished off with a great superT the other day kneeling upright and experience a fantastic pistoning effect of the aneros.
    [18:18:25] cet: LOL
    [18:18:35] rumel: :laugh:
    [18:18:40] Mindgasm: working on acheiving that type of pistoning without penile stimulation
    [18:19:09] hlaser99: cool!
    [18:19:31] Buster: Hands free of the mysteries of life!
    [18:19:47] hlaser99: Just bury me with my guitar and bag of Aneros' . . .
    [18:19:58] [email][/email]: okay, believer, how are those chores coming with your friend the Helix?
    [18:20:38] Buster: Show no mercy believer!
    [18:24:04] ArcticWolves: Ok so should I get the Helix or Eupho
    [18:24:08] hlaser99: Mine is finished???
    [18:24:11] ArcticWolves: hmmm
    [18:24:22] [email][/email]: small token of our appreciation - okay now back to the show...
    [18:24:24] Buster: AW, get the Eupho!
    [18:24:31] hlaser99: Eupho!
    [18:24:59] B Mayfield: Back again...what did I miss?
    [18:25:04] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:25:15] ArcticWolves: a coupon code for $15 off
    [18:25:36] ArcticWolves: so I get my eupho for $70 :)
    [18:25:36] [email][/email]: hlaser, anything you'd like to share?
    [18:25:45] B Mayfield: guys(?) are great!!!!
    [18:25:52] hlaser99: I tried for 1/2 off, but no cigar!
    [18:26:24] B Mayfield: there is something that I would like to share..
    [18:26:37] [email][/email]: yes, brian, please do
    [18:26:52] cet: Don't feel bad hlaser, I missed the first Aneros Chat as I was running late, and I missed out on a FREE Peridise set. :(
    [18:27:12] B Mayfield: this goes back a bit ....but I think it's important for all to note
    [18:27:31] B Mayfield: the foundation of Tantra and Tao
    [18:27:39] B Mayfield: is based on 3 things....
    [18:27:51] B Mayfield: sound, movement and mental focus...
    [18:28:15] B Mayfield: these are the variables that you will be working with...
    [18:28:46] B Mayfield: the Aneros touches on part of that of course
    [18:28:54] B Mayfield: but there is more to it
    [18:29:38] B Mayfield: so if you think that you have one way that works for you...that's terrific...but I assure there are things to to explore
    [18:29:49] B Mayfield: as well, don't close yourself off to them....
    [18:30:10] B Mayfield: for instance....KSMO is a method that uses SOUND exclusively
    [18:30:45] B Mayfield: but the KSMO can be used with movement for greater effect...
    [18:31:02] B Mayfield: ooops.....I forgot one additional factor......BREATHING
    [18:31:29] B Mayfield: using these 4 elements we channel energy throughout the body
    [18:31:55] B Mayfield: there are so many ways to mix up's fantastic!!!
    [18:32:13] cet: That's a great Tantric primer Brian, many Thanks! :)
    [18:32:29] B Mayfield: :)
    [18:33:12] cet: Thanks to you Support for giving us this terrific platform to disucss our experiences real-time! :)
    [18:33:26] ArcticWolves: I second that CET
    [18:33:31] B Mayfield: yes's great to connect with you guys!
    [18:33:36] [email][/email]: Cet, it is our pleasure to do so.
    [18:34:08] cet: OH, GOTTA ASK! Anything new and interesting on the horizon for Aneros models?
    [18:34:11] hlaser99: Support Rocks!.!.!
    [18:34:14] Buster: Yes, thanks for the chat session Support.
    [18:34:34] [email][/email]: Cet, ha we'll get to that here in the end
    [18:34:55] [email][/email]: rumel, do you have anything to share?
    [18:34:58] B Mayfield: keeping us in suspense are ya?
    [18:35:13] [email][/email]: or shall we all just spend a few minutes giving thanks for the CD?
    [18:35:21] ArcticWolves: I just forgot to add one thing
    [18:35:38] B Mayfield: do it! lol
    [18:35:44] ArcticWolves: All my recent sessions with Rumel's CD have been with the smallest (Advanced) peredise so that says A LOT
    [18:36:01] rumel: Yes , I am anxiously awaiting the first report from a newbie to cross over as a result of the "hypnAerosession'
    [18:36:10] B Mayfield: very good...yes it does
    [18:36:21] B Mayfield: I thought there was one?
    [18:36:33] ArcticWolves: well there ya go Rumel... You got me from my big toy into this lil thing
    [18:36:37] B Mayfield: coulda swore I read something on that in the forum
    [18:37:04] ArcticWolves: i nick0-named my peredise "Lil Thing" ;) lol
    [18:37:10] Buster: You got AW away from his Progasm, that is really something!
    [18:37:18] rumel: I haven't read it yet, if there was one.
    [18:37:24] [email][/email]: I think the feedback has been awesome, a great original creation
    [18:37:35] [email][/email]: along with your other contributors - Brian, Hlaser, Darwin, and Pan
    [18:37:40] B Mayfield: yes, indeed...
    [18:37:52] [email][/email]: and Alana!
    [18:38:00] B Mayfield: mmmmmmmmm
    [18:38:11] hlaser99: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yes!
    [18:38:14] Buster: That was fun having her on the forum for a while.
    [18:38:17] ArcticWolves: Rumel that CD is touching so many people in so many ways it's the best CD I have ever heard well I guess
    [18:38:27] cet: Now all Rumel needs to work on is one to match today's hectic pace akin to the 10-minute Workout ... Perhaps the 5-minute
    [18:38:30] rumel: Yes Alana, what a wonderful woman!
    [18:38:31] ArcticWolves: the only one sense it's that 40 second clip that sold me :)
    [18:38:35] cet: hands-free orgasm?
    [18:38:47] B Mayfield: VERY sensuous...
    [18:39:06] [email][/email]: Cet - great idea, like ab-busters :laugh:
    [18:39:06] ArcticWolves: but truly.. It's so great to come home from a stressful day of work and JUST LET IT GO!!!
    [18:39:07] B Mayfield: ya hear that Rumel?
    [18:39:20] ArcticWolves: and SLIDING!!! DEEPER!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [18:39:29] hlaser99: Lites my Fire!
    [18:39:45] Buster: YOU DESERVE THIS PLEASURE!
    [18:39:46] cet: Support -- INDEED! :)
    [18:40:12] ArcticWolves: the breathing helps relieve all the stress that I experienced from a days of stressful Erratic driving to make deliveries
    [18:40:30] ArcticWolves: so thanks so much rumel
    [18:40:37] cet: Not the Big Brown, right-hand-turn only truck, AW?
    [18:40:40] ArcticWolves: lowering my blood pressure tremondously
    [18:40:55] ArcticWolves: no the big yellow one
    [18:41:00] ArcticWolves: UPS'S competition ;)
    [18:41:05] rumel: That does make me feel good to hear AW.
    [18:41:34] B Mayfield: AW you're in L.A. too...I feel your pain...
    [18:41:56] Buster: I am going to have to get going guys. Have a great rest of your day!
    [18:42:09] ArcticWolves: take care buster thanks for all the wonderful tips/feedback
    [18:42:18] B Mayfield: the great thing about this CD is that it is useful in so many ways
    [18:42:24] ArcticWolves: take care of yourself and keep enjoying life!!
    [18:42:26] B Mayfield: take care Buster
    [18:42:28] Buster: Keep it between the lines AW.
    [18:42:29] hlaser99: Later, Pal!
    [18:42:39] ArcticWolves: the socks you mean lol
    [18:42:39] Buster: Bye guys!
    [18:42:40] rumel: Take Care Buster.
    [18:43:06] cet: Afraid I need to take care of some things as well before the Thunderstorm really hits hard over here in FL.
    [18:43:10] Mindgasm: latr buster
    [18:43:12] ArcticWolves: oh wow
    [18:43:18] ArcticWolves: becareful CET
    [18:43:26] cet: Thanks for your advice everyone ... I'll let you know how it goes next chat.
    [18:43:27] ArcticWolves: thanks for joining us man
    [18:43:29] rumel: Bye cet.
    [18:43:31] ArcticWolves: be SAFE
    [18:43:36] hlaser99: I'm in Central Florida...
    [18:43:43] B Mayfield: cya
    [18:43:48] Mindgasm: bye
    [18:43:52] hlaser99: Don't see it yet???
    [18:43:53] [email][/email]: take care Cet, thanks for joining, you too Buster!
    [18:44:04] cet: Yeah hlaser -- I caught that in your profile. Probably have bumped into you without even knowing it! ;)
    [18:44:19] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [18:44:35] B Mayfield: I wonder how many of us have actually done that?
    [18:44:36] cet: Thanks Support -- As always its a pleasure to be here and chat with you all! Take care!
    [18:44:37] hlaser99: Anything is possible!
    [18:44:50] B Mayfield: it's funny cause there's a guy that I know named Darwin...
    [18:45:10] B Mayfield: no, it's not him...but I always think about our Darwin when I'm around this guy
    [18:45:14] [email][/email]: okay, so far as far as what we are working on now
    [18:45:16] ArcticWolves: Charles Darwin?
    [18:45:27] ArcticWolves: oh
    [18:45:32] B Mayfield: that's where our Darwin got his username
    [18:45:41] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:45:55] rumel: Yes the busy Darwin Rewels...
    [18:46:20] [email][/email]: our inventor is constantly designing new shapes
    [18:46:27] ArcticWolves: I swear all public schools need a topic in biology with this integrated into it some way lol
    [18:46:37] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:46:42] B Mayfield: support do tell
    [18:47:00] rumel: Yes indeed...
    [18:47:03] [email][/email]: though only the best of the best make it to production
    [18:47:13] hlaser99: What a great job!
    [18:47:37] [email][/email]: the inventor is a perfectionist
    [18:47:47] [email][/email]: to an extreme
    [18:47:50] ArcticWolves: Someone has been watching a little too much Men In Black
    [18:48:01] hlaser99: Male or female?
    [18:48:17] rumel: He must also be a Virgo.
    [18:48:21] [email][/email]: so even after he's signed off on a design, it's *very* common for him to go back and improve on it some more
    [18:48:44] B Mayfield: so I just gotta to know....
    [18:48:54] [email][/email]: this is why relative to other manufacturers, our releases are fewer
    [18:48:55] B Mayfield: do you have a whole bunch of guys in beds in a warehouse somewhere testing these things?
    [18:49:03] [email][/email]: but when we do release something, it's meant to last
    [18:49:06] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:49:35] hlaser99: In cubicles!!
    [18:49:35] ArcticWolves: The way I see it is there are SOOO many toys contoured for females and they can have all sorts of fun.. Aneros has filled in
    [18:49:37] ArcticWolves: that gap for us males
    [18:49:45] ArcticWolves: I am so thankful for aneros
    [18:49:46] [email][/email]: of course! we built a special section of bunk beds :laugh:
    [18:49:53] [email][/email]: j/k
    [18:49:59] B Mayfield: LOL
    [18:50:01] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:50:10] B Mayfield: LMAO!
    [18:50:19] ArcticWolves: if that were true I would test anything for you in a heart beat
    [18:50:23] Mindgasm: that wasn't really an image I needed to visualize... :tongue:
    [18:50:25] rumel: :blink:
    [18:50:29] [email][/email]: so now, it looks like we have two new shapes that have been approved
    [18:50:30] ArcticWolves: <--- would like to be added as a BETA tester :)<br />[18:51:06] [email][/email]: one with a familiar shape, and one that will be quite different while adhering to the patents of our inventor
    [18:51:15] hlaser99: Product testing is a gas!
    [18:51:40] B Mayfield: I'm dying to see what you've come up with!
    [18:51:41] rumel: Sign me up!
    [18:51:49] ArcticWolves: me 3
    [18:52:05] ArcticWolves: Support how long will that promotional code be valid for?
    [18:52:11] hlaser99: I want to test this baby!
    [18:52:19] ArcticWolves: I have to run to the bank after this ;)
    [18:52:28] B Mayfield: sounds like babies
    [18:52:34] [email][/email]: ETA is sometime late this year or early next year. Just to give you guys an idea, the Peridise was in development since 2003
    [18:52:47] [email][/email]: AW, until the end of the month
    [18:52:49] ArcticWolves: holy MOLY
    [18:53:05] ArcticWolves: HOLY TAMALES!!!
    [18:53:10] ArcticWolves: 5 years!!!
    [18:53:13] B Mayfield: that's A LOT OF BUNK BEDS!!!
    [18:53:20] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:53:35] [email][/email]: so it really is a very long process
    [18:53:53] ArcticWolves: whoever designed the progasm was a genious though
    [18:53:58] [email][/email]: before one of our products comes to market
    [18:54:09] hlaser99: How big and how long???
    [18:54:13] [email][/email]: AW - same inventor, he's a genius
    [18:54:17] ArcticWolves: what material?
    [18:54:27] B Mayfield: he is indeed!
    [18:54:47] ArcticWolves: Has silicone ever been thought about? or would that not work and be to expensive?
    [18:55:03] [email][/email]: hlaser, you can ask Brian here, he's tested one of them
    [18:55:11] ArcticWolves: omg
    [18:55:13] ArcticWolves: Brian!!!
    [18:55:17] ArcticWolves: what's your address?
    [18:55:19] ArcticWolves: lmfao
    [18:55:25] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:55:29] B Mayfield: lol....well
    [18:55:38] B Mayfield: I gotta get going
    [18:55:41] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:55:42] ArcticWolves: ahahaha
    [18:55:48] hlaser99: spit it out!
    [18:55:54] B Mayfield: it is VERY cool....
    [18:55:58] [email][/email]: AW - we are looking into silicone, but it is quite difficult to find a material that provides the right amount of resistance
    [18:56:14] [email][/email]: to facilitate a hands-free orgasm
    [18:56:42] [email][/email]: Brian thanks as alaways
    [18:56:45] [email][/email]: always
    [18:56:46] ArcticWolves: yeah that's the most important
    [18:56:51] [email][/email]: have a great weekend
    [18:57:08] ArcticWolves: Brian my 2 weeks paycheck to try that out ;)
    [18:57:08] hlaser99: Bye ALL!!!
    [18:57:16] [email][/email]: silicon is a nice material, but functionality is the most important factor
    [18:57:20] rumel: Brian , thanks for your always good input.
    [18:57:26] [email][/email]: so we are working on it for sure
    [18:57:32] B Mayfield: take care guys....if you want more info. drop me a line
    [18:57:37] ArcticWolves: that's great to hear support
    [18:57:43] ArcticWolves: take care brian thanks for everything
    [18:57:54] B Mayfield: you bet.....
    [18:58:04] Mindgasm: cya brian
    [18:58:28] rumel: Hlaser99, you take care man, have fun with the "Moaning Ocean"
    [18:58:29] B Mayfield: thanks support....B2B
    [18:58:52] ArcticWolves: :(
    [18:59:24] Mindgasm: I'm outta here too. Thanks for the great chat everyone. Cya back in the forums. And thanks to support for all of this.
    [19:00:33] [email][/email]: okay everyone, we'd like to thank you all for joining today. It's always a pleasure. Happy times with your Aneros!
    [19:00:46] [email][/email]: See you at the next event which will be scheduled soon
    [19:00:59] [email][/email]: rumel - take care
    [19:01:08] ArcticWolves: bye
    [19:01:14] rumel: Thanks suport
    [19:01:31] ArcticWolves: Can support PM me once the coupon code is working?
    [19:01:32] [email][/email]: bye AW!
    [19:01:42] [email][/email]: yes, we will do that
    [19:01:46] ArcticWolves: thanks
    [19:02:02] rumel: AW take care bye.
    [19:02:05] [email][/email]: as we say in Texas, see y'all later!
    [19:02:15] ArcticWolves: later rumel, thanks for the amazing CD
    [19:02:17] rumel: BYE!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
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    Hi All,
    Looked like a great chat.... sorry I could not make it this time, I had a bunch of birthday activities my daughter had planned for me....

    I plan to make it again next Chat !! Hope to talk to you all then!!
  • BusterBuster
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    Happy Birthday skeeter_g!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
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    Thanks Buster!!
    Appreciate it! had a great time! :D