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how to tell if your prostate is being stimulated?
  • sbtv83sbtv83
    Posts: 1
    I have used my MGX 3 times now maybe 4 I cant remember. Anyways I can not really tell if its being stimulated or not. I read most of the threads here and for some reason I cant tell. Although I think it was my second time using that my body started twitching randomly. I can't describe it but anyways, how can you tell if your prostate is being stimulated.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,410
    Hi sbtv83,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Initial sessions with your new massager can be a bit frustrating because all the sensations are new experiences and we don’t quite have our brains wired to correctly interpret them. Let me ask this… when was the last time your body "started twitching randomly" without your Aneros? Probably never I would guess. I think you can rest assured that all the new sensations you are now and will experience are quite natural and a direct result of stimulating your prostate.
    I think many new users of the Aneros have to go through an adjustment period to understand the subtlety of sensations involved with the prostate. They are quite different from the more vigorous action necessary to generate feelings associated with your penis. The prostate will not tolerate the same level of stimulation that your penis will, in this respect I think it is more like a woman’s clitoris. The gentle massage action of your Aneros coaxes your prostate to swell with enervating blood, feeding the veil of nerves surrounding it to come alive and start sending signals of pleasure to the rest of the body. This process is sometimes slow to occur, so one needs to be patient to allow your body to talk to you and begin the communication which leads to your rewiring.
    One of the most frequently noted effects of prostate stimulation is an initial feeling of a need to urinate, this signal may pass very quickly upon insertion or be sustained for several minutes, but it does eventually pass as your mind comes to understand this is a natural result of prostate stimulation. The next most frequently cited effect is seemingly random twitches in various parts of the body. You already know that your nervous system is an intricate, interconnected web of electrical circuits all feeding back to that marvelous bio-computer of your brain. Actions instigated anywhere in that web can trigger sympathetic reaction in other parts of the neural network, hence twitches, tremors, shaking, feelings of warmth or coolness can also be expected to occur. These are all indicators that you are indeed stimulating your prostate. Don’t expect to feel prostate specific sensate emanations like you get from your penis or other exterior stimulatory experience. I suspect that you are interpreting sensations from a penile oriented viewpoint but as you become more experienced and familiar with your new toy, I believe you will be able to accommodate a different perspective which acknowledges subtler aspects of stimulation.