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MGX Too Small For Me?
  • I just got an MGX today... followed all the directions... I was really disappointed. I tried to relax and just meditate and breathe, and it felt "okay", but the second I saw the thing it looked smaller than what I'm used to having down there. Should I trade it in for a larger model?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Quoting master Yoda“You must unlearn what you have learned . . . size matters not”. If you do much reading on this Forum you will hear the praises bestowed upon the diminutive Peridise model, easily one third the girth of your MGX model. It is clear from my own experiences and reading of others experiences, one’s preconceptions about the path toward a Super-O can greatly hinder your progress. You are embarking on a special sensual journey, a journey to engage your mind and body in new ways which may require you to suspend normal analytical thinking in favor of “letting go” thoughts of controlling the action. My suggestion is to give yourself many sessions with your new massager before passing judgment and try to gather some insight from the many helpful posts offered in this unique Forum. You just may surprise yourself with the sensations that have been lying dormant within you until you awaken your prostate. So I would recommend you keep your MGX for a while, give it a chance to tickle you in new ways.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    You probably don't need a bigger one if you're a seasoned anal pro, you may want to try the eupho. It's thinner and a bit longer than the MGX. If your musculature 'down there' is like super-strong you should enjoy the sensations of the eupho. The larger (thicker) models are made for those of us that do not yet have well-trained muscles. Oh- and to be clear I mean the muscles INSIDE your ass.

    Regardless of the model you use- it's a long road to the super-o for most people. It may take 50 or 100 'sessions' before you get there. You may be lucky and it'll only take 3. But as I've come to understand it- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY. Take your time. Relax. If you try and force it - it probably won't happen.

    After a few more sessions if you still feel like the MGX isn't working, you may wish to perform a modification to it... Here's a link to the WIKI-

    Good luck!