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Interesting things happening with combinations of models
  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    I have been using the aneros for about a year and a half. I am satisfied with the results but they are up and down. Still having dud sessions occasionally. I bought the peridise advanced set and have been trying a combo approach. Begin with the Eupho or the big guy (name escapes me) for half an hour following the normal routing. After things get moving I begin the external prostate massage which gets me off on strong involuntaries, which I can bring on at will. This works great but I cannot get any discharge through the external prostate massage. Has anyone been able to do this?

    Step 2 is to switch from the Progasm or Eupho and insert the Peridise. Go through the relaxation period and begin contractions. At the same time I am contracting the PC muscle I push our with the rectal muscles. That get the little guy (Peridise) going wild. Really gives a good ride, very strong involuntaries at will. Then I try the external prostate massage and can bring on as many strong involuntaries as I want. But still no discharge as you would expect from the prostate milking. Same question, can I expect a discharge throught this approach ?

    This combo technique has been great for me. It seems to work every time expect if I am uptight or rushing things. If I can relax its bulletproof.

    Thought I'd share the results.
  • I switched models during my sessions at times. Some times it improves it, other times it hinder it. Once you have an Aneros in you though it feels too good to take out.
  • Hi Equalityboy81,

    Have you tried switching between the Aneros and the Peridise? That's when I really got good results from switching.

  • Unfortunately, I don't own the Peridise. I'd like to though soon. I've switched between SGX and MGX and MGX and Progasm on rare occassions. Do you use the Peridise first or last when you alternate? And does the Peridise have any effect on your prostate?
  • Equalityboy81,

    The best results have been using the Prograsm or Eupho first and the Peridise second. A minimum of 30 minutes for each. The Peridise has provided plenty of orgasms. It does seem to reach the prostate.
  • awlhlmawlhlm
    Posts: 1
    I was going to post on this topic, and then found it was already here.

    I had tried several of the models, and I was generally happier with the Eupho than any of the larger models, although the Helix was not bad at all.

    With the larger models, I found that I couldn't achieve the mobility that I could get with the Eupho. On the other hand, or wherever, the Eupho didn't quite have the "mass" to really get me going.

    Purely by chance, I got frustrated with the Helix during one session, and substituted the Eupho. The results were, for me, instantaneous. Within seconds, I was spasming like there was no tomorrow.

    I tried the same combination process again, with exactly the same results very consistently; that is, use the Helix for about 15-20 minutes, then substitute with the Eupho. Basically, it's a warm-up session with the larger one and then the serious stuff with the smaller one. My guess is that the Helix may push my walls around and get the P-spot into gear. Then, the little Eupho monster goes to work.

    Every time I have tried this sequence, I am in spasms within 30 seconds of inserting the Eupho.

    If any of you have a similar combination of large and small, especially of Helix and Eupho, I highly recommend this approach. At least, it blows me away every time.
  • There was one time I used the SGX, then MGX, and then Progasm. I'm pretty sure this is the sequence it went in. It was pretty cool working from small to large.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I go the opposite route Catchemup. I usually start with the Peridise to prime me or the Helix. The Helix I've found because moving, jumping and stimulating the prostate somewhat naturally and effortlessly without real concentration or focused contractions. Once it really gets going and I have p-waves and minor orgasms jumping I with little interruption slip in the MGX. The MGX cold turkey is more difficult to start, but after the Helix it digs deep and really massages the prostate and begins making me cum. However now on waves of increasing pleasure I slip in the Progasm. The larger surface area of the Progasm seems to make the anal canal once primed start contracting and orgasming without much pressure added. Plus the K-tab really seems to stir up additional 'trouble'. Like today, this method sent me into a major league 30+ minute Mega O. Yum! :shock: