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Aneros makes me move when playing music!!!!
  • hamtirobohamtirobo
    Posts: 14
    So I posted earlier saying that I was having involuntary movements after a session with my aneros. It's like my body moves rapidly on its own. Maybe my nerve signals are sparking faster than before. It feels like I'm typing faster right now (without thinking)... so weird. So a few minutes ago, I was practicing the piano, playing a song I usually play. And then all of a sudden, I start playing the song ridiculously fast. It's like subconscious (however you spell it). And when I listen to music and really start to feel the music, my whole body moves along with it. Feet tapping, hands moving, and it's not like I'm forcing it. SO F***ING WEIRD. Similar experiences? Or am I just insane.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Yup. You're crazy, man.