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I Can't Find My Prostate (Sad yet true)
  • GlassLakeGlassLake
    Posts: 1
    So I decided to finally get an Aneros Helix to see what all the fuss was about. I got it Saturday and of course I had time to try it out. The thing that is getting to me though is that I can't find it. I mean...I feel the Helix in there (with the abutment pad letting me constantly know its there also with its incessant poking), but I don't feel anything spectacular. I know I'm supposed to relax and flex my muscles and hold and release, etc. Trust me I've read about prepping for a session, but it just didn't feel as if it was manipulating anything at all. I didn't expect a Super-O right away, but I did expect to feel something worthwhile. Has anyone else had this problem when first using a Helix or any other product? If so I would feel so much more comfortable on the money that I spent to know that soon I will find it. Please respond and thanks if you do!

    PS: Also I'm a bit scared to try and find my prostate with my finger again because 1)I don't think they're long enough, and 2)I don't know exactly what kind of pressure to apply if I do find it. I know to look for some kind of node thingy, but any other advise would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Ok, I am sure that more experienced users will be along shortly however I will jump in first on this one.

    The trick with this is to accept that there is a certain amount of reconditioning that needs to occur when using the Aneros. What I did when I began was to physically make the aneros move in and out and around and around without listening to the feedback that my body was giving me.

    When I finally realised it was doing something I had changed one thing. That thing was the concept of what a prostate massage should be, think of it like this.

    You have a painful shoulder joint, so you book yourself into a massage center and the therapist begins to work the joint. If they went straight in pulling and pushing and twisting etc.. I can tell you now that you would not be enjoying the session and would certainly not feel like you are getting any benefits from the treatment.

    If however the therapist began by passively stretching the area, then as the muscle relaxes began a little deeper manipulation and continued this process again and again, you would find that the joint would begin to become more responsive to the treatment and you would begin to enjoy the sensations.

    With the aneros, you need to accept that it is touching the prostate but you are just looking for a feedback straight away. What you need to do, in the same way as a massage therapist, is to gently allow the aneros to move inside you and then understand the sensations you get back. Once you achieve this I can assure you that you will realise that you are indeed touching your prostate and you will be in love with this little plastic device.

    Heres my method:

    1) Insert Aneros and then lay on back with feet on bed and relax - no manual anal twitching allowed

    2) Wait until aneros feels part of my body, then gently twitch the muscles at the front of the rectum (my way of thinking about this is trying to move only the very tip of the aneros) - GENTLY is the key no big contractions

    3) Do this a few times then relax

    4) Repeat this step 3-4 times

    5) This time hold the twitch and count to 10 - then release.

    I find this gets the old device moving if its well lubricated and I have many a nice sessions using this method.

    Obviously I have developed an ability to adapt as my body tells me, but the key thing that I still use is the idea of only trying to move the tip. Although this requires a good deal of muscular agility its worth it every time.

    Finally, don't look at the session as an opportunity for a Super-O. Look at it as an opportunity to massage an internal organ that needs a little TLC, refocusing this way makes the sessions less frustrating as the goal is on treating yourself to a massage.

    I hope that helps, stick with it its worth it.