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What I want from Aneros [new product suggestions]
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35
    I would love to see the following from Aneros:

    #1 Current models such as the Classic, Helix, MGX and Maximus updated to use round ball tabs instead of sharp edge flat tabs. Also consider changing handles to K-tabs.

    #2 A whole new design based on the Peridise but incorporates the head of the 20mm or the 22mm, the shaft of the 16mm plus round ball P&K tabs at approximately the same distance as the classic or Helix. Maybe even another 4 size set along these lines.

    If they are built; I will buy them!

    Other side products should also include:

    (a) Hand job stroker
    (b) Probe thick and rich lubricant
    (c) Alba un-petroleum Jelly

    And, in addition to my own suggestions, would certainly love to see other ideas posted here.


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great thread Scorch!

    I would like Aneros to open up research on bio-electric sex and develop models for men and for women and their respective prostates, with detectors that wire or radio out to instruments or one's laptop or smartphone.

    These models would detect nerve signals, blood flows, pulses, Ph changes and other chemical events, cellular electrical polarity, muscle movements and the like and beautifully graph/model/animate on one's iPhone wirelessly! This parallels the existing Nike/Apple iPod running events system. Imagine the massage fun given the iPhone's accelerometer game control function! Ride'em Aneros!!!

    Years ago I learned to lower my heart rate by more than twenty beats a minute at will, using the biofeedback of the blip screen on the ECG machines I was hooked up to far too often...

    My approach with the aneros of focusing on intentional muscle-memory training has been biased by my various successes with biofeedback, butt, it has worked for me! And I believe a biofeedback approach with detector/signalling models could work wonders for others too.

    Years ago I sketched a safe/sex teledildonics device which this all begins to approach! Maybe I should share that intellectual property with Aneros too...

    to a great time had by all!

    Posts: 70
    The biofeedback idea is interesting. Using biofeedback with sensors attached to an audio amplifier I learned to consciously reduce my heart rate ( by closing my eyes, darkening the room, and listening to sounds produced), relax every muscle in my body, and control muscles to reduce a back spasm (the original purpose of the biofeedback therapy). These were muscles which you normally do not learn to control during your daily routine. At the beginning of each biofeedback session, when I learned to go into a completely relaxed state, my whole body would feel flush and warm with the increased blood flow. Reducing the heart rate was a lot like the Aneros session in that it took some "rewiring" to accomplish. The technical part of biofeedback, like what type of sensors to use and where to place them was handled by the biofeedback technician so all of that is still a mystery to me.

    Using biofeedback to bring on dry Os (which is what I enjoy) is an interesting idea. So much to do, so little time.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great to hear your biofeedback experience JIH.

    My experience certainly helped me with the recent rewiring with Aneros and KSMO. I too use the muscle relaxing approach, but based on me physically finding the spasms and using initial physiotherapy techniques (as instructed by my physiotherapist), while zeroing in mentally and being able to rewire that area up for later at will relaxation. I also suffer from Myoclonus spasms in my back and have successfully rewired one of the two initial trigger points and permanently stopped it firing. Unfortunately three more have formed, but eventually I think I can stop them all...

    Early in our marriage, mrs. a and I used deep guided relaxation a great deal, and it is now second nature. I also use meditation in a deep hot bath and some slow gentle movement exercises as a regular part of back/neck/chest muscle spasm therapy.

    Sometimes wear my aneros in in the tub too and have enhanced abdominal, nipple, inner thigh sensitivity rewiring there too!

    My back etc. is the result of two violent car accidents 18 months apart, 40 years ago, both where I was stopped and hit from behind by vehicles going 50+mph. I spent three years in a rigid brace and step-down neck-wear...

    You never know when medical lessons may have a more pleasurable purpose! All the best with your back, and your erotic/ecstatic rewiring JIH.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I particularly like Scorch's #1 idea. I think it is a good one and I concur.

    The bio-feedback idea is cool too. I am now reminded that a few days ago after a session I was going to start a thread asking if anyone knows of a tool similar to a lie detector, or what they used to use in early sex research on orgasms that monitor your orgasms and intensity. I was thinking it would be cool if we could all get one and graph / show our results. We're always talking about our intense super O's. This would be one way to tell. We could compare to women this way as well.

    Now on to my idea I've had for some time:

    I think that Aneros has done great for the men, and sure the Peridise might do something for women but why not do more? The concept of a hands free device should apply to women as well, and they have lots more to play with. :D So, why not provide them with a device similar to the Aneros that is anal and peristalic wave driven but that also presses on / stimulates their periniem area and their kundalini spot? Additionally have the device U shaped so that it inserts into their vagina to massage their 'g spot' while possibly also massaging their clitoris. :shock: Sounds like fun to me - would be fun to be female in that case. Now I should mention that Zaneblue mentioned to me that the periniem in women is smaller and directly and very close between their vagina and anal opening - so it may be tricky to hit the right spot (maybe not). One thought is possibly the clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation at same time might be too much? As I understand it is fairly typical, easy, and normal for women to orgasm from the clitoris but the vagina / g spot is more difficult. So, not being female not sure if the clitoral orgasms would distract from the g spot / vaginal ones? Ladies, what do you think? Oh, women also have other spots you can hit. There is the cul de sac - and another one further back than the g-spot (I forget what it is called) - so innovation could find other targets for the new Aneros device.
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35
    artform said:

    Great thread Scorch!

    I would like Aneros to open up research on bio-electric sex and develop models for men and for women and their respective prostates, with detectors that wire or radio out to instruments or one's laptop or smartphone.

    These models would detect nerve signals, blood flows, pulses, Ph changes and other chemical events, cellular electrical polarity, muscle movements and the like and beautifully graph/model/animate on one's iPhone wirelessly! This parallels the existing Nike/Apple iPod running events system. Imagine the massage fun given the iPhone's accelerometer game control function! Ride'em Aneros!!!

    The aneros massager IS a type of (mechanical) biofeedback device.
    The idea of remote access is interesting.
    I do have a high end electro stimulation device that actually has such a capability.

    It's an eros tek ET-312 (See:

    It has several interesting capabilities including audio input which could include a microphone. And a PC interface for custom programing as well as remote access from another computer.

    That's right! Somebody at a remote computer can control the sensations you receive from the nerve/muscle stimulation device.

    What I want from Aneros is a Maximus and/or Progasm with electro stimulation capability!

    Different options could be implemented:

    #1 Single wire- One conductor at the tip for prostate.
    #2 Two wire- One conductor at the tip plus a metal ball P-tab
    #3 Three wire- Tip, P-tab plus K-tab.

    Other combinations might include a conductor in the stem for the sphincter. And, yes, I imagine if there were such models; the conductors could be connected to electronic bio-feedback equipment. :)

    I have considered such a modification to a Progasm but it would be a challenge to #1 Bore a hole from the base to the tip for wire(s). #2 Inlay a metal conductor with a perfect, water-tight fit at the tip or in other areas.

    And, speaking of boring holes, What I want from Aneros is a prostate massager good for enema or inflation games. It would certainly be nice to have a real capability of maintaining a true fluid or air suspension environment.


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Scorch said:

    The aneros massager IS a type of (mechanical) biofeedback device.
    The idea of remote access is interesting.
    I do have a high end electro stimulation device that actually has such a capability.

    That's right! Somebody at a remote computer can control the sensations you receive from the nerve/muscle stimulation device.



    Indeed! The great thing about the Aneros as a mechanical biofeedback device is that is can take the user on an involuntary adventure, where you can choose to rewire along the way; and/or you can also intentionally choose particular skills you can imagine and develop the appropriate sensitivities/capabilities to implement!

    The device you cite and the current iPod driven vibrator/dildo are initial steps toward the remote teledildonics possibilities and beyond. Your other desires are intriguing too. :)

  • Uh? Nobody else has any suggestions?

    I'm sure more than one user read this!

    Doesn't anybody else, besides me, have an original idea?

    I don't see any new products or product improvements yet.

    Here I stand, money in hand, but already have everything Aneros offers...

  • I've mentioned before, I would love HIH to manufacture the Peridise in highly polished medical-grade stainless steel. I'm sure HIH would sell millions of them for pleasure and as a medical device.
  • I feel this letter is appropriate to repost in this thread:

    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Dear Aneros:

    I want to congratulate you on your wonderful devices. They’ve changed and improved my sex life with myself and others. I also want to give you some suggestions. I am on antidepressants and they can cause sexual problems and even affect feeling in the prostate in a negative way. Users need to know that medications cannot only affect the penis and sex drive but the prostate as well. I use herbal supplements which contain yohimbe and horny goat weed which improve sexual function as well as counteract some of the side effects of my medications. I have ADHD and take Adderall. I feel I do better on my path to the Super O when I take Adderall which helps my attention span and mind from wandering on other subjects besides my goal. This goes to show that the Aneros and Super O greatly depend on mind, semi-concentration, and relaxation maybe a little more than physical aspects. Breathing, being comfortable and alone, and vocalization help extremely.

    I have a great idea and request of another Aneros device. You have explored the anus, prostate, and perineum, but not totally the tailbone area (besides Progasm K-tab). I sincerely believe that if the spinal/tailbone/sacrum/coccyx area were stimulated internally and/or externally the right way it may result in some sort of orgasmic climax. I read up on this and have experienced some wonderful sensations there when I used the “crystal wand” and “deluxe crystal wand” (prostate and g-spot toys) turned the opposite direction inside my anus but I couldn’t quite bring myself to a climax because my arms grew tired. I sincerely hope you will research this genre of pleasure and create devices that will internally and/or externally massage the tailbone area. I can just imagine an Aneros that I can relax with that is propelled with my pc-muscles alone which will stimulate this area in the same manner your products stimulate the prostate. It’s like an Aneros turned backwards massaging the wonderful area opposite of the prostate. If you have any scientific information about this spot please inform me. Please, please, please create an internal tailbone stimulating Aneros! The penis, tailbone, and nipples are frontiers you have not completely explored.

    I hope you will someday soon get involved with sex research organizations such as the Kinsey Institute and do some thorough research on the “Super O” phenomenon. It should be studied and observed because this is a scientific breakthrough and there are still many others out there unlike myself who have no knowledge or are skeptical of this phenomenon. I’m a believer!

    Videos, photos, and pornography of individuals using the Aneros, especially in the correct way or in the act of a Super Orgasm are extremely rare. There is a video on x-tube which gives the perfect example of a Super O under the User Name “Arctic Wolves.” I am proud you came up with the Aneros Wiki. But I am anxious for you to create an Aneros Tube on your website with photos and videos of men using the Aneros and discussing their experiences in the likeness of and There should also be a stories page.

    The Japanese novel about the Aneros is not going to do us Americans any good considering we cannot translate it. I wish you all would create an English translation with new photos and illustrations. I hope Aneros will create a novel about their products, their usage, and the Super O. I also want to see an Aneros/Super O instructions DVD and audio CD.

    I’ve read the Aneros is used in Asian pornography. I envy them! I wish Aneros would get involved with the porn industry. It would be a wonderful way to get your product recognition.

    As an Aneros customer I would also like to see your products offered in many more colors, including gold, silver, rainbow, purple, iridescent, and transparent. And an Aneros made of stainless steel. I would be willing to pay a little more for something like that. I’ve seen a few places on the internet over the years that sold a stainless steel MGX looking Aneros but that may be one of the imitations.

    Again, please explore the internal tailbone frontier. Thank you for your time in reading this.



    Here are some more suggestions I have:

    SGX without handle

    SGX without handle and p-tab

    SGX with p-tab and k-tab

    SGX with k-tab

    Aneros that massages only externally with k-tab and/or p-tab.

    Aneros Peridise with prostate massaging features and/or p-tab and/or k-tab.

    Aneros products in several different colors including rainbow, iridescent, and transparent.

    Aneros products made of stainless steel.

    An Aneros product that just internally massages the tailbone area or one also with a k-tab.

    Aneros originals redesigned to have p-tabs and/or k-tabs with the likeness of the Progasm’s p & k tabs.

    An Aneros product that would only massage the perineum or one that would only massage the prostate or a product that would supercede the Prostate Cradle.

    A male version of The Cone.

    A male version of The Slightest Touch.

    E-stim products

    A safe and pleasurable sounding device.

    A double-ended Aneros for two gay men to enjoy.

    Aneros specifically created to produce hands-free Super-T’s.

    An Aneros Tube and Aneros photos page.

    Porn videos with the Aneroses used in them.

    An Aneros Manual, DVD, and Audio CD.

    Aneros products which would improve upon Fleshlights, Fleshjacks, penis pumps, dildos, vibrators, and lubes.

    Just imagine a device that would have a p-tab, k-tab, cause anal peristalsis, and internally massage the tailbone area simultaneously. Talk about an Ultra O! And a version of this designed for women to also stimulate the G-Spot.

    Aneros MGX keychains and T-Shirts.

    A vibrating Aneros version to compete with the Nexus Vibro.
  • Re-posted for your convenience:

    I’m now almost 27. When I first saw the Aneros on the shelf at a local adult store in late 2006 I was excited and bought it right then. I believed what I saw on the website over the years about it. It made scientific sense. I was excited and that night I went home and used it. My ass literally sucked the Aneros right in. I felt it hit my prostate immediately. It was a great feeling. A sweet feeling! I felt like my whole lower abdomen and ass had all this energy surrounding them. I also felt it in my ass cheeks. It felt a little bit like electricity. I had alternated between lying on my back and lying in this position with my legs bent and feet facing down. After about an hour my breathing became deeper and my heart started pounding heavier and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears where it blocked out sound, ears buzzing and ringing, and put me to different level or reality. I felt all the same things when I first inserted the Aneros and lightheadedness and the back of my head was slowly spinning around in circles. It just snuck up on me. My perineum had a nice sensation and my penis had a somewhat numb, tingly, and prickly feeling, more so in the base. Then things were less concentrated in the penis. I felt this warmth, electricity, ringing in my ears, and buzzing through my face, cheeks, and head. I felt like I was floating. It felt so safe, warm, and peaceful. It felt right! This warmth flooded my body like it was shielding me from the cool air around me. It was somewhat like an electrical feeling. My eyes became fixated and vision a bit blurry. I felt in an altered state of consciousness. There was all this sexual energy and emotions. It was like being so horny and submissive. I thought all these sexy/erotic thoughts. It lasted almost a minute or two in all and my penis was unusually, extremely erect toward the end and it spewed out a long string of pre-cum with intense pressure. Then my body felt like it was lowering back on my bed and the stiffness from my back from the experience subsided like I had been levitating and slowly lowered to earth.

    There were times when I used the Aneros for several hours lying in bed at night. My body would start jerking and heaving off the bed and falling back down on the bed hitting the pillow. My back would arch a lot and legs would move somewhat and abdominal muscles contract, my upper body would jerk toward the direction of my legs. I have a few fond memories during these events of feeling my perineum spot vibrate and tingle like it was on fire with sexual energy and it just kept going for a while and after a while of contractions on it, it would cause me to start gasping and panting on and off for minutes at a time. During my panting episodes it felt so wonderful I could feel a smile produce on my face almost involuntarily and would think to myself that every male of every age should be able to experience this pleasure. I feel so robbed that I couldn’t experience this pleasure as a child and teenager and early twenties. I feel it should be mandatory that every man try an Aneros at least once in his life. I have to wonder if Aneros users get even more pleasure than women having g-spot orgasms or if they are less or equivalent. During my time lying down enjoying the Aneros I’d think about hot guys I know or have seen and I’d picture them all in a big room together with their butts up in the air or knees up and feet down with their asses quivering, vibrating, and shaking and being drenched in sweat from one Super O after another. When I’m feeling so good and deep in fantasy I think about other guys around my age. I think what it would be like if guys just got together and did this Aneros thing. Picture a locker room full of jocks with jockstraps and other guys just lying all around the place and naked in the shower area floor with hot water running down on them. All of them moaning, groaning, grunting, growing, roaring, yelling, panting, hyperventilating, sighing, and gasping from the ecstasy the Aneros is causing them. I would picture some of them in doggy style positions and others with their knees drawn toward them. And all of them listening to all the other’s sounds of pleasure and seeing their bodies spasm, shake, vibrate, tremor, heave, jerk, convulse, orgasm, etc. and creating a cycle of ecstasy and sexual energy. I feel it is important to fantasize, have visual and audio stimulation, think sexy thoughts, and reminisce on your past sexual adventures. NOTE: For straight guys, picture naked ladies having multiple orgasms with the Peridise and that you are there participating with her. Fantasy, mind, sound, and breathing are essential to getting the most you can get out of it. I’m thinking damn, every guy should love his butthole. It, the prostate, and perineum feel so much more intense than the penis. I just picture in mind my all these men enjoying the power of their assholes. It’s the command center for a man’s pleasure. But many men would not want to admit that to themselves. Guys, when you get the hot feeling in your perineum (sweet spot) where the p-tab digs into the feeling is out of this world. It will cause you to pant and feel tingly and warm all over. Some men have issue with anal play, but when you get this feeling you’ll know it is just right and will feel everything is right with the world. You won’t feel less of a man. This is a very masculine feeling. You will feel so masculine, “Like dude, I’m man!” You will feel like this is what being a guy is supposed to be all about and that this feels way better than the penis. The buttocks, asshole, and perineum should also be a symbol of his masculinity.

    There was a time with the SGX in the bathtub when I lied on my left side and I just started vibrating and shuddering with pleasure for what seemed like 2 minutes on and off during a 6 minute time span. There was also slight warmth encompassing my body. I cannot describe the emotions. They are equally as good. It’s like you are the horniest you’ve ever been in your life and you keep getting hornier and the horniness is never quenched just keeps getting better and better and more intense. It’s such a peaceful feeling you want to share it with all your buddies and wish they could experience such pleasure and that a group of guys or people could share this together. But how do we explain this to our friends? Some of my friends think I’m weird for liking the Aneros and other sex toys and I just tell them they don’t know what they are missing out on. Narrow-minded people miss out is all I can say.

    Things that helped me to believe it was possible to have a Super O was reading the Aneros Wiki and watching Arctic Wolves who is a member of Aneros and Xtube, under the same name, having a Super O is his two videos. I wish he’d record all his sessions because it is a phenomenon rarely caught on video. It is not only erotic, but very educational and scientific as well. Also the fact that I could have many orgasms before puberty by letting the pool jets stimulate my penis. I remember when I was 12 or 13 there was a guy my age who stayed the night with me. He was a lot more developed than others our age. He was a lot farther in puberty and I had not reached puberty. To me his penis was huge and he was a lot of pubic hair. We played around and humped each other. I was more horny and hard than I had ever been in my life. After humping him a while I began to get the regular penile orgasm with the pumping/throbbing/contractions/pulses/spasms (The type that does not happen during a Super O but Super T.) I ejaculated a lot of clear prostate fluid. One of these days science will find out what causes the male refractory period during puberty and there will be some discovery on how to get a guy to penile orgasm as many times as he wants.

    I feel like I should bring up a few things which are a little scientific and theoretical. Well, we know that any human being of any age is capable of orgasm even in the womb. Before puberty, it is impossible to ejaculate because your glands are not yet developed nor do you create semen and sperm. And some people before puberty are able to have repeated orgasms with a small or no refractory period because they have no ejaculations. But our body parts are still there no matter what age we are, we still have a prostate. I remember when I was about 9 or 10; I got curious and stuck my finger up my anus. But I vividly remember there was a spot that I brushed against quickly and pulled out that felt good in sensation. Now I wonder how that was possible considering I was too young to produce seminal and prostate fluids. So how did the prostate give me pleasure? I’m assuming it had something to do with nerves which makes me wonder as an adult if prostate fluid is even essential in generating the Super O. I didn’t think much about it then because when you are a kid you don’t know much about sexuality and many males don’t know the asshole has any other function than defecation. When we are young we are discouraged by our parents from masturbation and anal play. The Super O which has no ejaculation involved can be repeated over and over. We are told though that it is good to have and store semen in our prostate, to not masturbate and ejaculate, before our sessions with the Aneros. I’m sure this makes the outcome of a Super O better (to have a full prostate) but I wonder if it’s possible to get a Super O without one. I know after you reach puberty once you ejaculate you go through a refractory period but this may not apply to the prostate being drained but at the same time it may considering as an adult once you cum your done. The prostate and penis do work differently so I haven’t figured this one out. I know it’s possible to have a Super O with an empty prostate because I’m almost certain I saw a post by Brian Mayfield which stated moments after he ejaculated to his surprise he was able to begin another session and have a Super O. Though for me if I end my session with a Super T (ejaculation) I have no desire to continue just like with masturbation or intercourse. So I like to edge a lot and stimulate my penis and anus a lot and watch, read, and view erotic material before a long Aneros session. Always lube inside your anus first.

    The mind can do strange things to the body. For example, if I think long enough and deep about being dominated and submissive to a hot guy, I sometimes let out a loud sneeze. The prior urge to sneeze feels sensual, erotic, and peaceful. Thinking about a submissive Aneros session can also do that to me sometimes. When I see something gory on television or get grossed out sometimes it will cause an emotion which causes the base of my balls to ache for a split second. I’ll never understand it but we only use 10% of our brains.

    Earlier this year, there was a time when my friend was away. I have a key to the place and am welcome there anytime. So the naughty thought occurred to me that this is the opportunity to watch some porno and have some anal play fun. I began lubing and relaxing my ass. I laid out a towel. I put in anal beads, after that the Crystal Wand (stimulating the prostate and then the tailbone internally, part of it you can manually press on the perineum), and then used the Prostate Cradle for a while and then I finally inserted the Aneros MGX. During that time, I watched porno and contracted. I later just listened to it. I could feel all of the sexual energy in my body. I had some spasms in different parts of the body, especially this and contractions in the abdomen. The abdomen kept getting this weird, tickly sensation and would sink in as if an invisible force were pushing my stomach toward the ground. My hips started bucking and thrusting a lot. I got a nice tingly feeling in my perineum. Then on and off for like 5 minutes my legs all of sudden started kicking and thrashing in the air faster than I’ve ever kicked before. I was then kicking at this speed in the fashion of lying down on my back peddling a bicycle and my feel peddling higher and higher into the air, my butt rising off the floor, nearly rolled backwards. I had hardly any control over this. I believe I was breathing feel hard during all this. I think I may remember something like my body involuntarily knocked me up to my knees and thrust my pelvis at the air a little as if I were having intercourse. I was in such an altered state of consciousness. My body kept getting thrown up in the air and falling down on the floor hard. It stopped and as soon as I was about to catch my breath, having no indication whatsoever, surprisingly, my body involuntarily threw me sideways to my left and my hands started slapping the floor hard sort of like on Donkey Kong Country when Donkey Kong does that squat down and slap the ground technique with his hands move to break the ground and find a bonus item. Boy, did I find a bonus item! My body kept throwing me around from side to side and up and down. I had to move to the guest bed to finish my session because I kept hitting the hard floor hard and my muscles were becoming fatigue. I finished off with a hands-free Super T after laying there nearly an hour moaning and panting and sweating in ecstasy from my prostate/perineum tingles and the nice feeling of all the fluid built up in there just dying for release. I think one of the things that helped me a lot is knowing I had no chance of being caught in the act. My breathing as much and as loud as I wanted and certainly of no interruption certainly helped me in getting somewhere. I didn’t have to worry about anyone listening to my sounds. I just let whatever sound come from myself that wanted to come out. I ended up vocalizing sounds I never thought I could make. Prior to that climatic moment it was like the entire session was building a bunch of energy and horniness to a big climax. Earlier that day it was like I had an instinct I would have some sort of climax out of this. I knew something big was going to happen. During the session I just told myself that I was going to take as long as I needed and not worry about any goals, just relax and enjoy and let it take me wherever. If something happens, it does; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I was horny that day, not just regular horny, but Aneros horny. No sex or masturbation would satisfy that urge. I had this tickling feeling in my butt and I yearned to have the Aneros in it. There was another time when my friend was out of town that locked the house, locked myself in a bedroom, and then locked myself in the walk-in closet. No one could catch me in the act now. I laid there on the closet floor on a towel looking at my asshole in the mirror pumping in and out a Progasm and yelled as loud in pleasure as I wanted to. My face was all red and flushed. I spent hours of pleasure in that closet. It was so erotic. Once the Aneros is in you, it feels so good you don’t ever want to take it out. It feels so natural like its part of your anatomy.

    For anyone who would like to tell the stories of their experiences, by all means, don’t be shy, please post them. For those of you who have good writing skills, please be as descriptive as possible. I want to help and educate other users and it can only happen if we all communicate with each other within the Super O Society and also answer unanswered questions on the forum or chip in with our experiences, opinions, and tips. Each and every one of us needs to do our part. Please tell me whether you’ve had any similar experiences or similar experiences happen to your body? Please be as detailed as possible. You can type your stories on Microsoft Word and copy and paste it in the forum or testimonials if you want to take more time to do it. I don’t know whether this article should go in the Testimonials or Forum, it seems to fit either/or so I figure I’ll paste it in both sections.
  • Here is a link to all my posts:

    I am interested in Aneros creating a product to specifically stimulate the tailbone area internally. It feels just like the prostate does.
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    I've thought for some time it would be helpful for the forum to create a new sticky for stories such as yours. We have a "First" thread and a "Best" thread but it might be helpful to some of us to have stories under an "Interesting Sessions" thread. It helps to have some comparative posts that aren't requests for information or assistance........just some good reading of other people's more interesting aneros experiences and sessions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    In a manner of speaking, what you have suggested already exists in the BLOGS forum. If you go over and read through some of those blogs you will find some very interesting stories. You might like to establish your own blog so you can share your unique experiences as well.


    Rather than repeatedly posting links to your threads, perhaps you too may care to establish a blog to record your thoughts, concerns or share your experiences for others to read. Posts in the General Forum generally get pushed down over time and don’t get read much, whereas the blogs provide a more readily accessible and concentrated information resource.
  • I have been using the 16mm Peridise in conjunction with the Prostate Cradle and having phenominal results. The prostate cradle places pressure on all the right places causing the Peridise to trigger peristalic action almost immediately.

    I am able to maintain long sessions without any downtime. I enjoy prolonged periods of low-level orgasm that I never want to end. -- The only limitation is my energy level.

    I'd like to see a Peridise-like model that incorporates an external component similar to the Prostate cradle. I always believed that the pressure tabs on the Aneros models were too small and did not cover a large enough area.

    Specifically, the pointed tailbone end of the Prostate cradle perfectly hits my VIP muscle or K-spot. The pressure of the Prostate cradle is perfect for allowing contraction of the portion of the PC muscle that is between the tailbone and the anus. This muscle is the *real* key to causing orgasm.

    I realize that this type of setup may go against the Aneros philosophy but it works so good for me that I'd love to see a product that integrates the two.

    It's the only way I conduct my sessions now.
  • I would be interested in a new Progasm that is a slight bit smaller especially around he base with some ribs. The ribs are great for shifting the orgasm from Prostate to anal. Sometimes when you are really there you can shift the focus of your orgasm. This new model would work great for this. I emailed a prototype to [email][/email] about 1 month ago but I didn't get a response.
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    How about something as larger or even slightly larger on the top end and much, much smaller on the bottom - a bottow like the MGX?
  • Still waiting for that peridise that has a large head, thin stem and small ball P-tab.

    Also still waiting for a maximus with ball P-tab.

    And, while waiting, ANOTHER idea popped up!

    You guys better get going on these things!

    Now I want a maximus and other Aneros devices that have ben-wa style rattles inside them.

    I do not advocate a powered vibrator but, that little hint of an internal tapping vibration every time I move would be extremely pleasurable.

    So now I want a thin stemmed peridise with large, hollow, head containing a heavy weight/rattle and a small P-tab with ball end.

    If you build it; they will come!

  • pnomanpnoman
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    1. Stainless Steel Models

    2. Tab options. (I would love a helix and mgx with big ball tabs like on my Progasm)

    3. Custom molded cases! (With foam cutouts for my toys- like a gun case!)...Preferably lockable!

    4. A Peridise-shaped drinking straw for enjoying my McDonald's milkshake. (Yes this one's a joke. But someone would probably buy it!)

    5. A cock-ring attachment! Imagine an aneros with a rubber tether that attaches to a cock ring on the shaft of your cock! Theoretically the aneros motion would cause rhythmic tugging on your cock. (Is this possible?)

    6. An aneros with a handle that you could use for manual prostate stim- for "milking"

    If you decide to make any of these- be sure so send me a free one!
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    I have written about carrying cases before. Something similar to a zippered tobacco case would be nice. But I also like your idea of a hard sided case as well.

    A hard sided case could also include a small refillable vial for lube (I am currently using J-lube to mix my own preferred thick consistency.) And still be compact enough to fit in my back pocket and stand up to regular washing.

    I also agree that other models need to have improved tabs. I have been having the best results with the Helix and REALLY wish it had dual, round ball, tab system like the progasm.

    In fact I believe that ALL models should be improved in this manor.

    Christmas is just around the corner.

    And I already have all aneros models! Will there be anything NEW from this company?

    In addition to improvements to existing models I sure would love to see something in the OPPOSITE direction of the prograsm.

    With the introduction of smallest peridise I have determined that smaller is actually better but sure would l like to see something in the way of a small peridise with ball tabs or a Helix with a thin base and ball tabs.

    Please reply.


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    Hello Scorch, :)

    As far as the carrying, or storage case for Aneros goes. Read "B Mayfield's" post in the following link.

    Love is Peace
  • Hi All, there will be a new stainless peridise soon!! :lol:

    The others in stainless may be a bit heavy to even hold in the bum. NJoy's are stainless toys and are extremely heavy...
  • Personally I would like to see a special progasm designed to be less ..hard.
    I think that maby a gell version of it with a small plastic core. So..make a core to keep it from bending too much and a thick gell skin to cover the core..maybe ballistics gelatine like.
    I say so because the progasm is a wonderful tool that I just cant get enough of till it's made me just slightly bruised which only happens occasionaly and doesn't last long.
    The Jelly version might be more forgiving with harder contractions and would be more likely to vibrate as it moves transferring slightly more subtle sensations to the targets.

    Just a thought however and I'm glad to have my Progasm = )
  • Yes, the round ball they use on the progasm put on the helix, yow, you really have something... i find the flat tab gets very uncomfortable over time. have modified my helix by making it into a ball using hotglue. works great. but would love to have it made that way.

    i was also thinking that if there was a little ball bearing rolling around inside the helix if ya made it hollow would be cool... kinda like benwa balls, would add a little unpredictability making things interesting.