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Discovering Aneros
  • m2m_funm2m_fun
    Posts: 1
    Hello, I've been exploring the pleasures of anal pleasure and anal sex for a while now and found that my orientation over time has moved away from penile stimulation and ejaculation to the more subtle and, to me, the richer, more erotic pleasures of anal stimulation. I also happen to have a somewhat pretty bottom and that has increased my sense of pleasure in anal sex. I've experienced anal orgasm somewhat spontaneously and because I didn't know such a thing existed, I questioned my own experience--how could I have an internal orgasm?
    I recently purchased the Progasm Aneros device; it has really amazed me. Right away I started experiencing such lovely, deep, erotic waves of pleasure; just walking from room to room can make me gasp in pleasure. Reading the Aneros wiki has also confirmed that what I've experienced isn't an hallucination, it's real and can be built upon...
    I'm pleased to be joining a community of others who are exploring this too.