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Encouraging specific sensations
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    There are two parts of using an Aneros that I would like to encourage but seem to happen randomly for me.

    #1 - The pulsing from prostate to the end of the penis. This sensation generally builds from the first throb to the last and becomes so intense that I lose concentration and have a hard time making it happen again. This is not the ejaculation sensory experience but more like someone particularly cruel has hooked you up to an electrical box and is gently trying to make you insane.

    #2 - Generating pre-cum during a session. I have had occassion to produce a few drops but it is exception and not the rule. It is more likely with the Progasm than the Helix or MGX. I don't know why this one is important to me but it seems odd it doesn't happen more since HIH designed it to flush the prostate and cowpers.

    Any suggestions?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi mobilesub!

    #1 is a feeling I have learned to love, although I understand the sweet
    torture aspect, as well!

    #2 In the beginning of my Aneros experience I had very little pre-cum, but
    now I have some pretty decent amounts with the MGX mostly!

    My 2 Cents . . .

    Later, Haser99
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    Agree on the #1 feeling. It is actually this that I start to visualize the pre-cum flowing up and being massaged out of me.

    Which in turns helps more of #2 happen. I've also found that sessions with the Peridise helped me isolate the muscles within myself to massage more cowpers fluid out of me. Once I get going I drip and drool way more often than when I initially started with just the Helix.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    If you are used to, or can develop, the ability to have your mind right in another part of your body at will, your attention completely there, the aneros can be a great muscle-memory training device, which permanently gives you the ability to use the trained muscles to trigger desired sensations.

    Getting the aneros to "stand just offshore" and training the prostate/rectum wall muscles to reach out to "polish the knob" and "feel" the pressure feedback has been one of the greatest benefits for me from experimenting with the aneros. Now I can call up this sensation and its energies at will, and benefit from a wide range of after-effects!

    Until this, I had never had a wet dream in my life. :lol: