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  • nood1963nood1963
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    I really understand what you were feeling. Nothing really compares to the whole body orgasm. It's just wonderful and so pleasureable to say the least. Kneeling on the floor and laying my torso on the bed works well for me too. Pleasant journey's....Nood
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    I just bought a Aneros. I don't know if I am doing this wrong, but I felt nothing. I relaxed, I tried different positions. Very disapointing. I will keep trying. Maybe I will figure this out.
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    I got the Helix today and read the directions, lubed up, put it in, and nothing really happened. I don't know what I didn't do. Go fig.
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Laser,

    Glad to hear about your success! Yes, it's so amazing having all those different feelings and responses. I too believe I have been rewired. Each session is just so much fun and gives a guy so much pleasure. I have the Euphos myself and it has taken me places that I didn't know excisted. I also use the MGX, which my muscles take a hold of and never let go. Just pure enjoyment......Take care and enjoy the journeys...Nood
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    Originally Posted By: Buffd1
    Wow! I thought this Super O business was mumbo jumbo. But I just had an incredible experience that has the potential to change my sex life forever.

    Let me start by saying, I recently purchased a CB 3000. After 2 days trying to get the fit right. I think I am there.

    I abstained from masturbation for 3 days prior so I am now filled with 5 days of fire-power. Typically I get off ever 3 days or so. So what does this have to do with Aneros and Super Os you may ask? Well here goes:

    I was lying in bed with my laptop when I stumbled across this site. I read one of the threads that talked about Super Os without the Aneros. It was accompished through breathiing and contractions. I began trying it and almost immediately knew that something was special. I think it was because I was horny and could not touch myself due to the CB 3000. I began to have a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms. I did not even get hard! I started convulsing so badly that I woke my wife. NOw I cannot sleep because I want to try an Aneros to see if my orgasms can be taken to an even higher level. If any of these storys have any truth to them, my new found Super O capability without the Aneros, must mean that with the Aneros I will be a mess. I cannot wait to try it!

    I will report back if this was a fluke occurence, or whether the combination of a CB 3000 and the Aneros make for a new sexual combo that will revolutionize everything you know about male orgasms.

    A New Believer

    Hello A New Believer
    Can you please provide more details about Super O's without the Aneros. I have purchased an Aneros MGX to try out, but before I do so (it will take about 2 weeks to be delivered) I though I could compare between your experience(s) and what the Aneros MGX can actually do.
    Any information you could provide would be apperciated.

  • Originally Posted By: primary
    WOW! What a day! Just finished making love with my wife of 20+ years and the session was SO intense and probably a direct result of a new and different session with the device this afternoon.

    Mowed the lawn with a “reward” of a session waiting in the wings. After a hot shower and about 90 free minutes decided to follow some forum hints and get a new perspective. For the first time, utilized a condom over the device and right away upon insertion I knew this would be something special. After reading about someone trying to avoid a Super O I thought I’d give it a shot. Fortunately or not, they seem to come fairly easily for me and I thought it might be fun to try to hold off. After insertion I got the pulsing in the rectum and I knew an involuntary wasn’t far behind. The more I put it off the more it seemed to work at making it happen but I was determined to make 15 minutes. The challenge was huge, so exciting and before long the thing was quivering inside me and I had to let it do its thing. I let go and it slid up a little farther and sat right on the sweet spot. Soon the orgasms ensued.

    Another new piece for me was trying to breathe through the orgasms. I tend to tense and hold my breath during an orgasm and the grunting and groaning, however that seems to send it in a different direction. This time I tried to maintain the breathing and I think that could be the difference. I also tried some of the hints I read about the PC contractions and a reverse push. Whatever the culprit this had to be one of the most intense of my 6-month adventure. It seemed that I was constantly hitting the right spot even after switching devices. It was pressing and brushing the prostate and it seemed to become ultra sensitive, sending me higher while giving the P waves that ran throughout my body. I tried both sides, stomach and on my back and they just kept coming. I hardly knew what to do since it just seemed you couldn’t take anymore but somehow I did.

    Afterwards I continued having P waves for hours and have ridden a couple to orgasms without the device. It’s strange because it’s been almost like the first time. My rectum still seems to be aching for it and calling it while the perineum buzzes once in a while. You keep trying to get your mind off of it but there are the constant physical reminders. This one really got a hold on me. Anything sound familiar?


    Wow, you really did have a good day! Like wise for me the orgasms arrive quick and build rather quickly. I myself have been experimenting with the breathing, and get huge results with the reverse push and contracting. Sometimes the s.o. is so intense, it takes my breath away and all I can do is wait for the pleasure to subside a bit.

    My sides and being on my stomach bring me the best results, but while in the mist of having waves, it is fun to experiment and create new positions.

    Have a fun week-end and enjoy...Nood
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    Originally Posted By: Frank

    Aneros + CB3000 I have had my Aneros for a couple of years, and my CB3000 for about the same amount of time. I have been married for a very long time. Sadly, I am now Impotent. I can have wonderful orgasms, but only with a soft penis. My oral technique seems to keep my wife more than happy. I masturbate all the time, usually with lube inside my foreskin, so it sorta feels like having intercourse with myself--quite wonderful, actually. But I also lock myself into my CB3000, my Chastity Device. When I have had no orgasms for some weeks, my sexual frustration level is very high. I then use my Aneros with the CB3000, and have many daily oral sex sessions with my wife. I have learned to have incredible orgasms, both with sperm coming out and without. The difference between an Anal Orgasm and a Prostate Orgasm is profound. Both are wonderful. The Anal orgasm is without sperm flowing, and usually goes on for a long time. Truly a Super Orgasm. The Prostate Orgasm can be with or without sperm. I can get a little bit stiff, not enough to penetrate a vagina, but enough to slide back and forth inside the CB3000 lubed with coconut oil. So the other day, for the first time I was licking my wife, and working the Aneros rythmically in and out of my anus, and pumping back and forth inside my CB3000. As you know, you cannot touch you penis in this device. I had the most incredible full body Super Orgasm with a huge load of sperm gushing out. It was so great. Almost like old times inside my wife's vagina! I have since ordered all 3 of the "Next Generation" Aneroses! Long ago we had a 3 way sexual ralationship with a male friend, who is bisexual like me. It was wonderful beyond belief, and still stands as some of the best, if not the best, sex my wife and I have ever experienced. Of course back then, I could have intercourse. His penis was much larger than mine, so he stretched out my wife quite a bit. She never felt tight on my penis again. This was the downside, but the upside was that it was so exciting that we could not keep from doing it for many years. My wife had sexual intercourse with this man and me every month on her fertile days, and often other days as well, for close to a decade. In a sexual sense at least, he became her second husband. I too continued making love with him, so it was wonderful for me. We are now thinking that if we could find someone medically safe who we both love like back then, it could be very fulfilling and exciting to try a 3 way, bisexual experience now, but with me wearing my CB3000 and an Aneros! Heck, maybe since I am now impotent, our new lover might even like an Aneros inside of him too. IF ANYONE HAS ANY EXPERIENCES IN THIS REALM, PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH ALL OF US. I believe as time goes by, and more and more men and marriages face Impotence Problems like we have, that such innovative solutions might be nice and pleasurable options. I suggest a bisexual male joining our or your marriage bed, so that our/your wife might still have a real man with a warm, loving penis inside her if she wants the experience. By including you in the mating, licking her as she has intercourse and giving her an orgasm orally before he fills her with his sperm, makes it wonderful for all 3 of you. Then, since this Aneros and or Aneros/CB3000 combination opens up the door for you or me, the Impotent Male, to have such Super Orgasms, all 3 of you can have the best sex possible. This is all free-ranging fantasy at this point, but who knows! All that is required is a marriage with infinite love, and an open mind. We even found that my jealousy and emotional pain that was so strong the first time he had intercourse with her, even tho she had been watching us have sex for about a year, added a certain energy to the whole affair that somehow took it to even higher levels of a sexual world that might have not been experienced and enjoyed if it had ended after the first night she took him inside herself and let him fill her with his much bigger and harder penis and extra large amount of sperm. I know I seem to be belaboring this point, but it is important. The jealousy became less and less each time, tho peaking now and then, but the sexual relationship just got deeper and more wonderful, and was a truly life changing experience. Many years later, every time we have sex, we both long for him, and fantasize his returning to our marriage and fulfilling my wife sexually now that I cannot. A final thought is also most important. My wife says that oral sex on her clitoris as she is getting her vagina filled with a much larger penis than she is used to, namely my smaller penis, is the Ultimate Sexual Experience for a Woman. I think it is only fair that my wife gets to experience the ultimate sexual intercourse experience, especially since I am now striving for the same with my present Impotent condition, don't you?

    Frank and Mrs. Frank (ha,ha)

    Where are you located? I am interested in talking with you about hooking up! I am bi-sexual and would enjoy both of your company, intimacy and (?)
    Give me a holler with your questions...

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    Having read a lot on this site, I'm still not sure whether I had 'one'... If I describe what happened maybe someone can confirm... I had been laying on my back with knees in the air, breathing and doing all the stuff with the contractions and everything, then out of nowhere my knees started shaking madly as did my thighs.. I simply could not stop what was going on... Felt SO bizarre like someone had plugged my legs into the mains or something.. this went on for about 15 minutes, then calmed and then simply started right on up again... this went on for about an hour !! This is the first time this has hapened.. I'd beenlaying there for about an hour, but I didn't feel anything I would describe as an anal orgasm though... my legs thighs and pelvis were just convulsing like mad... getting stronger and stronger and then slowing gradually and then starting all over again ??

    Am gonna try again tonight and see if I can improve on this.. if indeed I am on the right track... Any ideas guys I'd be most keen to know..
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Originally Posted By: Andy

    I'm still not sure whether I had 'one'... If I describe what happened maybe someone can confirm... ... I didn't feel anything I would describe as an anal orgasm though ... my legs thighs and pelvis were just convulsing like mad... getting stronger and stronger and then slowing gradually and then starting all over again ??

    Any ideas guys I'd be most keen to know..


    In regards to whether or not you experienced a Super O, I believe that your own comments may hold the answer (see above). The Super O itself is typified by intense, blissful waves of pleasure, something that you would have indeed characterized as "orgasmic". Like any other orgasm, when you've had know that you've had one. If there is no pleasure associated with these contractions/convulsions that you describe, then this is not an orgasm.

    So what is it? Many others have described this phenomenon as well. There is little question that it is a response to stimulation with the Aneros. Some have felt that these convulsion are precursors to a Super O. The problem with that is that as far as I can remember, no one has reported these convulsion culminating in a release. My concern also is that large nature of this experience may be masking the subtler precursor pleasure waves underneath. My suggestion would be to scale back. Think in terms of less is more. See if you can generate sensation by a much smaller amount of effort.

    BF Mayfield

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    Originally Posted By: andy

    Originally Posted By: B Mayfield

    Originally Posted By: Andy

    I'm still not sure whether I had 'one'... If I describe what happened maybe someone can confirm... ... I didn't feel anything I would describe as an anal orgasm though ... my legs thighs and pelvis were just convulsing like mad... getting stronger and stronger and then slowing gradually and then starting all over again ??

    Any ideas guys I'd be most keen to know..


    In regards to whether or not you experienced a Super O, I believe that your own comments may hold the answer (see above). The Super O itself is typified by intense, blissful waves of pleasure, something that you would have indeed characterized as \"orgasmic\". Like any other orgasm, when you've had know that you've had one. If there is no pleasure associated with these contractions/convulsions that you describe, then this is not an orgasm.

    So what is it? Many others have described this phenomenon as well. There is little question that it is a response to stimulation with the Aneros. Some have felt that these convulsion are precursors to a Super O. The problem with that is that as far as I can remember, no one has reported these convulsion culminating in a release. My concern also is that large nature of this experience may be masking the subtler precursor pleasure waves underneath. My suggestion would be to scale back. Think in terms of less is more. See if you can generate sensation by a much smaller amount of effort.

    BF Mayfield

    I've now answered my own question.... on only my 3rd attempt, I gave it a go yesterday evening. Unbelievable !!!!
    1.5 hours virtually non stop, strongest ever. AND I've moved onto bigger and better things. Before, I was just concentrating on the feeling in my legs, (thighs and calfs), but yesterday I positioned my head slightly to the right and let my shoulders go. This caught my attention when I felt a slight rippling in my left shoulder. I concentrated my thoughts to my whole body and suddenly I felt unbelievable waves taking over my whole body.. my back, shoulders arms, hands and legs were juddering like crazy !... This thing is amazing.
    One thing that I really don't know how to go about is the fact I work abroad while my girlfriend works in England - I go home every weekend.
    I really want to tell my girlfriend about this BUT:

    After last nights 1.5 hour session, I'm quite concerned about my girlfriend watching me and to be honest, her being completely freaked out at what's happpening to my body. I imagine I looked like I was having a fit !!! Has anyone else thought this or worked out a way round it ?
    I thought of videoing one of the sessions and showing her it but pointing out, \"What you're gonna see looks quite scary.. trust me.. it isn't.. it's bloody unbelievable !!!\"
    Many thanks for any thoughts on this....

    Hi Andy,

    Just a question to you. Have you witnessed your girlfriend having multiple orgasms, going solo that is? I believe there is a lot of (good) that would develop. I understand and know, confessing that one uses a prostate stimulator may be tricky. Maybe you could just have the thing sitting out and have her ask you.....Hope everything turns out. And enjoy your time too. Nood
  • JackzzzJackzzz
    Posts: 12
    I am a newbie and have ordered my new MGX and I am still eagerly waiting to recieve my new toy. While I am waiting, I have been reading all the testimonials, blogs with great interest, however, I do have an open mind and there is a little scepticism in me....and I wonder if all of these experiences are true then why hasn't anyone video taped someone having a Super "O", multiple orgasms, or gushing with pre-cum? Well today, while searching for more and more info on prostate massaging, I came across the below link that definitely should be on this site...scroll down to the video titled "How to use the Aneros"...I am now convinced this is a genuine product that works. This video should be front and center on this site..I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as I did, especially if you are a nonbeliever. Jack

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    Originally Posted By: darwin
    (this post was edited 2007-04-12 08:46:54)

    from what i can tell, i've only had two super-O sessions.

    the first one is described in My First Super O.

    in some ways, i don't think anything will ever surpass that.

    but in other ways, tonight, my second super-O session did.

    How I Got There

    - i have been doing kegels regularly for a couple of weeks

    - last night i invented Kegel Aerobics (see that thread), which really primed my system.

    - a couple of nights ago i had my Sweet Spot Revelation (see that thread).

    - tonight i used the heat gun to adjust the P-tab on my eupho (see Instructions on Modifying Your Aneros).

    - and tonight i used the used the "high gloss" mod on my eupho and helix (see Progasm Mod).

    - also, i deployed my new Liberator Throe sex blanket.

    - (lube: 4cc of Maximus internally, albolene in rectum, more Maximus on the aneros).

    How it Felt

    when i first put the helix in, i got a generalized feeling of pleasure and excitement.

    then, as is usually the case, the first sign that i was on my way is that my balls began to glow with pleasure. they felt physically larger (though weren't really). every brush of my thighs, or squeeze of them made my balls warm with even more sensation. the first time this had happened, i was really surprised. i never really felt much from my balls. but now they are always the advanced guard. (i assume that this is my pudendal nerve being stimmed by the P-tab).

    i relaxed and enjoyed my ball pleasure and also allowed myself to feel like i was leaking pre-cum. this often moves the arousal profoundly to my penis, and it did this time. the thing i love about the helix is that its "aggressiveness" leads to a particular feeling of me having a hugely erect and throbbing penis. this was the next stage. (i didn't want to do it, but i did peek at my penis at to see if the erection was for real. my perception of a huge erection was just an effect. my penis was actually not that erect!).

    at this point contractions started and the excellent feeling i had was that my hard erection was being massaged from the inside. this too is an apparition. i suppose that is my prostate being massaged, but i'm not sure. doesn't matter. the feeling was real.

    i was in the foothills now. and things felt really great. i have learned (as taught by B Mayfield) that "our greatest sex organ is between our ears." in other words, to ascend higher than the foothills, i needed mental arousal to push the physical. there is a particular thing i think of that gets me to vault higher. I fantasize that i'm receiving the attentions of someone who really wants, is hungry for me to feel good, to give me and my body in all its particulars as much accepting, giving and knowing pleasure as possible. When this kicks in (the feeling of being "taken"), i go to a new level. my body transforms in my perception to a beautiful desired pleasured thing. it kind of opens to the pleasure.

    this is usually when the orgasms start (and when i deploy my washcloth silencer).

    there are orgasms and there are orgasms. this is true for traditional sex as well as aneros sex. on one end, there are the every day kind of wacks and on the other, intense orgasmic love making.

    the orgasms i was having now were in the middle. definitely stronger than most wacks can produce, but not super-Os. don't get me wrong, they were awesome. i would change position slightly and a whole different feeling orgasm would strike.

    i was also pretty well overcome by giving my body over to it. i was in positions that opened myself up to receiving pleasure. my legs high, my anus pushing out to get more from my imagined pleasurer; or leaning sideways to provide access that way. my pelvis was rhythmically thrusting, and i was squirming. i would draw the sex blanket up to my butt so i had something the hump against.

    and the orgasms were getting stronger. i remember feeling that my entire genital region felt like a unified mound of pleasure attached to the helix.

    i don't remember exactly but i must have had a really deep and satisfying one that (45 minutes into the session) led me to do my planned switch: out with helix, in with eupho.

    i was full of anticipation because of the p-tab adustment i had made on the eupho.

    i put it in and, oh my god! it hit my spot so well i was immediately overcome with orgasm waves, feet to nipples.

    but it got better.

    i was basically uncontrollably thrashing and humping around. and the eupho felt euphoric in my rectum.

    i turned on my side and it just took me.

    something new for me started. i think it what is supposed to happen. the eupho started directly and rhythmically massaging my prostate. believe it or not, i had never felt that before, despite all that i had felt. it was going and going at that delicious spot, i guess my... g-spot.

    i was overcome, and was basically almost crying.

    the orgasms welled up so powerfully, i felt like my body was giving everything it had. each one would put me into a suspended reality. these were super-Os. every part of me went into them. and i just couldn't get enough. with each one i would rest a bit and then want it all over again just as much as the last time.

    something possessed me to roll onto my belly. underneath me was the luxuriously sexy feeling Liberator Throe shag.

    and everything completely changed.

    now it was my butt that erupted. my rectum could not get enough of the eupho. it gripped it and held it and loved it. and orgasmed like crazy.

    i tried to get my penis out of the stim zone by pushing it down between my legs. this helped and i went into a heaven of oneness with the shag and the eupho.

    and then i came, hugely.

    and then i just lied there.


    Great job - some inserted comments above!
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    Jackzzz cut the BS, we all know that is your site and you're trying to direct traffic from here to it. No need to hide it, they dont object too much here... :)
  • macmac
    Posts: 7
    I have diabetes and since using the Helix I have had really solid hardons with lots of precum..I have entered a new sexual world.

  • AnonicosAnonicos
    Posts: 57
    Am I right in thinking that a super o is more intense, significantly more intense, than a regular penis orgasm?

    Because some make that sound obvious, but other say something like "it was almost as good as an ejaculatory orgasm", as if it wasn't "super" just alternate.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Oh, now I feel bad for being gone so long here! The poster Clueless had a heart chakra orgasm. I have those all the time.
  • Well, i'm pretty switched on to my body, i sometimes edge and i'm pretty good at controlling my orgasms, so i was pretty eager to get a Helix as my usual orgasms are pretty darn good to start with. Big disappointment, i could be trying to hard or could be too set in my usual jack technique.
    I'm not really into 3 hours of working/relaxing to eventually reach an orgasmic state when i could normally get there quickly and stay playing near an orgasmic state for the 3 hours.
    But i'll keep at it and see what turns up. They are great designed objects but i spose everyone's obviously built differently, and a 'customization' might fit better on my innards. Have to try to get my money's worth.
  • I have a question that I am trying to understand. My sessions are good Ihave a Helix and in about 15 mins I get waves and intense feelings, rising heartbeat, etc. Eventually I begin to get waves that grow stronger and stronger until sweat pours out from under my arms and intense pleasure develops though out my entire body---then it goes away and a minute later I am back in it again stronger and stronger until I actually have what I call a super duper orgasm and get uncontrollable feelings, which leads me to actually ejaculating (this usually comes from my side posiition). After I spurt I am done. :)

    Is this what it is all about is this the end game? Do any of you guys ever ejaculate like this (with out touching?

    I noticed that in the Aneros instructions it mentions staving off actually ejaculating allowing one to ride a wave and of that just before you cum feeling. However, it takes me about 1 hr to get to this level and by then I have had 7 mini O's and some super O's (i think) Is a super O the final orgasim before you cum and the idea is to sort of put the breaks on by loosening the contraction and repeat it over and over again?? I feel that it feels so good that I just can't stop and really want to ejaculate. I would love to ride that final wave just before I cum for a long time if that is possible like 15 mins. Is that what the super O really is to hit that level over and over again or am I there??
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  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    @howietrump when you loved from your first position of lying on your back what do you mean by kneeled down with arms on the bed?
  • howietrumphowietrump
    Posts: 11
    Kneeling on the floor facing the bed with my head and arms resting on the bed.

    I also forgot to add the waves were so strong it honesty felt like I was in a boat on the water.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I see @howietrump, I've tried this but my knees and feet always hurt even when using pillows :-/
  • howietrumphowietrump
    Posts: 11
    What about trying that position on a bed and using the pillows to prop yourself up with. Put a couple of pillows under your stomach.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Good idea however it results in the same issue, sitting on your own legs which results in them
    Going numb or getting painful, I still don't get how people can do this for more than 5 mins.

    How long does it take for you to get orgasms? My problem is that I get a quick start then I get nothing at all, no matter what I cnanot get the feelings back!
  • howietrumphowietrump
    Posts: 11
    Last night was a longer session. 2 hrs. But It took me a bit to get focused. Normally I can start getting them within 30 mins if my mind is in the right place. Once they start there is no stopping them.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I'm guessing you do the do nothing approach? No contractions, even when the feelings stop and things get boring?
  • John2340 said:

    Phew!Hey everybody, I've been using the Aneros Helix for several months now off and on.  When I got the Helix, I had never tried prostate stimulation before but was very interested in it.  After hesitantly browsing the web for prostate massagers, I found the Aneros site and decided to buy one.  
    I read a lot on the forums, various testimonials, how-to's etc. and want to give a quick shout out to the various experienced users who have shared their advise!!  Also, thank you to all of the forum users, new and experienced, dunno if I ever would have made it here without you! My sessions up until this point have been very gratifying but never really achieved a "Super O" until today.  I had experienced a lot of P-Waves, some very nice sensations and even some Mini-O's I think.. but nothing like today.
    So when I began my session today, after having taken a break for about a month, I decided that tonight would be an exploration session.  No expectations, no real effort, just having some fun and seeing what sensations I could experience.  I went with the traditional position on my right side with one leg tucked up. After getting accustomed to having the Helix inserted I decided to do absolutely nothing except maintain a contraction at about 40%, which I've seen recommended from multiple users.  Instead of doing any contractions beyond that, I just layed there and focused on any sensations, regardless of how small.  Within a few minutes I could feel the Aneros moving on its own, very very slightly.  A few P-Waves later and the sensations and movement subsided.  I kept telling myself "Don't get impatient, its okay, this is just about experimenting". 
    About 10 minutes later I decided to try again, this time on my elbows and knees tucked under me.  Very quickly I started feeling the movement, sensations and P-Waves, but again, nothing unlike what I had previously experienced and this continued for about 15-20 minutes until it once again subsided.  
    Finally the last round came (I wasn't expecting it to be the last round, but WOW).  Once again I went back to the traditional position and rested there holding at about 40%.  15-20 minutes went by with absolutely nothing happening.  Again, telling myself to not get impatient or frustrated and just relax and enjoy, I decided to play with my nipples.  I have NEVER been a fan of nipple play, it has just never done anything for me, but I figured... time to experiment!  I started just lightly playing with my nipple and immediately the Aneros began moving on its own like it had for me many times in the past. To clarify it moving on its own... well I can't, it didn't seem to be going with my pulse, and I absolutely wasn't contracting, it just was very very slightly seeming to faintly move around.  This time though, there were some new sensations that I had never felt before.  This sensation was that "itch" that you can't scratch on the prostate... I never really knew what that meant until I felt it, so if you don't understand, don't worry, you will.  To me, it felt more like a pinpoint something-or-other on my prostate that the Helix was rubbing against and it came with an interesting "tingle".... best way to describe it..This was the first time that I started having a feeling of kinda needing to pee with relatively powerful P-Waves in my lower abdomen.  I stopped playing with my nipple to focus on the new sensations.  Again, this entire time and through the remainder of the session I never intentionally contracted except to find the 40% mark.  I felt the sensations build and subside several times but never fully go away.  I finally decided to basically think to myself as if I were explaining to someone exactly what was happening and what I was feeling as it was happening, helping me to really internalize and focus on the sensations.  From here it was up and up.  
    I knew I was rolling now and the P-Waves were coming very consistently but slightly more intense each time, about 10-15 seconds apart.  I had never had P-Waves come consistently before this session, they seemed much more random before.  Now, I'm not sure if this was due to fatigue from holding at 40% for about an hour now or genuinely involuntary contractions, but the Aneros started to "bounce" in and out relatively rapidly (about two or three times per second) but very slightly, not much at all, millimeters even.  This didn't actually give me any new sensations, but certainly kept the build going.  I became VERY aware of the fact that my prostate was becoming engorged and I could feel pressure building inside of me.  As the P-Waves began to become more intense they started to spread upwards into my chest and into my anus.  Just a general "good" feeling, like endorphin's were being released directly into those specific areas (from my anus all the way up to my upper chest) for a few seconds at a time.  I kept telling myself to breathe and relax. I had read that it helps sometimes not to TRY to have a Super-O but to attempt to maintain and continue enjoying the sensations, which at this point were INTENSE! More intense than anything I had felt before with my past months of sessions.  By the time I couldn't keep myself from beginning to tense up, and breathing much more heavily, the Helix was moving much more drastically, but the same speed as it was before... kind of like my muscles were too tired to maintain the 40% and were fluttering trying to maintain.  Again, the goal the entire time was to purely maintain the 40% hold.  Well, that's when it happened.  I sort of started whimpering and moaning lightly but I couldn't control it as my body started slightly thrusting as if I were having sex... and I couldn't stop it or control it, it was just happening!  I even remember consciously thinking "uhhh I'm not trying to do this, but DAM it feels good!" This went on for a solid 5-8 minutes increasing in intensity over and over until it finally felt like the endorphin's exploded all over my body centrally from my prostate... as if it were emanating from there to the rest of my body.  Body tense, shaking, the whole nine.  It got so intense I finally decided it needed to stop cause I couldn't really take it anymore, so I completely relaxed my anus to let go of the 40% hold... Weellll, obviously my body didn't care at all cause that shot the most massive P-Wave through my body that I had ever felt and I couldn't help but contract again and it happened all over again for another few minutes.  Finally I had to have it stop because it was just too intense and I NEEDED to ejaculate so I rolled on to my back and finished myself off traditionally... Holy crap... 
    Needless to say, I am SO glad that I decided to pick it up again after about a month off.  Absolutely unreal.  It almost feels like it didn't happen, I'm kind of in shock about it.  Anyway, I thought I'd share my fantastic session with everyone. It almost scares me that from everything I've read, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lol I don't know if I could HANDLE more.  But I'm gonna try .  
    Thanks again to everyone on this forum and I hope this will be my first post of many more experiences throughout my journey!!

    Been doing a little reading here to get some insight on how to move along and experience new sensations. I've had my Aneros Helix since early 2014. Using it intermittently since then and recently picking up regular use, I have only had any results at all one time. It's hard to describe what i felt other than a tingling sensation in my hands, feet, groin and in my ass along with deep breathing from my stomach that caused my upper body to move on the bed with my breathing. I don't insert any lube with a syringe or anything, but wonder if I should. I'm hoping that with practice I can get to where you and everyone else are
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    "Done. I hope you enjoyed the read and it was worth your while."

    Absolutely !

    Congratulations. And welcome to the club.
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