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HypnAerosession CD and a Milestone
  • manfriedmanfried
    Posts: 2
    I've been using the Aneros MGX once or twice a week for about four months now with both positive and frustrating results. On the plus side, I notice that my orgasms without the device are generally longer and stronger, but I haven't come anywhere near a dry orgasm during an Aneros session yet. I have been able to experience some tickling or tingling sensations in my prostate, but they are very brief, and don't seem to lead to what I would call p-waves. What did start to happen about a month ago is that I get a very strong urge to buck my hips during a contraction, which leads to some very pleasurable sensations and a feeling like the need to urinate, but I can only keep such feelings going for a few minutes until I'm exhausted from the exertion of bucking my hips. I should also mention that I am usually flaccid during a session, but the hip bucking causes my penis to flop all over the place and get hard. Nothing I have experienced so far could be called an involuntary contraction, and my MGX has never moved of its own accord (despite plenteous lubrication).

    Anyway, when I heard about the HypnAerosession CD, I thought that this product might just be the thing to allow me to make some more progress. I am not exactly an expert at relaxation, but the CD did really help me to calm down initially. When the urge to buck my hips began, I just went with it, and in my relaxed state, I seemed to be able to continue for a longer period. The CD was also quite arousing, especially the moaning girl (as many others have noted). Eventually, my whole lower body was going crazy, my penis slapping wildly against my belly, and I felt that need to urinate increase into an explosion. I then experienced my first hands-free orgasm, although it was of the wet variety.

    I look back on this initial session very positively, but I'm concerned that I might be veering off on a path that will take me away from where I want to end up. I suspect that my orgasm derived, at least partially, from the penile stimulation of the hip bucking. I really would like to learn how to experience a dry orgasm that doesn't involve penile stimulation, so I'm wondering if I should actually resist the urge to buck my hips. Many posters have advised that one ought to allow one's body to go where it wants to go, but those same posters have also counseled that penile stimulation during a session will distract a person from the rewiring process.

    Might anyone have a suggestion that could help me around this dilemma?

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi manfried and welcome to the forum!

    I'm glad that you are making progress. I got my HypnAerosession CD today so I'll need to try it out this weekend and see how it goes.

    The hip bucking, or pelvic contractions, as some people call it, is very common. In time, these may diminish or they may not. For me, I seem to have them in nearly every session although to a lesser extent than when I first started. When you get these contractions, your anus is contracting at the same time and is drawing the Aneros in, so these could be considered involuntary contractions since you are not consciously bucking your hips. In time you will probably begin to feel the Aneros moving in and out with each contraction. I seem to feel this more when I'm on my back or stomach than when on my side, which is my preferred position.

    When the pelvic contractions stop, be on the lookout for feelings of the anus gently contracting on it's own. You may also experience some tingling during or after the contractions. The intensity and duration of this tingling seems to be directly proportional to the intensity and duration of the pelvic contractions - the longer and stronger the contractions, the longer and stronger the tingling. To me, this tingling is an orgasm and is what I feel when I have an ejaculatory orgasm but it's not intense enough for me to call it a Super O.

    In regards to your penis flopping and subsequent ejaculation, you may want to try using the Aneros while lying on your side. For me, that eliminates or minimizes the flopping. If I'm on my back and my penis starts flopping due to the pelvic contractions, I'll simply lay my hand on my penis to keep it in place. The penis flopping has never led to an ejaculation for me, so this may not work for you. If you are on your stomach, some posters suggest pointing the penis down towards your legs so that the bed won't provide stimulation.

    I hope this helps.

    Keep us informed of your progress.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi manfried,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First off, thanks for trying out my CD’s. It pleases me that they have helped you to advance your journey in such a dramatic fashion (even I have not experienced a hands free ejaculation). Though this may not be your goal, it is certainly a pleasant interlude during your journey.
    I don’t think you need to worry about this event becoming a pattern. As you proceed with your rewiring I suspect that things will evolve in alternate yet pleasing ways. As you go through repeated listenings of “HypnAerossesion” your ability to relax more quickly should be enhanced. This may lead to a lessened desire or need for pelvic thrusting.
    Onthepath’s suggestion for trying a different body position is a good idea as different positions will yield different sensations and effects.
    Thanks again for reporting on the help provided by the CD’s