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  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Gosh I'm tired of this. It seems like every time I have a session the door bell rings, the phone rings, the dog barks and wants out, or people in the house are knocking saying 'what are you doing in there', or I have to stop to run an errand or pick someone up! Does this happen to any of the rest of you? It always seems to also be just about when I am about to hit the biggest part of my climax / super O journey too! If you have those you know it takes awhile to complete the 'ride'.

    Yes, I haven't told the wife yet I am doing this, but I did say a few weeks ago I was thinking of ordering and showed her the Aneros website. LOL! Her words were...'weird'. Not like she was calling me a weirdo - but in the sense that the whole thing seemed like a totally new world to her and she was surprised. Anyway..almost told her today after another interrupted session but haven't yet. Anyway - that is only part of the issue. The main issue is there just never seems to be enough uninterrupted time to really complete a nice 'session'. I will say however, just for the record I continued today just fine. :D Man, I feel so good and relaxed now. I suppose it is worth a few interruptions, but it just seems so cruel when you are right in the middle..

    Chime in with your experiences / thoughts.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    ANEROS INTERUPTUS, a very cruel malady indeed!
  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    You know, I have had the same problem several times and I live in a loft with only loosely divided rooms. Other then panting and a face flush with residual excitement there is little to say what I have been doing and when interrupted unexpectedly I simply and quietly move into the bathroom when I hear the front door open and remove it while my wife walks down the hall (the bathroom is composed of two rooms that are the only enclosed spaces in the condo with a parallel hall running next to them). She seems unaware of what I am doing and has very good radar and normally asks about things. But I do a lot of floor exercises and stretching to help with a bad back so I always had a ready excuse if I wanted one.

    I thought about telling her about it but the whole prostate thing is something that very few of my female partners have ever gotten. It always seems that making a parallel between the G spot and the prostate, or P spot, should work but never did. Anyway my wife is squeamish about the whole up the bum for herself and I assume that it would be doubly so for me. So my strategy has been to slowly introduce her to other male, male/mutual and female toys to work her toward it. I started with vibrator, then cock rings, some different shaped vibrators, then I introduced a cock ring with a pad of cyberskin ‘fingers’ that rubbed her just so and she really got off, a penis pump/sleeve, and lubes, lubes and more lubes. Other then the mess all this stuff makes she enjoys it. More importantly some of the toys give us a growing context to experiment off the ‘beaten’ track as it were. It also allows for different levels of arousal to be integrated into our sessions. I think that I have a higher sex drive and some of these things allow her to participate without having to feel that she needs to go full in and we have an unspoken agreement that we can stop before what would normally be considered “completion.”

    But I have misgivings about finally introducing any of my Aneros products to her. Two reasons: First, while the Helix and Eupho are pretty neutral in shape and size the Progasm is very suggestive of an erect penis in shape and size. It might freak her out about orientation questions and I just don’t feel like engaging them. Secondly, and more importantly to me, I am happy allowing it to be a shellfish experience for me and about me. I have little desire currently to share it with her. But then I see posts here about those who do share it with their female partners and it seems reasonable to continue to build that bridge. I just keep in mind that I don’t have to cross if I like the gerrymandering of my sex life. I feel like I can vote in more then one district.

    As far as the dog goes mine has learned that when the ritual of getting ready gets started there is no fun and no attention for her in the afternoon and goes off to her den until I am done and have cleaned up. Early on I trained her to expect this during a session and it works. But dog training is my hobby so I was pretty clear about what needed to happen so she under stood, which she did within a session or two.

    Admittedly it sounds like I have a lot more free and private time in the afternoon then you do so fewer constraints attach. So good luck, let us know if you decide to tell her.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yeah I went ahead and told her. She seemed confused about why I was spending so much time in the rest room sometimes when she comes home and I am in there. I brought it up after one of her little conversational jokes of me sleeping in there and she said 'oh no big deal I know you are just cleaning up or whatever, it's fine'. But then I told her I went ahead and bought an Aneros from the website I showed her and was trying it out. To that she said 'oh ok, that's good'. I explained to her how it had helped my health already - which was true. Previously I wasn't having much of a problem with the prostate or at least didn't think I was but I was having to get up a few times at night to go sometimes and occasionally when I'd pee it was a bit irritated. After I started using the Aneros all of that went away and hasn't been back. I also used to have more problems with hemorrhoids, but they hardly ever bother me anymore since using it. Honestly, when I found the Aneros online I was actually searching around to find out information about prostate issues and health supplements, etc. Her Dad - had prostate cancer and even before that she has understood and been concerned about my prostate health so apparently from a health perspective she completely gets it and is cool with it. I don't know if she knows or understands about the whole orgasm part of the Aneros but I guess in due time. I assured her jokingly I wasn't gay and we do have 3 kids so I guess she knows that is true. I would like to get her hooked up more on Zane's diet and possibly explore the Tantric thing with her. Seems that is one of the best ways to share the Aneros; otherwise for me it would probably just make me cum immediately if I used it during intercourse. Maybe the Peridise would work better in that respect though since it is smaller, and not as noticeable and doesn't constantly push on the prostate.

    Anyway, that's the story. I guess I am 'out of the closet' with it now. :lol:

    Sounds like you have an interesting 'project' ongoing with the wife too gabrial. Thanks for sharing and good luck if you decide to make your announcement. PS: Maybe you should try the health approach like me.