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give me a detailed step by step way...
  • CreamerCreamer
    Posts: 7
    ..of how YOU insert the aneros on your prostate. i want to know if i'm doing it right.

    and yes i have read all the instructions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I think you should first take a look at the cut-away illustrations at and these illustrations show that you are actually not placing the Aneros in direct contact with your prostate, the massage action actually takes place indirectly through the anterior wall of the rectum where the Aneros is inserted. I would strongly recommend that you read the “Getting Started” section of the WIKI for detailed information – see -
    The procedure is really quite straight forward :
    1.) Prepare your body – clean out, lube up and relax your sphincter.
    2.) Prepare your massager by applying liberal amounts of your preferred lubrication.
    3.) Gently insert your massager being sure that your anus is relaxed and lubed, insure the P-tab and handle are oriented correctly.
    4.) Get your body into a comfortable position and begin your session.
    I hope this clarifies things for you.
  • CreamerCreamer
    Posts: 7
    so the aneros doesnt have to be in a specific position for it to massage the prostate?