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Can't get the Helix to work
  • AndwowAndwow
    Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I'm new to Aneros and the forum. Apologies if this is one of those questions that gets asked and answered a hundred times. I did a quick search but found nothing.

    I started using the MGX about a month ago and was really impressed. Not quite super O's as I understand them, but still pretty mind blowing.

    Reading the forum reviews, I decided to try the Helix. However when I tried it, it did not seem to do anything at all for me. I suspect I am not inserting it far enough. I can only insert to the waist section (about 1/2 inch dia, and an inch and half long). Should it be inserted sio that the very narrow part is in the anus with the handle pushing against it? If so, I just can't seem to get it that far. The tab seems to be stopping it go any further.

    Any advice?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Andwow,

    I was trying to find the post for you that I remember someone posted a picture of the Helix with a line drawn to the point on its body that it was to be inserted to. I am sure it is still there, but I could not find it. I remember feeling the same way about the Helix when I first got it because the MGX made such great contact to the perineum. The Helix is designed to not go in so the handle is making direct contact. When you orgasm, the Helix will be pulled in and that handle will make contact. Not as much as the MGX but you will feel it.

    Once you become Super Orgasmic, every model will be able to get you there in their own ways which is the fun part. I suspect that the more you experiment with the Helix, the better it will feel.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Andwow and Welcome!

    IMHO, the Helix isn't much bigger than the MGX, so i wonder if you are using enough lube???

    I would just slather it up real good and maybe pre-lube as well, then nudge it a little and it should go right in,
    unless you are tensing-up or something!

    So, my suggestion is to relax, breathe slow even breaths and ease it in "with allot of lube" and if it takes a little push,
    do it as long as you are not too rough!

    My 2 cents!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Just to be clear, the Helix is not designed to be inserted all the way to the last notch (cutaway) at the base. It is there for balance only. If you attempt to push it all the way down, you'll be loading tension on the abutment tab and arm much like a spring, so it will simply push itself out once you take your hand away. Full insertion of the Helix is about a half and inch to an inch from that notch.

    With respect to the size of the Helix, it is larger than the MGX, but more importantly it is canted forward a bit more than the MGX as well. For many people this translates into a more vigorous massage. I'd give it some to time to determine if it's a good fit in your case. As Hlaser said, make sure that you're using copious amounts of lubrication with this unit and maybe consider prelubricating if you are not already doing so (for more info. on prelubrication check the WIKI). As the Helix is a slightly more top heavy than the MGX, it sometimes can require more attention to lubrication. Again, remember, mobility is everything with all these products.

    Beyond that explore some different positions, side lying, fetal, , kneeling (torso and head on bed, knees on the floor), standing etc. and see if you don't notice any differences between the sensations produced by this model and the MGX.


    BF Mayfield
  • AndwowAndwow
    Posts: 2
    Thanks to all for the good advice. I had a good read of the "how to" section, and also other sections and tried again. I still find the MGX does more for me, but I'm persisting with the Helix. I certainly started to feel a bit more than previous times when using.

    Who knows..... hopefully that super O is somewhere on the horizon!!