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For the very first time...
  • OK, I think I may have a problem here...

    (Hello everyone by the way :) )

    I stumbled across this website, and ArcticWolves's great videos, kind of by chance last night. It was the first time I had been introduced to the concept of anal stimulation (in the 'one person' sense :oops: ) and intense or "super" orgasms. I only skimmed through the posts and wiki guides, but I couldn't quite believe how much pleasure stimulating the prostate can give a man. This was an unknown but quite fascinating to me and I thought to myself, 'I HAVE to try this!'

    Now I have no Aneros or similar stimulator (but would definitely consider acquiring one), but I wanted to see what would happen just with my own contractions. I wasn't expecting much just on my own, and it was the first time I'd tried and I'd read in a forum post that it would take practice and not to expect much first time.


    Last night in bed, I gave it a whirl, so to speak, and I took a few pieces of advice on board I could remember reading - I laid on my side, and totally relaxed my whole body. First couple of gos at contracting, nothing really happened, but I persevered. I tried a few different patterns of contracting - I breathed in and held my contractions for 10-15 seconds, a little more each time, breathing out as I relaxed. Eventually my right arm started to contract, gently at first but it was soon shaking uncontrollably. I kept at it for about half an hour, sometimes long contractions, sometimes a series of short contractions, and gradually my body shook more and more - it freaked me out a little but for some reason it felt so good and I couldn't stop myself from carrying on. I contracted one last time, and then for the next FIFTY minutes the most amazing undiscovered sensations washed over my whole body - once I'd got my arms to shake, eventually my legs and feet followed, my shoulders and my head, and the best parts were when my whole body shook at the same time, a little bit like in ArcticWolves's video. I can't really say what was going on, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have an 'orgasm' of any sort, I don't think I shook nearly as violently as in the super-O moment in the video but at times it was still pretty vigorous, and I couldn't describe whether I was experiencing 'P-waves' or whatever. All I can say is I felt so happy, I completely lost myself in the moment and it was almost as if I was clinging onto the bed for dear life! At one point I was even able to "control" where I would start shaking - if I completely relaxed and focused my energy upon, say, my right leg, it wasn't long before it would start moving uncontrollably and I was off again. Not long after that I drifted off to sleep.

    This morning when I woke up I didn't quite believe what had happened, and wondered if my reactions had really been caused by my stimulation. I tried relaxing and focusing without contracting and nothing happened, which kind of answered my question for the time being :wink:

    A little later I had roughly 20 spare minutes on my own in the house before I went out, so I decided to have another go - now, the first time I was in bed so I had to struggle to remain quiet!! This time I was alone so I REALLY let myself go! As I had only a short time I got no further than the last time, BUT this time, from the very first contraction my body was off straight away and I didn't hold back - I groaned and gasped as I shook all over! :oops: I had no idea my body shaking would make me feel so good, but it did - let me tell you I have never felt so relaxed in my whole life. I felt so good I finished off with a regular masturbation, then got ready and went out.

    I felt a bit weak afterwards, but I will definitely be trying again in the near future, and can't wait to see how much further I can get! :D

    Now here's the problem - I last contracted at about 11am this morning and left the house at half past 11. At about 3pm in town my mind wandered back to what I'd been doing that morning, and then I could sense my arm contracting mildly as well as my leg. Ever since I've been making an effort not to shake when I feel it should be the other way round! And when I got home at about half past 4 I had 1 or 2 full body shakes. I think it's starting to subside now but I still get the odd brief tremor every now and then.

    So basically I'm hoping someone can tell me - is ANY of the stuff I have described in this post normal? As for the continued tremors will they tail off in the end? Also (and this is a stupid question I know :oops:) What Was I Actually Doing? I don't really know myself :roll:

    I'm a young guy, just about to turn 20, and I don't know much about my body or various sexual things. I hope this all makes sense and that you will appreciate my honesty :)

    So sorry this post is so long.......
  • BrentBrent
    Posts: 21
    I've had the same thing happen to me a couple of times. It has not been a problem so far. I think it is your body trying to get back the p-waves. It freaked me out at first but now it doesn't bother me since I found I can stop it. It doesn't happen all the time and seems to be less. I'm pretty new at this too but it doesn't seem to me to be a problem just part of the experience. Sounds as if you are going to have a biggie soon especially when you can find more time alone. The contractions are getting better for me each time and I've had some Super O's. You'll love it!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,304

    congrats dude! way to go. man, you have the experimental spirit! so, a hearty welcome to you.

    don't worry about the unrequested shakes. they'll pass as your body gets used to its new skill. it is very common.

    now you have to decide if you want to stay au natural, or go for a device, and if so, which one. personally, i'd recommend staying au natural for a while to see where you end up. what you've done so far is very cool. but it is all good, so whatever you choose will work out well. (if you go for a device, be sure to consider the peridise.)

    keep us posted.

  • mogmog
    Posts: 167
    Hi theydon'tknow!

    >I'm a young guy, just about to turn 20....<<br />
    I thought you might be, although these surprising effects can appear at any age when the body is in the early stages of its multi-orgasmic awakening. I'm not young but I had similar manifestations at the beginnings of my KSMO re-wiring process, to the extent that I damaged a few items of furniture in the bedroom :oops:

    As you become more skilled and experienced on your journey down the multi-orgasmic trail you will find that these rather extreme reactions become fewer as you get more control over events. They tend to become less energetic and aggregate themselves into greater pure and extreme orgasmic sensation.

    But you've got off to a very promising start - even without any preparation in terms of Aneros or KSMO! Be joyous, therefore, and look forward to a new and exciting journey.

    Good luck,

  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey theydon'tknow.

    First I would like to say that what you describe is normal and you should not be concerned about it causing problems.

    When I was discovering multiple orgasms and thought I found something fundamental and wanted to share same way, reality is people for the most part are aware and this is a good thing since you can ask for advice.
    Aneros and anal play is a nice way to explore your sexuality and orgasmic experience but it is not in any way the only method to do that. Multiple Orgasm or Super O or what ever you call it can be achieved by using no stimulation at all or suing some stimulation. I have been doing this for few years now and what you describe mirrors some of my early experience.

    You are saying that this did not feel like an orgasm but it was very pleasurable, I think the reason for that is the way you look at orgasm, if you continue to practice you will see that this is orgasmic experience there are just different kinds and levels of it.

    If you feel some sensations in your body during the day it's because you are awakening your body to something different and it does through some changes. This will disappear and trust me you are in control on this.

    Shaking though is a result of resistance, you can believe it or not but when you have sexual experience it is caused not only by your physical body. Energy passes through your body during this process and that is why many feel waves during orgasm, this energy passes through meridians(canals) in your body since this experience is intense you have large stream pushing through and since your system is not consciously used it has blocks , these blocks cause resistance to the stream and this resistance causes vibration you feel. As you practice you will notice that this vibration begins to diminish since your system slowly cleans and you get more of the pure feeling this energy brings. This is my own experience, take it or leave it.

    Also if this helps you I am 22 years old. :)

    I wish you luck.
  • ArcticWolvesArcticWolves
    Posts: 286
    Hey, thanks for watching my video. I have never had the tremors or shaking during the day for no reason as you said so I cannot comment about that. The only thing I know is my shaking is incontrollable during my aneros sessions and I love every moment of it.

    I don't know why some are saying this will go away with time. I surely hope not it's so awesome the human body is capable of such magnificent things. The one thing I can say is I watched a video of a woman having a full body orgasm from g-spot stimulation with no control over her body's nervous system. I was curious about the thought that if a woman can have a full body orgasm, then why can't a man have one too??

    Ding, ding, ding... Low and behold it happened to me and I was so elated from the experience. As I said, I surely hope this doesn't go away. :(
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    ArcticWolves can you imagine feeling same type of orgasm or it being even more intense without shaking of your body?
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    AW, the shaking you have may or may not go away... I don't know that it is a bad thing at all.

    I know some have said that over time it does, but you know what... I think that depends on each individual.. I have been having Super-O's for a long time now, and from time to time I almost destroy the bed.
    I don't know why..., it just happens. Other times I barely move at all, and still have incredible super-O's.

    This AM I had a session and almost destroyed the bed.. looked like a bomb had gone off in the sheets!

    Sounds like you are doing good... take it as it comes, and it will get better over time!! :D
  • I'd like to say thank you everyone for your encouragement and advice, which I am taking on board. :D

    In fact I took some of your advice on board last night and today 8)

    I tried to resist doing it again so soon because I wanted to assert some self-control (!) and also, I really didn't want to lose interest in 'regular' masturbation (which has been a 'best friend' for a number of years :oops: :lol: !!!)

    (But luckily this hasn't happened so far, in fact I think it has been slightly enhanced in a way)

    But in the end I gave into temptation 8)

    When I have a bit more time, probably tomorrow, I'll try my best to describe to you what happened the second time, because already it was different to the first time :) and I'd like to know if it matches up with anyone else's experiences.

    But I still have further to go, and I relish the challenge :wink:

    Thank you again though, because to a great extent a lot of you have reassured me. By the way, I am managing not to be shaking unannounced for now :wink:

    BoP - I did actually wonder if I was a bit young to be experimenting like this, so I'm glad I'm not alone! :wink:
  • Firstly you should be aware that, as I said in my first post, I do not currently own an Aneros or similar stimulator - though am fascinated to find out where one could take me!!!

    Anyway, Friday night I took my next faltering steps on the 'journey' (!) with some interesting results - the first time was mind blowing in itself and I didn't think I'd get much further so soon - how wrong I was!! I will try my best to tell you what happened to me in the most descriptive way possible, because whenever I try to re-imagine what it felt like I draw a blank. It feels like it never happened, like it was all a dream, but I KNOW it happened!

    Again, it was late at night and I was in bed so had to be quiet - you'll be surprised to hear I managed to! Well I wasn't going to take the opportunity to try again but I succumbed to temptation :lol: I stripped naked and climbed into bed, pulled the bedcovers back so I could move freely, and I lay on my left-hand side like last time. After contracting my anal muscles for a couple of minutes, the now-familiar sensations of my body shaking uncontrollably took over. The first night I had tried these convulsions were mainly in my arms, legs, and shoulders. This time more of my muscles were involved - the muscles in my back were shaking, my stomach crunched, my buttocks clenched AND my pelvic muscles thrusted involuntarily. It was soon after this first happened that I noticed two 'stains' on the sheet :oops: and I thought 'how did that happen??!!' :lol: - I hadn't produced any precum the first time so already this was a milestone. I put my boxer shorts back on because I hadn't prepared for such an event and didn't want to make any more mess just yet!! I continued until the sensations changed from vigorous shaking to my body gently writhing and undulating like lapping waves. I am convinced these were P-waves. I felt amazing.

    I put the TV on on mute and had a bit of a rest at this point as I thougt that was it. 10 minutes later I could feel what I can only describe as a 'stirring' in my legs and I knew I was off again. I had been unconvinced that any part of the body other than sexual organs could 'have an orgasm'. I swear to you, it felt like my legs were having an orgasm. For the first time in my life I got that sobbing feeling I read about on this forum, I wanted to cry as I shook in pleasure. I decided to keep going, but for the next 10-20 minutes very little happened, bar some shaking in my right arm.

    I had another rest and almost gave up, but I decided to change tack. I switched the TV off so the room was dark, and I lay over on my right hand side. For a while I shook both vigorously and gently. Then my body hit a new level. I could feel my arms and shoulders tensing up as they shook, until they were rigidly clenched up under my head. Initially this hurt and I had to stop. I started again and soon my whole body was involuntarily rigid. This happened a few times and then quickly subsided, but for some reason I just knew something big would come if I kept going. What happened next was a revelation to me. I felt like I was floating away, it's true what people say about losing sense of time and reality, and it helped that it was completely dark so my mind could drift away into the sheer pleasure of it all. Almost all my muscles were permanently tightened and my body could not move, only shake. The feelings seemed to go away as I chased them, but the last time everything fit into place. I felt both pleasure and pain, and I had no awareness of the world around me. My pelvic muscles were constantly thrusting involuntarily. Finally, I felt like my anus was expanding in readiness for an explosion, and my penis was stirring and rising. I found myself gasping for breath as it pumped orgasmically, and what's more, it didn't stop! My body even re-tightened as I went in for another one before the previous one had finished! All in all it must have been between 5 and 10 times in what could only have been 3-4 minutes maximum. And - here's the odd bit - I reached down into my pants once it had all finished and saw my penis was completely flaccid the whole time and - no cum! How strange :lol:

    So here's the thing - what exactly happened, I'm not sure!! Could have been a 'dry O'? Can anyone see the signs?

    As before, I went on to jerk my penis towards a regular orgasm, and as I said before, my wanks have luckily not become uninteresting, if anything they have been enhanced slightly as I become, I feel, more of an intensely sexual being, both emotionally and bodily. As I lay there in the dark, my eyes closed, my body had stopped shaking and feeling pleasure some time before but I could 'feel' it, naked and in ecstasy albeit a much more subtle form.

    The following morning was slightly disappointing however, I got up to the stage where the whole body completely tenses up, but the feelings always tailed off and the whole experience wasn't pleasurable at all to be honest. But I realise you 'can't win them all' :wink:

    Also, on another topic, does anyone feel that they are getting an all-over muscle workout?! :lol: Some of my muscles ache like hell today particularly in my legs - with pleasure there must come pain and I'm suffering for my art today!!!

    Apologies for another looooooong post... !
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Congrats on your experience theydon'tknow. What you are describing is a Super Orgasm.

    You feel pain since you are not in shape to do this workout without stress, same as if you do push ups, you do 30 and can barely finish last one and your muscles hurt afterwards but if you keep at it for 2 weeks your body will begin to adapt and you will do 40, so doing 30 will not make your muscles hurt. This is basically a workout.

    Everyone experiences this differently and if your experience is not painful then you are ok.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey Theydontknow,

    Sounds like you are making good progress. Yes, as you mention you can have orgasms - even super without an Aneros. A lot of it has to do with training your body and mind to the sensations. I recommend you give Aneros a shot eventually though, it definitely can be better than alone as actually stimulating the prostate does also give extra sensations. Other things to try to enhance and speed up your experience are to press on your perinium as you lay on your side, or the area the k-tab on the Progasm stimulates. Nipple stimulation works really well too. Taking fish oil can prep your brain for orgasms and help you recover more quickly for the next time. I sometimes do get the after shakes and twitches you mention after a session. Sometimes I wonder if long term use is going to give me Parkinsons Disease or MS or something but I don't really think so. Most of those after shocks go away a day or more later when you stop practicing and concentrating on those types of orgasms. You are lucky to stumble across this as easily as you did though. It was fairly easy for me also, and as I've mentioned on other threads it can definitely be a workout. Don't be surprised if you need a recovery time. I usually wait at least 2 or 3 days between sessions but you are younger than me and may not need as much. Enjoy the ride and keep experimenting!
  • I am most certainly taking all your advice on board, and thank you very much for it. :) As you say, practice makes perfect - once my body is more trained, everything should come easier and I won't be feeling the strain afterwards.

    OH!! - I do plan to get my hands on an Aneros eventually - the stories I read of people who have used it do make me intrigued as to where it can take me! And yes, I will be giving it a rest for a good few days now: I'm rather tired today!!

    I did actually have one last try (for now) last night, and in brief, it took me the best part of 2 long hours of contractions, a few shakes, tensing up, pauses and a certain amount of frustration - each time I got to what promised to be a pleasurable moment the feelings subsided. I attribute this to me not being relaxed or prepared enough, I was tired, not entirely in the mood and the session wasn't really 'planned' - but I was stubborn and wanted to keep going! :lol:

    In the end I did get to a place where my body became sort of numb and did not move, my mind drifted away from my body and it felt like the room was spinning. It took a few goes at this before the 'orgasmic' moment, which again was brief but mildly pleasurable. It felt like my prostate was tripling in size and there was a nice tingling feeling in that area which grew to its surrounding areas. After some hard work - and believe me it WAS hard work - I got that mild pumping feeling, which only lasted a couple of minutes but it was what I'd been working towards. I nearly got there again but failed. At this point I gave up :lol:

    I know now that I need to be entirely ready and 'in the mood', as it were, before I even try to go for an orgasm. The last session was very tiring, possibly too soon after the last one and not nearly as pleasurable as I'd hoped. I certainly won't try again just before I go to sleep!! But I'll keep trying soon - the many stories of intense pleasure I have read on this forum have given me hope that one day I can get there.

    I'll keep you posted OK? :D
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Another tip for you and others related to bringing on the orgasms. I was experimenting a bit today with Aneros free orgasms and the other day with the Peridise. I've noticed that I used to try and hold a contraction (possibly fairly tightly) at the anal opening. This works a bit but I've found apparently a refined way that seems to be closer to what I do during orgasms is to actually suck in my abdomen a bit (contract it) and kind of internally feel / pull my abdominal insides / prostate area up toward my navel. This seems to naturally cause the proper type of contraction for orgasm and at least for me seems to quickly start it all going. Some mental concentration on the abdominal / naval area as a center for the sensations may help too. As I recall one of the Tantric levels of orgasm involves energy leaving the navel so imagine energy coursing and emerging there.