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Aneros Chat Event #3 Transcript - 6/14/2008
  • Hi Everyone,

    We had another great chat event yesterday. Here is the transcript:

    Aneros Support

    [17:02:49] rumel: Rumel's here
    [17:02:53] ArcticWolves: RUMMEL!!!!
    [17:02:58] [email][/email]: I should actually remove it, I had toyed with the idea of having different topics for different rooms, but we'll do that
    [17:03:00] [email][/email]: another time
    [17:03:03] hlaser99: AllHey Rumal
    [17:03:12] B Mayfield: Good afternoon Rumel...LOL
    [17:03:24] ArcticWolves: HAIL, RUMMEL i bow down...
    [17:03:32] Buster: It's still morning for you guys.
    [17:03:46] ArcticWolves: yup 10:03AM
    [17:03:59] B Mayfield: Yeah...I was just givin' him the business for being two second late...
    [17:04:02] ArcticWolves: beautiful morning in Southern California
    [17:04:04] rumel: Hi all Please no bowing!
    [17:04:29] hlaser99: LOL!
    [17:04:44] ArcticWolves: awww, why not?
    [17:04:44] skeeter_g: North Calif the fog has rolled back in.
    [17:04:46] Buster: Hey Support, is there ever going to be a chance to have a chat room open all the time?
    [17:05:04] ArcticWolves: wow great idea buster
    [17:05:05] rumel: ArticWolves - impressive video you did
    [17:05:05] B Mayfield: Beautiful down here ...yes
    [17:05:18] [email][/email]: hi buster, i suppose we could do that
    [17:05:20] ArcticWolves: yeah i'm not to fond of the socks though :P
    [17:05:29] [email][/email]: we'll consider it
    [17:05:35] ArcticWolves: I had another amazing session night before last
    [17:05:40] [email][/email]: but we like to have set times to get everyone together
    [17:05:43] ArcticWolves: like 4 hours of fun
    [17:05:48] [email][/email]: we can defniitely have these events more often though
    [17:05:51] B Mayfield: very nice!
    [17:05:54] rumel: Alana Hello
    [17:06:02] ArcticWolves: Thanks support
    [17:06:11] ArcticWolves: this is such a great idea
    [17:06:19] [email][/email]: well everyone, we can go ahead and get started, i thought we'd break up the event into different parts today
    [17:06:19] B Mayfield: yes....we have new and very interesting guest in our midst...
    [17:06:34] B Mayfield: do continue support
    [17:06:41] Buster: I love guests.
    [17:06:49] B Mayfield: me three!
    [17:06:50] hlaser99: Support. What happened to the larger type???
    [17:07:01] [email][/email]: first, introductions, second - some talk about the new HypnAerosession CD
    [17:07:18] [email][/email]: third, Aneros chat, and finally Peridise chat
    [17:07:22] B Mayfield: ahh...yes...
    [17:07:28] ArcticWolves: I'm with laser... I need a magnifying glass at 1920x1200 resolution
    [17:07:37] skeeter_g: could that guest be Alana
    [17:07:47] [email][/email]: Hi Hlaser, so sorry! Did not get a chance to fix that for this time, but will definitely do something for the next event!
    [17:08:11] hlaser99: Good Deal!
    [17:08:13] B Mayfield: on my keyboard.....hitting the command key and the + key increase the size of the font
    [17:08:18] [email][/email]: And special welcome today for Alana, the beautiful voice behind the HypnAerosession recording!
    [17:08:27] ArcticWolves: **grabs magnifying glass**
    [17:08:43] [email][/email]: so let's start with the intros from the top - down
    [17:08:51] [email][/email]: Alana, you're first!
    [17:08:52] ArcticWolves: which one is the cmd key?
    [17:09:02] hlaser99: Sounds like someone is on a Mac???
    [17:09:10] ArcticWolves: omg awesome
    [17:09:14] B Mayfield: ME...ooops
    [17:09:39] [email][/email]: Alana, would you like to say hello?
    [17:09:41] skeeter_g: hey I love Mac's..
    [17:09:52] ArcticWolves: guys to increase text font size just hit ctrl and + that will make the text bigger (Courtesy of B Mayfield)
    [17:10:00] [email][/email]: or we can come back to you - Articwolves?
    [17:10:16] ArcticWolves: sure what should I say?
    [17:10:38] hlaser99: My God it's a miracle!!!
    [17:10:45] [email][/email]: anything you like, how long you've been using the Aneros...
    [17:11:06] ArcticWolves: I'm Arcticwolves, you can call me Ron if you'd like... I'm 22 years old, bought an aneros when I was 18 but didn't really
    [17:11:15] ArcticWolves: know how to use it
    [17:11:35] ArcticWolves: It was kind of nice up there but I was unaware of the Super-O's and pleasure it could bring
    [17:11:54] [email][/email]: great, B Mayfield - you're up!
    [17:12:56] B Mayfield: B Mayfield....I've been a member since 2003......having several thousand Super O's under my belt and have been havin a great
    [17:13:06] B Mayfield: time
    [17:13:24] [email][/email]: Buster?
    [17:13:25] B Mayfield: latency...issue raising it's ugly head
    [17:13:34] ArcticWolves: Now I'm a great believer in the aneros and thank everyone that contributed to the WIKI w/o that I wouldnt be here.Sry mayfiel
    [17:13:42] ArcticWolves: <---types a lil slow<br />[17:13:50] [email][/email]: yes, I am seeing more latency this time as well
    [17:14:06] B Mayfield: Hey that's great to hear....we had a blast putting it together
    [17:14:32] [email][/email]: Buster?
    [17:14:33] B Mayfield: I'm really gland....oopps thats glad that the Wiki has helped
    [17:14:35] Buster: I'm Buster and I am 47. I have been practicing for 3+ years. This community was the only thing that got me there and I
    [17:14:54] Buster: appreciate it immensly. You guys are great!
    [17:15:17] [email][/email]: Valetine?
    [17:15:19] B Mayfield: So are all are the community....
    [17:16:36] [email][/email]: Valentine, you're up
    [17:17:10] B Mayfield: I'm thinking some users might be having technical issues...?
    [17:17:26] Buster: I think you are right.
    [17:17:27] [email][/email]: I hope not... let's come back to Valentine. Addicted?
    [17:18:20] [email][/email]: Hlaser?
    [17:18:38] B Mayfield: Alana are you having problems logging on?
    [17:18:45] hlaser99: I'm Hlaser99 . . . From Central Florida . . . Aneros user since 2005 . . . Enjoying my Journey!!!
    [17:19:11] [email][/email]: Rumel you're up!
    [17:19:15] rumel: I am the old goat here, 60 and only been using the Aneros for a year and a half now, producer of HypnAerosession.
    [17:19:16] ArcticWolves: uhm woh holy cow peoples names are disappearing like hotcakes from "online."
    [17:19:38] [email][/email]: skeeter_g?
    [17:19:50] skeeter_g: Hi folks I have been using the Aneros for 2 years.... 58 years young... and folks can call me g
    [17:20:12] skeeter_g: I love the wiki.
    [17:20:15] [email][/email]: and finally, thewanter, hello
    [17:20:33] B Mayfield: So glad to hear it...!
    [17:20:45] [email][/email]: the wiki is amazing
    [17:21:08] skeeter_g: really a lot of good info on the wiki for sure.
    [17:21:10] [email][/email]: okay, let's assume some of us are having some technical difficulties right now or are shy
    [17:21:13] B Mayfield: Well a big thank you to SUPPORT for creating the space for it!!!
    [17:21:28] ArcticWolves: it sure helpful and very descriptive.. helped me achieve my first super-o
    [17:21:45] B Mayfield: REALLY! That is terrific!
    [17:21:48] Buster: What better testimony than that!
    [17:21:48] rumel: The WIKI is primarily amazing because of Brians extensive knowledge and contributuions.
    [17:21:51] ArcticWolves: actually explained what these toys were made for ;)
    [17:22:08] B Mayfield: blushes
    [17:22:14] [email][/email]: there is a learning curve, isn't there articwolves?
    [17:22:25] ArcticWolves: yes sir
    [17:22:26] skeeter_g: gave me some great ideas for other ways to have Super-O's as well
    [17:22:29] B Mayfield: Hey....and Rumel and Darwin too
    [17:22:53] ArcticWolves: mine was easy though because of being anally experienced since i turned 18 and had a lovely sex toy collection
    [17:22:57] B Mayfield: the thing of it is guys...that the Wiki will be an evolving resource as well....
    [17:22:58] [email][/email]: absolutely, rumel, darwin and b mayfield made it happen
    [17:23:14] [email][/email]: ok, so for this first section of the chat event, rumel, would you please tell everyone about the exciting project
    [17:23:33] [email][/email]: you and some other community members have put together?
    [17:23:44] skeeter_g: yes please!!
    [17:24:11] ArcticWolves: i too am curious about this new thing
    [17:24:37] B Mayfield: the CD you mean?
    [17:24:37] rumel: I think it would take too long to explain everything but suffice it to say I wanted to expand upon Nikki's original offering
    [17:24:40] skeeter_g: it sounds very interesting.
    [17:24:47] skeeter_g: yep
    [17:24:59] rumel: and give something to the communinty they could really use.
    [17:25:03] B Mayfield: it is VERY interesting
    [17:25:56] rumel: THis is aimed mainly at the newbie but there's something in ti for all levels of users.
    [17:26:28] B Mayfield: take it from me....there's something there for everyone
    [17:26:33] Buster: It sure does.
    [17:26:44] rumel: Sorry for for my typos but I am tying as fast as I can
    [17:26:56] B Mayfield: the concept was to put together something from the perspective of the Aneros user
    [17:27:14] B Mayfield: as opposed to those who had no familiarity with it....
    [17:27:20] [email][/email]: this is the first product that we are offering that was wholly developed by the community
    [17:27:45] [email][/email]: and when rumel first told us about it we are surprised and esctatic!
    [17:27:49] rumel: Yes and I wanted the best people to help me to get the nuances right.
    [17:28:09] B Mayfield: Kudos to HIH/Aneros for doing that too....cause this is a new concept
    [17:28:40] B Mayfield: I should tell you all that this was approx. 8 months in the making
    [17:29:00] rumel: I hope thisestablishes a new level of audio programing to inspire further efforts.
    [17:29:17] [email][/email]: well, we just feel very lucky to have such incredible folks who enjoy our products
    [17:29:39] B Mayfield: Rumel wanted to get it just right. And he was very open to input from all those involved
    [17:29:41] Buster: Mutual admiration society.
    [17:30:25] B Mayfield: Well yes....I just wanted everybody to know that this was a labor or love....a passionate pursuit if you will.
    [17:30:44] [email][/email]: defintely. Rumel, how does the CD help Aneros users during their sessions?
    [17:31:46] B Mayfield: the wanter....if you can read this try using a different browser...sometimes that helps!
    [17:32:27] Buster: I am on Firefox. Working great!
    [17:32:36] B Mayfield: I'm on Safari...(Mac)
    [17:32:38] skeeter_g: Safari for Mac works good.
    [17:32:40] hlaser99: Me too!
    [17:32:55] hlaser99: Fire Fox
    [17:33:19] B Mayfield: I'm assuming that Rumel is having some tech probs too....
    [17:33:36] ArcticWolves: omg i'm so buying the CD
    [17:33:39] [email][/email]: okay, Brian maybe you can jump in?
    [17:33:48] ArcticWolves: just listened to a sample of it and saw colors wow
    [17:33:53] rumel: The program first relaxes the user then invites him to fantasize , then practice some contractions , touching casrresing and
    [17:34:25] rumel: then full into fantasy and experiencing.
    [17:34:49] Buster: The relaxing is key!
    [17:34:50] B Mayfield: we all felt that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the newbie IS relaxation....
    [17:34:55] hlaser99: It was a plesure to work on and the best of its kind I have seen!
    [17:35:28] B Mayfield: there is a good deal of time dedicated to getting the user into a deep trance
    [17:35:28] skeeter_g: it sounds incredible !!
    [17:35:30] rumel: there are many levels of sounds to this to manitain a good psychic environment.
    [17:35:42] hlaser99: Alana is a joy to listen to !!!
    [17:35:57] ArcticWolves: the teaser available for download sold me... WOW!!! i never saw red, purple, yellow colors in just 53 seconds of listening
    [17:36:03] Buster: Hey ArcticWolves, let us know how you like it after you get it.
    [17:36:14] rumel: Alanais indeed aa joy to listen to!.
    [17:36:15] B Mayfield: Oh...and by the way guys....if you haven't heard the sample on the site yet....
    [17:36:19] ArcticWolves: yes she sure is!! amazing voice
    [17:36:27] B Mayfield: Alana's voice is amazing!!!
    [17:36:48] B Mayfield: I could listen to her READ THE YELLOWPAGES!!!!
    [17:37:03] amano: hello
    [17:37:15] [email][/email]: hello amano, welcome to the chat event!
    [17:37:20] hlaser99: Raises my blood pressure!!!
    [17:37:34] amano: thanks support
    [17:37:39] rumel: I feel very fortunate to have retained her sevices.
    [17:37:42] B Mayfield: You betcha!
    [17:37:56] hlaser99: Ditto!
    [17:38:22] [email][/email]: rumel, we have one other sample to put up on the site as well, and will do so today
    [17:38:33] ArcticWolves: i mean just 53 seconds of that clip got me totally relaxed and feeling the sensations sitting at my desk AMAZING
    [17:38:35] B Mayfield: she really is a terrifically talented lady.....and we're so lucky that she was involved in this project
    [17:39:13] B Mayfield: can....I tell you all something.....
    [17:39:15] rumel: It is my sincere hope this program can lead many men into the Super-O realm, acting as a tipping point for their journey.
    [17:39:59] B Mayfield: just being involved in the production of the session was ORGASMIC!
    [17:40:06] amano: sorry for coming in mid-conversation -- is this some sort of relaxation tape?
    [17:40:08] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [17:40:30] B Mayfield: No kidding!
    [17:40:31] ArcticWolves: yeah this is the new tape Rumel and his companions poured their heart into
    [17:41:00] rumel: And our minds!
    [17:41:14] skeeter_g: Sorry folks where is it posted on the site....
    [17:41:16] amano: cool, where is it available?
    [17:41:29] Valentine: I see it comes with a temp tattoo of the super-o society, that's awesome!
    [17:41:36] [email][/email]: you can find it under Aneros accessories
    [17:41:40] B Mayfield: yes certainly....I'm hoping that the community will have as much fun with it as we've had putting it together!
    [17:41:58] B Mayfield: Hey the TATS are very cool indeed!
    [17:42:02] rumel: Yes indeed
    [17:42:22] B Mayfield: as a matter of fact.....I'M WEARIN' ONE NOW!
    [17:42:23] skeeter_g: :smile: the only place I did not go....very cool.
    [17:42:23] hlaser99: Me too!
    [17:42:26] [email][/email]: it really is worth checking out! well, why don't we shift gears now for some general Aneros and Peridise chat? sound good?
    [17:42:27] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:43:03] B Mayfield: brb
    [17:43:08] [email][/email]: I think this is the first Chat Event since the Peridise was released. A lot has been happening since the last chat event
    [17:43:16] [email][/email]: :laugh:
    [17:43:23] skeeter_g: I have not tried the Peridise yet.. but sure thinking about it.
    [17:43:54] ArcticWolves: it would be cool if you had a downloadable version so we didn't have to wait for us pc users :P
    [17:44:27] ArcticWolves: with some sort of special wrapping techniques to avoid pirating and what not
    [17:44:42] ArcticWolves: one can only imagine what would happen if I drove home with this in the CD player :P
    [17:44:53] rumel: The Peridie is very interesting, I am amazed that such a small device can induce so much action but I wonder if that is
    [17:44:59] hlaser99: LOL!
    [17:45:15] Buster: And watch out if it is on your Ipod and someone else gets ahold of it!
    [17:45:23] rumel: because some rewiring hasalready taken place, any opinions on that?
    [17:45:52] Buster: Smaller is better.....who knew?
    [17:46:02] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [17:46:12] ArcticWolves: you have to shoot me for my progasm
    [17:46:35] hlaser99: We need a new cumer to Aneros that has used the Peridisa???
    [17:46:37] Buster: I actually have had better luck with the larger of the two Peridise models that I have.
    [17:46:55] hlaser99: Perodise
    [17:46:59] B Mayfield: it is curious how well the device works....considering it's diminutive size...
    [17:47:00] ArcticWolves: I am curious though should I consider getting the peridise and if so the advanced or beginner set? That's what I'm stuck on
    [17:47:03] hlaser99: OOps!
    [17:47:23] ArcticWolves: I am a fan of BIG is better
    [17:47:26] hlaser99: Peridise
    [17:47:31] skeeter_g: as a seasoned user, what would be the suggestion for the purchase of the Peridise...??
    [17:47:36] hlaser99: yea!
    [17:47:40] Buster: You got it Laser.
    [17:47:44] B Mayfield: it is certainly easily accommodated by the newbie....
    [17:47:49] ArcticWolves: I second skeeter's question
    [17:47:53] skeeter_g: sounds like big is good!!
    [17:48:11] B Mayfield: NOT necessarily...
    [17:48:24] ArcticWolves: i dunno i have my aneros mgx hidden and am addicted to the progasm.. I love big things what can i say :P
    [17:48:26] skeeter_g: Oh..
    [17:48:44] B Mayfield: with all due respect to Arctic......once your body has sufficiently takes very little to access the response
    [17:49:00] hlaser99: Peridise is a different Orgasm!
    [17:49:00] skeeter_g: I do like fuller feelings, but this seems to be a bit different..
    [17:49:01] Valentine: If anything at all
    [17:49:17] B Mayfield: beat me to it Valentine
    [17:49:40] B Mayfield: I like large AND small devices
    [17:50:10] B Mayfield: Large or small ....Aneros seems to have this WIRED!
    [17:50:23] rumel: I actually like the smaller devices but variety occasionaly is nice.
    [17:50:34] [email][/email]: well, fullness is definitely a pleasurable aspect of the Aneros, but "movement" in sync with your body and mind
    [17:50:46] B Mayfield: I'm also VERY impressed with some of the initial responses from women on this....WOW....who knew?
    [17:50:51] [email][/email]: is definitely a cornerstone of success with our products
    [17:50:53] ArcticWolves: i am curious though beings there is no p-tab on this toy just what type of orgasm?
    [17:51:03] skeeter_g: heck, it does not take much for me to have a super-O, so maybe the full set is best!! :laugh:
    [17:51:06] Buster: How many of you will stand there and get stumped about which model to use before you start a session?
    [17:51:37] B Mayfield: I go thru phases with this...
    [17:51:45] skeeter_g: I do like diversity
    [17:51:47] B Mayfield: right's all about the Peridise for me..
    [17:52:07] hlaser99: I decide on the wqay to the bed in a snap decision!
    [17:52:12] rumel: I can usually narrow my choice to two models very quickly depending on mood.
    [17:52:15] ArcticWolves: buster, i own two aneros.. I don't get stumped... it's a no brainer that I'll leave the MGX alone and take out my cherished
    [17:52:17] hlaser99: way
    [17:52:17] ArcticWolves: progasm
    [17:52:45] ArcticWolves: i dunno i guess as support says I just like the fuller feeling it brings me
    [17:52:46] Buster: See, I like the MGX
    [17:53:15] ArcticWolves: so I don't want that to be the case when I get my peridise because I'd feel really stupid
    [17:53:21] B Mayfield: the fantastic thing is....with so many models now out's like going back a re-reading a terrific book...
    [17:53:21] B Mayfield: the fantastic thing is....with so many models now out's like going back a re-reading a terrific book...
    [17:53:38] ArcticWolves: it's amazing to think it all started with the MGX :)
    [17:53:45] B Mayfield: having the variety is wonderful!
    [17:53:53] rumel: AW I don't know why you'd feel stupid.
    [17:53:54] B Mayfield: YESIREE!
    [17:53:55] Buster: I am a big fan of multiple model sessions.
    [17:54:07] ArcticWolves: look how far aneros has come!!!
    [17:54:20] ArcticWolves: so many models to choose from and can't make up my mind!! :P
    [17:54:27] hlaser99: or re-orgasm a great "O"???
    [17:54:31] B Mayfield: actually the old style MGX (Classic) to be precise....I dig that one too...
    [17:54:51] amano: how do you tell the difference between the new and classic MGX?
    [17:55:11] B Mayfield: sometimes I employ more than one model during a session as well
    [17:55:15] skeeter_g: What is the difference in the Peridise sets... I see beginner, Advanced, and know what full set means.
    [17:55:31] hlaser99: Me too!
    [17:55:39] B Mayfield: two raised nodules on the tip of the unit distinguish one from the other
    [17:56:02] B Mayfield: it's the size of the heads
    [17:56:07] ArcticWolves: beginner is probably going to be the narrower heads
    [17:56:13] ArcticWolves: and Advanced will be larger heads
    [17:56:18] ArcticWolves: yeah as brian said :P
    [17:56:21] B Mayfield: yes...that's correct!
    [17:56:36] Valentine: I thought it was the other way around
    [17:56:41] skeeter_g: Oh.. OK.. cool
    [17:56:48] ArcticWolves: question is which do i buy if I love my progasm...
    [17:57:00] ArcticWolves: :D
    [17:57:03] hlaser99: Other way around, actually...
    [17:57:12] ArcticWolves: ahh nice
    [17:57:26] Buster: What can you get that could possibly stand between a man and his Progasm?
    [17:57:28] B Mayfield: given your penchant for the larger devices....the Advanced would probably the way to go
    [17:57:30] ArcticWolves: so beginner is larger heads? and Advanced is smaller heads?
    [17:57:52] B Mayfield: no.....advanced larger head...
    [17:57:59] ArcticWolves: lol...
    [17:58:02] ArcticWolves: i'm all confused
    [17:58:12] ArcticWolves: laser confused me :(
    [17:58:29] hlaser99: Sorry Kid!
    [17:58:31] Buster: He didn't mean to, I am sure.
    [17:58:39] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:59:11] skeeter_g: I think I have it now.. AW you want the beginners set !! :laugh: that has the big ones!!
    [17:59:28] Buster: ArcticWolves, my guess is that before too long, you will have about all the models in your arsenal.
    [17:59:37] Buster: Give it time.
    [17:59:46] ArcticWolves: lol like my other sex toys :P
    [17:59:50] hlaser99: Just get them all!
    [17:59:50] ArcticWolves: how did you know!!!
    [17:59:58] B Mayfield: the beginner sets have smaller heads
    [18:00:04] skeeter_g: I have most of them now myself. :laugh:
    [18:00:04] Buster: Just build a bigger closet.
    [18:00:23] ArcticWolves: hahaha my big lunch box is running out of room :P
    [18:00:33] Valentine: no, the beginner set is begger heads
    [18:00:34] B Mayfield: well there you go...
    [18:00:40] ArcticWolves: actually my progasm sits nicely tucked under my pillow :D
    [18:00:52] B Mayfield: LOL
    [18:00:55] skeeter_g: heck my wife already say how may toys do you need :laugh:
    [18:00:59] ArcticWolves: :)
    [18:01:11] skeeter_g: I said I need everything...
    [18:01:20] hlaser99: I keep my 45 there! LOL!
    [18:01:22] Oshea: Good Morning all, I guess good afternoon to some of you.
    [18:01:32] B Mayfield: "....a man and his toys"
    [18:01:48] B Mayfield: hi there. Oshea
    [18:01:50] skeeter_g: yep
    [18:01:51] hlaser99: Greetings!
    [18:01:52] rumel: AW be careful the tooth fairly doesn't steal it! :laugh:
    [18:01:53] Buster: Hi O'Shea.
    [18:02:01] B Mayfield: tell us a bit about yourself....
    [18:02:18] ArcticWolves: rofl rumel
    [18:02:20] hlaser99: Funny!
    [18:02:21] Oshea: sorry I'm late, did I miss much?
    [18:02:25] B Mayfield: the TOOTH FAIRY! lol
    [18:02:34] B Mayfield: you
    [18:02:43] Buster: Just the time of your life.
    [18:02:52] ArcticWolves: ok so w/e I'm getting the advanced set... screw it... I can take it :)
    [18:03:06] B Mayfield:'ll have to read it on the backside....lot's of discussion on the new CD
    [18:03:22] Buster: While you have your credit card out.....get the Maximus.
    [18:03:24] Oshea: your killin me Buster
    [18:03:37] B Mayfield: long have you been a user?
    [18:03:40] ArcticWolves: Brian or anyone incharge of distribution of this CD is is possible to get an online version so we can download it upon paying
    [18:03:52] skeeter_g: Hi Brian, I see the set info now on the site...thanks
    [18:04:10] Oshea: About 4 month now Brian
    [18:04:23] B Mayfield: Good it isn't possible to get a downloadable version at this time...
    [18:04:36] ArcticWolves: that's ok brian thanks though...
    [18:04:39] Buster: How has your progress been going O'Shea?

    [18:06:01] rumel: Yes lucky indeed.
    [18:06:07] ArcticWolves: congrats o shea
    [18:06:43] B Mayfield: Oshea....which Aneros are you currently using?
    [18:06:45] hlaser99: O shea, where do you hail from?
    [18:06:49] Oshea: So far I only have a Helix but I'm thinking seriously about getting either a Eupho or Progasm. Any recommendations?
    [18:07:08] B Mayfield: Both terrific devices.....
    [18:07:08] hlaser99: Eupho!
    [18:07:13] B Mayfield: that's a tough one....
    [18:07:14] Buster: Both ends of the spectrum with those choices.
    [18:07:24] B Mayfield: indeed....
    [18:07:27] ArcticWolves: OMG, i thi checkout for the CD dag nabbit wanted to add the peridise to my order... *kicks himself*
    [18:07:30] B Mayfield: get BOTH!
    [18:07:33] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:07:38] Buster: I agree with Laser. Go Eupho!
    [18:08:05] Oshea: From Sacramento Hlaser99
    [18:08:12] ArcticWolves: I suggest the progasm... I love it
    [18:08:24] B Mayfield: well there you have it!
    [18:08:37] Oshea: I'm thinking Brian has the right idea, I may must get both
    [18:08:39] ArcticWolves: thats asking what type of car should i get... a Honda or a Toyota
    [18:08:42] hlaser99: Wow, is everyone from CA???
    [18:08:59] ArcticWolves: lol apparently so :)
    [18:09:09] Buster: Don't fogert GM, Ford & Chrysler! Oh, I guess you should.
    [18:09:11] Valentine: GO CA
    [18:09:17] ArcticWolves: look what us U.S.A - CALI folks did
    [18:09:23] B Mayfield: they're both really good choices....I think it comes down to if you're into wanting something feels FULLER or something is..
    [18:09:38] B Mayfield: more manueverable..
    [18:09:44] rumel: Yeah when the earth quakes all the nuts roll to California
    [18:09:44] ArcticWolves: sorry buster we had a cadillac and the Gas Mileage was bull... now we can get 40MPG go toyota!!!
    [18:10:02] Buster: Or out to sea.
    [18:10:14] B Mayfield: Okay....I'm in COLOR now too!
    [18:10:19] Oshea: Fuller or more manuverable?? Yes
    [18:10:21] ArcticWolves: what the heck
    [18:10:22] hlaser99: It ain't the meat, it's the motion!
    [18:10:22] ArcticWolves: how?
    [18:10:30] ArcticWolves: Fuller with the Progasm
    [18:10:40] B Mayfield: yes indeed...
    [18:11:00] B Mayfield: Eupho is unquestionably the agile model in the product line
    [18:11:05] hlaser99: Me too!
    [18:11:10] ArcticWolves: i'd say more manuverable with the eupho but don't quote me on that
    [18:11:17] B Mayfield: ooops the most agile I meant to type
    [18:11:22] Buster: I love the Eupho. are too dark!
    [18:11:27] skeeter_g: OK helps reading I guess..
    [18:11:40] ArcticWolves: Mine is hard to read :(
    [18:11:44] hlaser99: How's this...
    [18:11:52] Buster: Try black.
    [18:11:54] skeeter_g: good
    [18:11:58] B Mayfield: can't go too dark I guess....yes better
    [18:12:01] ArcticWolves: not bad but you stole skeeter's color
    [18:12:20] ArcticWolves: he's got it copyrighted lol
    [18:12:43] ArcticWolves: just for you tried back Buster
    [18:12:44] hlaser99: IK!!!
    [18:12:45] B Mayfield: still out there?
    [18:12:50] skeeter_g: hey AW a bit hard to read.
    [18:12:51] hlaser99: OK???
    [18:12:58] ArcticWolves: BLACK*
    [18:12:59] Oshea: I read the reviews on the CD yesterday. Sounds great, when will it be available?
    [18:13:00] B Mayfield: beautiful!
    [18:13:01] Buster: I like it. It suits you.
    [18:13:10] B Mayfield: Right now!
    [18:13:21] ArcticWolves: CD is availabe now
    [18:13:27] ArcticWolves: I just ordered one
    [18:13:30] Buster: We certainly are colorful now!
    [18:13:33] B Mayfield: Go to the product page....look under Aneros accessories
    [18:13:35] skeeter_g: now it is good color.
    [18:13:53] hlaser99: It is giving me flashbacks...
    [18:14:03] B Mayfield: LOL
    [18:14:05] ArcticWolves: orange is kind of nice
    [18:14:07] B Mayfield: you guys...
    [18:14:19] Oshea: Cool, I was looking in the online store yesterday but didn't see it. What's the damage?
    [18:14:29] ArcticWolves: Nah this one is better
    [18:14:40] Buster: $29
    [18:14:50] Buster: Definitly affordable.
    [18:15:05] B Mayfield: It's $29.95...for two CD that clock out at 2.5 hours
    [18:15:06] ArcticWolves: I could kick myself
    [18:15:10] Oshea: Sounds like a bargain to me
    [18:15:10] hlaser99: Worth twice that!
    [18:15:11] ArcticWolves: i hit the order button
    [18:15:13] Buster: Good job on the pricing.
    [18:15:18] ArcticWolves: and I wanted to add the peridise to my order grr...
    [18:15:20] B Mayfield: indeed yes...
    [18:15:49] ArcticWolves: Anyways I want to ask people about their Super-O's
    [18:15:51] Buster: Nothing wrong with 2 orders ArcticWolves.
    [18:15:53] B Mayfield: we all thought so....the idea was to make it accessible to everyone...
    [18:16:05] [email][/email]: articwolves, email us
    [18:16:17] ArcticWolves: as I'm sure most as aware they have seen my video.. I to am very curious .. have others experienced anything close to what I
    [18:16:20] ArcticWolves: have shown?
    [18:16:21] [email][/email]: so that we can combine the orders and save on the shipping for you
    [18:16:29] rumel: Guys, I wanted the product to be affordable for most of you.
    [18:16:43] ArcticWolves: sorry rummel stole your color
    [18:16:52] Buster: Great support!
    [18:17:06] B Mayfield: yes I've seen the video...
    [18:17:27] Buster: I am not sure I have seen your video.
    [18:17:30] ArcticWolves: it's crazy I can experience multiple full body orgasms like that again and again... I don't know why either
    [18:17:30] [email][/email]: just email [email][/email] with your name and what you ordered so that we can look for the orders
    [18:17:39] B Mayfield: although I don't have session on my stomach....I have had episode with in sessions where my legs are thrasing quite a bit....
    [18:17:41] skeeter_g: Hay do we have a promotional code we can use on the site to purchase...... :laugh:
    [18:17:45] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [18:17:53] ArcticWolves: i'm almost scared to put up another video because i don't want to turn people off to it or scare them LOL
    [18:17:59] rumel: AW - I haven't experienced such active motion in my sessions.
    [18:18:09] Oshea: I saw your vid AW, but I've never had quite that reaction. Maybe after I get my Progasm!
    [18:18:27] B Mayfield: This is the deal.....what I've long said is...
    [18:18:30] Buster: Oh, the one with the dirty socks! I am just kidding! I have NEVER moved that much.
    [18:18:38] skeeter_g: I loved your video AW... I am usually not on my stomach though.
    [18:19:05] ArcticWolves: i'm literally out of control with the sensations I get...I just let my body react to however it wants
    [18:19:10] B Mayfield: this is the way that it presents itself with you and with others too I would suspect...
    [18:19:22] ArcticWolves: the sexual excitement levels are amazing too...
    [18:19:39] B Mayfield: arousal....yes....very high levels of arousal....
    [18:19:42] skeeter_g: AW, cannot read again.. maybe it is just me.
    [18:19:54] Buster: Hey ArcticWolves, lighten yourself up.
    [18:20:11] B Mayfield: that's the key too all....generating sufficient arousal that is of a non-penile variety...
    [18:20:35] ArcticWolves: LOL sorry
    [18:20:41] Oshea: What I've noticed lately is my body just SCREAMS "I want my Aneros" alot. Is this normal. I haven't had cravings like this
    [18:20:49] Buster: Thanks.
    [18:20:52] Oshea: since I quit smoking.
    [18:20:57] ArcticWolves: without the aneros even in oshea?
    [18:21:04] B Mayfield: Artic, I had a question for you find yourself having the desire to ejaculate during these sessions?
    [18:21:08] Buster: I have that too O'Shea.
    [18:21:37] B Mayfield:'s all part of the "rewiring' process
    [18:21:38] ArcticWolves: nope but it sure feels like I want to
    [18:21:48] ArcticWolves: i mean the most intense pressure I have ever felt
    [18:22:06] Oshea: Alaways without the Aneros. I guess the "rewiring" is working then!
    [18:22:11] ArcticWolves: than it just goes all of a sudden and i start this amazing contractions that is just completely awesome but no ejaculation
    [18:22:14] ArcticWolves: just a lil bit of precum
    [18:22:35] ArcticWolves: weird thing is not erect but feels like you're cumming non-stop
    [18:22:55] hlaser99: That's the recipe!
    [18:23:03] Buster: That erection thing has always been a big question mark for the new guys.
    [18:23:04] ArcticWolves: it's so incredible and I smile as I walk every day knowning I have this lil secret and can't talk about it in public :)
    [18:23:20] B Mayfield: it's definitely a paradox of sorts ...but a delightful one at that!
    [18:23:51] ArcticWolves: one thing I will say that helped me in reaching my full body orgasms was a video I watched of a female having a full
    [18:23:53] skeeter_g: I agree with you AW on no talking.
    [18:23:53] ArcticWolves: body orgasm
    [18:24:05] skeeter_g: but I sure want to!!
    [18:24:30] hlaser99: Not many would believe it!
    [18:24:38] skeeter_g: If only other guys would know what we feel for pleasure!!
    [18:24:44] B Mayfield: Hey....I know EXACTLY what you's the very thing that has sustained my participation in this forum
    [18:24:54] B Mayfield: for all of these years!
    [18:25:11] B Mayfield: I've wanted other guys to know about this experience!
    [18:25:29] hlaser99: Amen brother M!
    [18:25:37] Buster: The sad thing is that I believe that there are guys out there that just would not care to participate in it because....
    [18:25:38] Oshea: I hear you AW. To be honest I didn't really belive it when I first ordered my Helix but I was sold by the testimonials. I
    [18:25:39] skeeter_g: Yep it is a great place to come to get those emotions out.
    [18:25:42] B Mayfield: the more that do....the more damage we'll all do to the ridiculous stigma surrounding this kind of stimulation
    [18:25:47] Buster: you should not have such pleasure in this life.
    [18:25:49] Oshea: sure belive now though.
    [18:25:53] rumel: Hey guys, let's face it we're all hedonists and do feel a little guilty about all this pleasure.
    [18:26:03] ArcticWolves: Orgasm School - helped me see what the human body is capable of
    [18:26:07] B Mayfield: NOPE!
    [18:26:46] skeeter_g: I dont feel gulity... I am loving it!!
    [18:26:54] hlaser99: No guilt!
    [18:27:00] B Mayfield: Guys....I've gotta get going...I have family in from out of town
    [18:27:12] ArcticWolves: hell no, just wouldn't be something i could talk about publicly unfortunately :(
    [18:27:14] Buster: Bye Mr. Mayfield.
    [18:27:25] hlaser99: stay safe Pal!
    [18:27:26] ArcticWolves: ok Brian take care man... Nice talking with you
    [18:27:30] B Mayfield: it's been a terrific ride with you all today...
    [18:27:31] [email][/email]: bye Brian, thanks for making it!
    [18:27:35] Oshea: See ya Brian, nice chattin with you
    [18:27:39] skeeter_g: have a good one Brian!! thanks for all the good words!!
    [18:27:42] rumel: OK maybe not guilt , but some shyness about sharing the info.
    [18:27:44] B Mayfield: let's all do it again.....yes
    [18:27:49] hlaser99: Later B-Man!
    [18:28:06] B Mayfield: CYA....and ENJOY!
    [18:28:17] Buster: I agree Rumel. I was hung up on the "guilt" but shyness seems to fit.
    [18:28:19] rumel: Bye Brian
    [18:28:27] ArcticWolves: Oshea about those "I want the aneros." I have the same thing... the best one was when I was taking a BIOLOGY final
    [18:28:37] hlaser99: Always!
    [18:28:56] skeeter_g: OK... ordered the CD and and Peridise set.... :bigtongue:
    [18:29:03] ArcticWolves: i think the rewiring process is so cool.. you can bring on the sensations w/o having anything in you
    [18:29:05] ArcticWolves: so incredible
    [18:29:08] Buster: Biology, how appropriate.
    [18:29:12] Oshea: That must have been distracting
    [18:30:13] hlaser99: Nice to have a chair Orgasm and just chill!
    [18:30:19] Buster: Anybody here that has NOT had a Super O?
    [18:31:02] hlaser99: Guess not???
    [18:31:14] Buster: Tells a story.
    [18:31:16] ArcticWolves: nice
    [18:31:19] Oshea: I know what you mear AW. It happens to me in the car and at work. It is a little distracting but it sure is fun!
    [18:31:44] ArcticWolves: heck it happened to me just LISTENING to the 53 seconds on that CD teaser
    [18:31:51] hlaser99: Distract Me, please!!!!
    [18:32:03] ArcticWolves: it's distracting when I study for calculus homework!! :)
    [18:32:16] hlaser99: OK
    [18:32:20] Buster: I happened to me much more earlier in the journey. Now, I just get "signals" that if I have time, my body is ready.
    [18:32:49] hlaser99: Signals form the O-Sone!
    [18:32:58] hlaser99: Zone
    [18:33:17] Buster: Kind of like a friendly tap on the shoulder.
    [18:33:35] hlaser99: Shoulder???
    [18:33:44] skeeter_g: The time is usually all I need to start a session.
    [18:33:53] Buster: Alright, a little south of there.
    [18:34:15] hlaser99: LOL!
    [18:34:35] skeeter_g: I usually have to put my toys away also or I start thinking bout a session.
    [18:35:03] Buster: My Aneros sessions have been getting a bit distracted by some experimentation I have been doing with my Fleshlight.
    [18:36:16] skeeter_g: Buster, you have been having some troubles with you fleshlight...
    [18:36:29] ArcticWolves: fleshlights are great
    [18:36:30] Oshea: time! Never enough of it. Don't get much "alone" time so I wind up missing a fair amount of sleep. Seems like a fair trade
    [18:36:37] ArcticWolves: I own the STU and the Wonderwave
    [18:36:40] ArcticWolves: love em both
    [18:37:04] Buster: No problems. I am just trying for the Super O from a different direction. I have an STU.
    [18:37:29] ArcticWolves: wow a super-o from the fleshlight? NICE
    [18:37:47] skeeter_g: I dont have a STU, but everything else.
    [18:37:49] Buster: GrandTiger kind of got me thinking in that direction.
    [18:38:25] Buster: The idea of course it to incorporate the Fleshlight into an Aneros session.
    [18:38:32] skeeter_g: Oh sorry I guess it is GT that is having the issues with his insert.
    [18:38:40] Oshea: I don't have a fleshlight. It was hard enough selling the little woman on the Aneros and its health benefits. Don't think
    [18:38:59] Oshea: she would go for a fleshlight.
    [18:39:12] hlaser99: Better off with the Aneros...
    [18:39:21] ArcticWolves: HAHAHAHA
    [18:39:31] skeeter_g: Oshea, thell you wife she can use it on you, and she can hold it.. :laugh:
    [18:39:42] hlaser99: My Fleshlite sits in my toy box???
    [18:40:00] skeeter_g: Aneos is way cool.
    [18:40:08] Buster: Mine did too until I started this experiment.
    [18:40:25] Oshea: Pretty sure that won't fly Skeeter
    [18:40:26] skeeter_g: I also like nothing at all....
    [18:40:40] skeeter_g: can have some great Super-O's
    [18:40:41] ArcticWolves: incorporating an aneros session with the fleshlight... do explain... wouldnt' that add penile stimulation and distract
    [18:40:47] Buster: I almost threw it away at one time due to lack of use.
    [18:40:57] ArcticWolves: your sensations to focus on the stimulation instead
    [18:41:17] ArcticWolves: don't you EVER throw a fleshlight away
    [18:41:51] Buster: It does add the penile stimulation. The idea being that the sensations that you get from the Fleshlight can be re-directed.
    [18:41:51] skeeter_g: it is just another toy to have variation
    [18:41:53] hlaser99: You never know what will come in handy down the road!
    [18:42:23] hlaser99: Save em a;;!
    [18:42:26] hlaser99: all
    [18:42:31] ArcticWolves: very interesting buster
    [18:42:43] Alana: Have you tried the Head Honcho and compared with Fleshlight?
    [18:42:48] ArcticWolves: eventually you'll get the best Super-T though?
    [18:42:57] ArcticWolves: Head Honcho?
    [18:42:58] skeeter_g: Yeah I am with hlaser99
    [18:43:29] Buster: It really has been. I do not have a Super T. The idea is to not ejaculate. My record stands at about 70 minutes.
    [18:43:34] skeeter_g: never tried the Head Honcho myself.
    [18:43:41] Oshea: Hi Alana, whats a head honcho?
    [18:44:02] ArcticWolves: it's like the fleshlight
    [18:44:07] ArcticWolves: endorsed by Sue Johanson
    [18:44:31] ArcticWolves: The Head Honcho is made of a high quality silicone and keeps a tight yet stretchy feel.
    [18:44:50] Alana: Its a fantastic device that friends say beats fleshlight??
    [18:44:52] ArcticWolves: "The 5" silicone shaft has 3 suction cavities for greater stimulation during use."
    [18:45:03] ArcticWolves: probably because of that right there
    [18:45:08] ArcticWolves: 3 suction cavities nice
    [18:45:18] Valentine: And it looks considerably cheaper
    [18:45:22] skeeter_g: It also does not have a holder and depends on the hand for tightness... correct?
    [18:45:33] ArcticWolves: plus it's silicone which is an added pluss
    [18:45:36] Alana: They say its the best release they've had for Traditionals
    [18:45:39] Buster: I dont think I could handle anything any "better" than the one I have.
    [18:45:54] hlaser99: My latest experiment is with an electrified MGX and a stim unit...
    [18:46:03] ArcticWolves: LOL too bad it won't fit in my pocket :(
    [18:46:21] Buster: That's right Laser, how has that been going for you? Tripper loves it.
    [18:46:21] hlaser99: No cigar yet!
    [18:46:35] Oshea: Interesting, but same problem. I guess the wife is my "head honcho". Damn good though!
    [18:46:55] ArcticWolves: the real thing beats any sex toy
    [18:46:56] Alana: For those of you who experience the Super O's do you take it higher to the Cosmos, the Universe in your experience?
    [18:47:25] ArcticWolves: nope but i have a feeling your CD will do just the trick
    [18:47:50] rumel: Great question, I'd be interested in hearing about those pursuits myself.
    [18:48:00] skeeter_g: oshea, I think it is great that at least your wife does not mind the Aneros
    [18:48:14] Oshea: Don't think I've made it to the Cosmos yet but its gettin better every time!
    [18:48:31] Alana: That was my intention to allow the user ever increasing Ecstatic Awareness for the Ultimate experience with each use
    [18:48:56] rumel: That is one of the primary motivations for me seeking the Super-O is the pursuit of higher forms of consciousness.
    [18:49:04] ArcticWolves: the most relaxed I have ever been... I'm going to love the CD
    [18:49:11] Buster: I know that after multiple times listening that I am quicker to relax. But I do need your instruction.
    [18:49:14] hlaser99: My Super O's take me more into a journey within . . .
    [18:49:34] skeeter_g: I also will enjoy the CD.
    [18:49:58] hlaser99: Rather than Cosmos!
    [18:50:00] ArcticWolves: hey i do have to ask... do you ever find your aneros popping out on occasion?
    [18:50:09] ArcticWolves: when your having amazing contractions?
    [18:50:20] Alana: With Rumel's Dialog and my intention I hope ALL with have many of those experiences!
    [18:50:25] hlaser99: Not here???
    [18:50:34] Oshea: Sounds like I will be ordering the CD along with the Eupho & Progasm. I may need a 2nd job!
    [18:50:37] Buster: Mine has never come out but I know that it is NOT an uncommon experience.
    [18:50:56] skeeter_g: I sometime need that extra push for the cosmos, and I'm hoping this will do the trick.
    [18:51:11] ArcticWolves: it would be ineteresting if there was a way to be found on keeping it in there instead of having to keep my hand on it
    [18:51:13] skeeter_g: thanks Alana
    [18:51:28] ArcticWolves: pushing it in so it doesn't ''pop'' out it does distract :(
    [18:51:43] Buster: What this audio does is takes the drive seat in helping you shut out outside stimuli.
    [18:51:50] Alana: hlaser the Journey Within IS the journey through the depths of the cosmos!!
    [18:51:55] hlaser99: the CD will belp take us ALL a little closer to Nirvana, I think!
    [18:51:57] rumel: G the CD will not push you at all, but will allow you to float there.
    [18:52:28] ArcticWolves: oh ALANA's voice alone will get me floatin there alright
    [18:52:28] skeeter_g: AW I do have the Aneros pop out from time to time.
    [18:52:48] Buster: I hope nobody feels like this would be some kind of "mind control" thing. Because it is not that.
    [18:53:06] ArcticWolves: no it is the deepest state of relaxation
    [18:53:08] hlaser99: thanks for the correction Alanis!
    [18:53:18] hlaser99: Alana?
    [18:53:26] skeeter_g: sometime I will use my hand to just kind of keep it there, but no pressure
    [18:54:08] ArcticWolves: well it looks like us west coast folks might have caused a low turnout for the other people around the world :(
    [18:54:08] hlaser99: Atlantis???
    [18:54:09] Valentine: What are Alana's hypnotic credentials?
    [18:54:17] hlaser99: Ah
    [18:54:30] skeeter_g: rumel... that is what I need to really float.
    [18:55:03] ArcticWolves: skeeter it should be amazing listeining to the CD ... have you heard the demo?
    [18:55:37] hlaser99: The entire set is a mind=blower!
    [18:56:14] skeeter_g: no I have not yet.
    [18:56:16] ArcticWolves: alright I ordered the Peredise Advanced and the CD. I'm already sold on the CD not sure what to expect from Peridise which is
    [18:56:20] Oshea: Where do I find the demp?
    [18:56:20] ArcticWolves: a good thing going in...
    [18:56:32] ArcticWolves: it's just a 53 second demo recording
    [18:56:33] ArcticWolves: from teh cd
    [18:56:37] ArcticWolves: the*
    [18:56:43] rumel: V - Alana is a professional voice artist who eloquently executed my script .
    [18:56:47] ArcticWolves: you can find it on the website let me find the link
    [18:57:14] skeeter_g: cool. thxs AW
    [18:57:14] rumel: I don't profess any hypnotic credentials.
    [18:57:27] ArcticWolves:
    [18:57:31] ArcticWolves: there's the link
    [18:57:48] Oshea: thanks AW
    [18:58:01] Alana: This exteme exquisite Journey to ecstacy we all need and enhances every area of our lives!!
    [18:58:26] ArcticWolves: again I am ASTONISHED that the 53 second clip I was able to see organe, red, purple and fall into a deep state of relaxation.
    [18:58:33] skeeter_g: I better wait and listen in a bit... I dont want to start going off... :laugh:
    [18:58:38] ArcticWolves: orange*
    [18:58:39] hlaser99: Well ALL, it's been fun! I'm gonna leave ya now!
    [18:58:46] Oshea: Thanks Rumel & Alana. I look forward to enjoying your work!
    [18:58:53] hlaser99: Bye!
    [18:58:53] ArcticWolves: awww
    [18:58:58] ArcticWolves: take care laser
    [18:58:58] Alana: I was hoping for that Artic Wolves in my delivery!!
    [18:59:11] Oshea: CYA hlaser
    [18:59:15] Buster: Bye Laser. Stay cool!
    [18:59:19] skeeter_g: see ya hlasser99 !!
    [18:59:32] Valentine: by laser
    [18:59:32] hlaser99: Always!
    [18:59:38] [email][/email]: hi everyone, the Chat Event is going to be in ending in a few minutes. We will do these more often going forward
    [18:59:51] rumel: Bye Hlaser, take care and thanks for the great review
    [18:59:56] ArcticWolves: :(
    [18:59:56] hlaser99: IK Wuppost!
    [19:00:20] skeeter_g: This was a great chat session !!
    [19:00:29] ArcticWolves: well the weekends are great for me as I said...
    [19:00:30] hlaser99: I enjoyed it!
    [19:00:34] Buster: Thank you Support. I will get going too. It would be great to hold a chat screen open all the time. Good session.
    [19:00:45] hlaser99: Ruymel
    [19:00:47] skeeter_g: thanks support !!
    [19:00:49] ArcticWolves: I really thank support for putting these chat sessions on and ALSO thank everyone for their contributions
    [19:00:54] hlaser99: Wow!
    [19:00:58] [email][/email]: as always, we sincerely appreciate the support you all have given to us and our products
    [19:01:11] Oshea: Thx support, 'till next time
    [19:01:24] ArcticWolves: Most Importantly, the designers/creators/developers of THE WIKI and the ANEROS line of products!! :) <3<br />[19:01:52] skeeter_g: Ciao All and Happy "O's !!
    [19:01:59] skeeter_g: have to run...
    [19:02:14] Buster: Bye Guys! And Alana.
    [19:02:16] [email][/email]: the Aneros community is a special place, and you guys make it so. hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    [19:02:24] [email][/email]: Alana, thanks for joining us today!
    [19:02:25] rumel: Buster thanks for input and nice testimonial.
    [19:02:42] Buster: Anytime Rumel. You take care.
    [19:02:45] ArcticWolves: thanks for the CD and I can't wait for it!
    [19:02:57] ArcticWolves: take care everyone.. I'll try posting another video soon
    [19:03:04] [email][/email]: Bye all, until next time!