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Update to last post.
  • BrentBrent
    Posts: 21
    OK, so later in the day I went back to the secluded spot determined to just see what would happen. I just let myself relax and started having p-waves. It just kept building and building into orgasms which seemed to be coming more from my prostrate area. Soon I knew I was having a real-deal Super O. This just kept building and getting stronger. I also just let go and let myself pant, breath and make whatever noises came out. This really seemed to intensify the O's and felt almost like chanting. At times it felt like I was losing it but it was OK. The longest one was somewhere around 5 minutes but who knows for sure. I felt like I was on a roller coaster that wouldn't stop (which was OK). The whole thing went on for over and hour but could have gone longer but I had to leave. It really felt primal and almost as if some ancient secret had been discovered. I wonder if we know on some level that this is possible but just have to be told or taught about it. I think the fact that I was in a rather secluded area, in a forest kind of surrounded by nature helped bring it on. Occasionally a car would pass and I would have to put it on hold but was able to get it back no problem! I haven't had such an intense experience at home probably because there I get distracted by little things but I'm sure it'll happen. I can only imagine being somewhere completely isolated under the stars and just really let go. Holy ---k!
    I felt a bit disoriented afterward and as if I was on some other level but not in a bad way.
  • What you are saying makes perfect sense. I have used similar methods to reach the Super O. Many of these that you've stated are essential in reaching one.
  • BrentBrent
    Posts: 21
    Very cool. Thanx for the feed back! Sounds like you are enjoying your experiences. Me too, each time it is different.