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HypnAerosession CD/mp3 Download by Rumel, available now!!!
  • Hello Everyone,

    We have an exciting product announcement to share. Rumel and a few other distinguished community members have developed and produced a hypnotherapy recording called "HypnAerosession" to be used during your Aneros sessions.

    An aural journey, the HypnAerosession will lead you to a relaxed state while enhancing your level of arousal, serving as an additional tool which can facilitate achieving the Super-O.

    The production values are top-quality. It's easy to *hear* the time, effort, and craftsmanship that went into the production of the HypnAerosession. It is now available through the website, see -

    The Aneros Staff
  • Hi Everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that the "HypnAerosession" is now also available as an mp3 download through our website.

    Aneros Support
  • Really like this would be great (not to mention more effective for me) to have a similar format using a male narrator instead, with a deep, baritone, soothing voice.
  • edlauedlau
    Posts: 3
    i chose the downlaod verison and it combined with an existing program that i already had on my computer. when i went to play it the other program started not the hypnaerosession download. can you give me any help? edlau
  • Try opening the download version in Windows Media Player. I'm assuming you have a Windows Operating System.

    Which program did you try opening it with??
  • Rummel and company,

    I bought the download last night, BETTER THAN EXPECTED! WOW! :D

    One suggestion, can you make one with a SWEET "Male" voice :lol: for the gay and bisexual users.

    I would purchase it!

  • Hmmmm... Now this could be interesting :wink:
  • is a sample download available somewhere?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    is a sample download available somewhere?

    Go to

    BF Mayfield
  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    Quote Healthyprostate:

    "One suggestion, can you make one with a SWEET "Male" voice for the gay and bisexual users.

    I would purchase it!"

    I say, Great idea! I would buy it too...........
  • If a version with a male voice were released, I, too, would buy it immediately. Alana has a nice voice (in the samples) but I'm not sure I can really get into it.
  • zunipuszunipus
    Posts: 1
    Having heard the samples @ CDBaby, I recommend others do as well. You might find you like it. For me, I liked much of it, but also found some of it to be not to my liking. Rather than go into critic mode, I'll leave it at that.
  • fcottonfcotton
    Posts: 25
    I'm getting older and my hearing is going. I have only listened once but I had a difficult time understanding the "lyrics" on the MP3. This was distracting and more of an issue on Disc 2. Have the lyrics been published? Reading enclosed lyrics ares commonwith music and would serve the same purpose. Making it easier to initially understand what is being sung or read.

    Would the physical CD have been clearer? I did use good headphones.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I’m sorry to hear about your deteriorating hearing condition, I too suffer from some hearing impairment (too much loud rock music when I was younger). I do need to tell you that the voice audio tracks on Disc #2 are intentionally at a subdued level. So this is not a deficiency due to only having the .mp3 version vs. the CD version. This was done so the listener would not focus on the subtle, repeating looped suggestions. This was intended to be like the whispered messages that our subconscious speaks to our conscious mind. It was my intent that the listener would be involved with creating and internally interacting with his own erotic fantasy rather than focus on listening to ‘Alana’ at this point in his session.

    There are actually 6 separate audio tracks of voicing being employed there, 4 musical tracks, 2 subliminal audio tracks, and 2 brainwave entrainment tracks. There aren’t any real ‘lyrics’, it is a mixed rotation of short spoken suggestions or phrases. I think it is best if one doesn’t try to focus on the spoken words, but to try to allow one’s erotic emotional state to be carried along by the music. I also didn’t think it particularly relevant to provide a written transcript of the relaxation induction script as part of the CD liner notes. Please see my PM to you for further information.

    You can see a list of the subliminal affirmations used in the HypnAerosession subliminal messages thread.
  • esfenoidesesfenoides
    Posts: 58
    Gave this feedback on one of my post but I'll sum it up here

    Good things
    - excellent effort, excellent idea
    - nice non distractive music, trancy music
    - the reminders here and there about little things that can be done are golden
    - helps a lot with disciplinating myself and following through a relaxation period, reminds me to not touch my genitals, I actually followed through for the very fist time with this!
    - the session that goes on and on (disc 2) is even better than the first one. nice synth waves, sugestions here and there, ocasional moaning. looks like its going to work well for me

    Things I would add
    - create new sessions with other flavours
    - create a session with a male voice
    - session with different female voices and varieties
    - dirtier versions of it maybe
    - when creating mutliple versions user could pay an initial price for their fist session and with that session be given a cupon to buy the next session at a small aditional charge
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Thanks folks for not throwing us into the tarpit of DRM.

    Was already to buy the download version. Note says that it identifies with the IP. I assume this is the local IP on a LAN rather than the router's IP from the ISP that your server will see ??

    While our large home LAN is pretty stable, we occasionally rearrange things and DHCP does it's thing.

    My concern is making a backup of Alana and any future material to support Aneros, KSMO etc.

    I've not played with any mp3 devices before or converted CDs to mp3. Being old farts we order our CDs from and just enjoy them -- works for us.

    I plan on buying an MP3 player in a shoulder holster just for Alana (it will come with download software for a PC). Would I be better off:

    a. Assigning a static IP to one of our laptops, downloading the mp3 version to that machine and burning a backup CD for future use just with machine. Then using just that machine or it's replacement to download to the mp3 player; or,

    b. Ordering the CD and buying some software to handle the conversion to mp3. Then copy/download to the strap-on player. (Although I suspect that some of our CD burning software might have that capability, I'm not sure. Any suggestions on suitable conversion software?)

    Sorry to be so technically retarded. Even though our gps's, car radios, cell phones and even the Coleman mattress in our boat all have built-in mp3 players, we've never used them.

    Frozen in time!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I can’t answer the question about the IP address issue but I do have some thoughts about your other concerns. For maximum flexibility you would be better off to purchase the CD’s for several reasons.
    1.) The sound quality is slightly better than MP3’s (MP3’s use compression algorithms that inevitably have some sound loss characteristics)
    2.) You can play them on any standard CD player.
    3.) You will be able to “rip” any or all of the tracks into a MP3 format file utilizing free software such as Winamp. This will enable you to load it onto a variety of different hardware configurations for personal use.

    While downloading the MP3 files to your computer and subsequently burning them to an audio CD is possible, I think you may notice some sound quality degradation as a result of that procedure, perhaps it is not enough to be concerned about but I think you should be aware of it. Obviously you would be able to burn the MP3’s to a data CD (for archival backup) without any loss of sound quality.

    “Frozen in time!” you say? I spoke to that in the Time Warps thread. :lol:
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi NuBe09,

    I would buy the CD's as well. I just recently lost all of that great programming due to an iPod meltdown and improper backup (talk about an old fart!). If I had the CD instead of the download, I would be a real happy camper. I can't believe I lost it! Oh well, get the CD.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Actually the IP imprint only applies to the download link, not a fingerprint on the actual mp3 files or their \zip\ capsule. (What's that dictum, "read carefully before engaging brain or mouth." ... Guilty)

    Download was smooth, backup was done and Alana is now soothing the savage beast into submission. I think the most important aspect is that the audio avoids my tendency to drop into the "boredom trap."

    For Rumel: Tks for the great production and post-production work. Definitely a 5-star performance!

    For Buster: NuBe's second rule, "...the wicked witch of data disaster never wastes her time or evil venom upon those who have complete backups."
  • Hello to everyone.

    I just downloaded the tracks. Tonight's gona be the premiere.

    I have a suggestion for the aneros team.

    Why don't you offer also the DVD Special
  • Rumel, I bought the ALana mp3, nice job! Waiting for the ALEX version, a sweet 19 year old male voice to relax me. Please consider!
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    This was amazing. If not for this CD I don't think I would have been able to make the Helix work as it has. The technique she teaches, and the method and speed of the way she talks is amazing. She really coached me into using the toy and enjoying the sessions.

    I highly recommend you make one with a male voice as well. I'll buy that one too. He could say everything word for word, and I'd still buy it. :)
  • AMEN :lol: :lol: :D :D
  • How about a CD with BOTH voices, a duet, in stereo, the gal whispering into one ear, the guy whispering into the other ear. You could name the CD, "Menage a Trois avec Aneros." :lol:

    I'm just the new kid on the block. I've not bought nor even ordered an Aneros yet. Reading of so many of you brothers who have taken so long to reach the goal is rather daunting to an 84 year old widower. So -- anything that would shorten the learning curve and/or shorten the time to reach the goal of the evening (or morning -- or noontime) would be of special interest to this ancient kid.

    Very best wishes to you all from
    the AncientKid
  • I would like to say that the MP3's are amazing.

    I didn't have a way to play them off the computer and these made me purchase an MP3 player. I got better than average earbuds however and this makes all the difference in a cheaper MP3 player for these MP3s. The MP3s are very clear that I downloaded and even the ones that I burned to a music CD for backup. I would recommend that if you have an equalizer to set it to classical since on my player that does the best vocals.

    I love the lady! She gets me to relax like no other voice ever has! I have only used my MGX with it once now, and I still have yet to get to the Big O as described. I think that will come in time a little later but sooner with this lady to guide me. I have however used it without the toy and gotten to the same place in pleasure nearly just by her voice and following her commands! :shock: Also by listening without the device, I have found that I have more readily accepted her commands when using the device.

    I would recommend these MP3's to anyone getting the Aneros of any type for the first time or otherwise. They can get you over the tense feelings you get with the device when a first time user and even give you pleasure without it in some cases. 8)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi ltprvtim,

    Welcome to the Forum and thanks for the endorsement of 'Alana' in “HypnAerosession”, I'm sure she will be pleased to know you can derive pleasure from her guidance and suggestions. However, I would like to point out she doesn't “command” you to do anything. This recording is not like some other erotic hypnosis recordings in that 'Alana' is not trying to control your orgasm, she is encouraging you to allow yourself to generate the orgasm, this is a big difference. She empowers you while hypnodommes subjugate you.
  • Hi, again and sorry about the wording. :cry:

    Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "command" in my previous post and should have use "suggested". (This is my first hypno session of any type that I have ever heard so I have nothing to relate it to actually.) For some of us out there the idea of a gentle "command" might be what we need at times to really relax. I for one know that in this wild world of ours with all of its pressures and worries, that sometimes we just can't relax due to these. For me, viewing her words as a "gentle command" is easier at times to get me to relax since my life is filled with a lot of actual physical pain and worry these days. With her voice and suggestions, I have been able to relax better than I have since I was 16 years old. Even a partial playing of the first session of just the deep breathing exercises makes it possible for me to relax and sleep for once through the night with the pain and worries of my everyday life.

    I actually realize they are suggestions otherwise they wouldn't work well at all for this kind of thing for anyone. I, as hopefully others out there, know you cannot command anyone in a hypno session of any type. It just doesn't work in reality. Those that have actually commanding voices can never do hypno sessions for anyone.

    Alana has the most gentle and sincere voice I have ever heard and how she could ever actually command someone would be mystery to me. Her voice alone almost begs you to follow her advise, suggestions or whatever you are in the mood to call it that session. I think that each person must find what they wish for her suggestions to mean to them since this might be the only way that some might ever gain the true pleasure that she strives for us to reach in the sessions from her suggestions.

    Again I would like to make clear, that in no way does Alana "command" you to do anything! She simply suggests that you follow her down a road to a place where you relax for once and allow yourself to feel your body again and the true pleasure it is capable of giving you. :D

    P.S.: I am really new to these post areas and didn't know how to get to it actually at first and sometimes I miss things on the screen for a few days of looking at new things. Thanks for the link. :)
  • I am really considering buying. I think its quite expensive for a download though.

    Just noticed its in $. What happens if i want to buy it ? Will it convert to £ ?
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    Count me in as one more who would purchase it if it were done by a male voice.
    The samples do sound wonderful.
  • As a straight man I have no interest at all in a male voiced version, but I would like to have a variety of female voices to mix things up a bit.
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    [quote=Some Guy]As a straight man I have no interest at all in a male voiced version, but I would like to have a variety of female voices to mix things up a bit.

    From the sound of the preview samples it's apparent that they put a great deal of time and much care into that recording and mix, so it's probably unlikely that they would do another with additional female voices. We'll be lucky if we get a male version.
    Posts: 1
    I just downloaded the hypno session, and I am very dissapointed in the enocoding rate. Given that we want the best quality audio possible, downgrading the audio to 128 does great harm to the quailty of the recording. Can we get at least 192?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    Hi AFOYE,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, Let me thank you for purchasing “HypnAerosession”.

    I am sorry you are disappointed with the MP3 recording but that is the highest bit rate my software could encode at. I do not possess the expensive equipment of professional recording studios. I recorded and produced “HypnAerosession” using my home computer, as such I will admit there are limitations but I did create this at the highest quality level my software would allow. I hope you forgive the recording's technical shortcomings and appreciate the overall effect intended to be created.
  • I am very interested in the Alana tracks, and they are on my wish list.
    The samples sound wonderful and got me going a bit just listening without my Helix. If you mixed it yourself, you did a great job, rumel!

    Do you have any plans for a Peridise track?
    The Peridise seems so subtle to use that it would really help to have an expert guide.
    My Peridise feels great, but I am a kind of lost with it. There is not as much instructional material available on line as for the main Aneros device.
  • zunipus said:

    Having heard the samples @ CDBaby, I recommend others do as well. You might find you like it. For me, I liked much of it, but also found some of it to be not to my liking. Rather than go into critic mode, I'll leave it at that.

    I'm really glad there are sample tracks. I thought it might be helpful and made the purchase.
  • baloobaloo
    Posts: 7
    I downloaded the Alana tracks... and I think I can safely say that no woman has ever given me so much pleasure...

    To Rumel, Alana, and anyone else who was instrumental in the production of those hypnosessions, thank you for a job EXTREMELY well done. :D
  • MacPCMacPC
    Posts: 12
    I have purchased and enjoyed the HypnAerosession. It is often helpful as an aid to relaxation. I'd like to make some comments and seek input from others, hoping to gain more out of the recordings.

    When I am encouraged to "caress myself" I tend to lose focus. Often the "trance" is broken, when I move my hands. Sometimes I just imagine physically touching my body. This seems to help somewhat to continue feeling tinglings and light twitching. I also note that the specific motions mentioned seem to be designed for a person lying on their back. This pose often limits the mobility of the aneros, because the handle touches the surface I'm lying on. Perhaps I'm just taking the suggestions too literally. Would any other users care to offer advice?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    You are correct, while writing the script, I was thinking the person using their Aneros would be on their back while listening to this recording. Since on the back (see Poll What has been your most effective/favorite position?) is the most frequent position used.

    Many users, including myself, have removed the handles off some of their models to increase mobility and reduce interference, thus enabling a wider range of comfortable use positions. You may wish to see the user Polls Modifications – Tail Removal, How much “handle/tail” did you cut off?, and Modifications to your Aneros Massager for further information.

    It is perfectly OK to just imagine following 'Alana's suggestions, you don't have to literally follow them. The idea here is to get your whole body involved and direct focus away from your penis as a source of sexual pleasure.

    Once you have learned through repeated listenings to easily get into the relaxed state you will no longer need to listen to the guided portion on CD#1 and can just put on CD#2 which doesn't have the guided verbal directions. You will find that one will allow your mind to freely fantasize about anything you like and hence not break out of the trance like relaxed mental state. The binaural beats should help keep you in the correct brain frequency range.
  • edlauedlau
    Posts: 3
    I to would like to hear other CD's like the alan's one. This is a great cd, but my arousal starts to die off after awhile. Do any of you guys have any suggestions or comments on this?
  • edlauedlau
    Posts: 3
    I think that would be great to have other choices to use for arousal during my session. what ealse works for some of you other guys to stay up!
  • [QUOTE=eddy99;77652]Quote Healthyprostate:

    "One suggestion, can you make one with a SWEET "Male" voice for the gay and bisexual users.

    I would purchase it!"

    I say, Great idea! I would buy it too...........
    I agree, I would as well.
  • Purchased download over the weekend, recieved email confirming payment taken but no link which to download it, has anyone had the same problem?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    The Aneros download routine works a bit differently from other download vendors I've used. Possibly to enhance privacy.

    Suggest visit the store's page at this link: -- Aneros Prostate Massager, Prostate Stimulator Stimulation Downloads -- and follow the directions.

    If the link in the email doesn't work, send an email to "support". Have no concern -- they're careful about preserving your personal info. hth .. rook
  • Thank you for your reply, it's a shame the support team are not that quick! Emailed them two days ago, still waiting. Wish me luck.
  • Thank you Rumel for these CDs. Great job! They have been a great help for me.

    As English is not my mother tongue, the first CD with the vocal indications was at first not very effective since I had to focus on what alana was saying which disturbed me. I guess the connexions in my brain are not as direct as it is for English speaking people.
    The second CD works far better for me, I get relaxed very soon and starts to feel p-waves after a few minutes. I really feel I'm in another world while I listen to it, so calm. I only have to focus on what's going in my prostate.

    Does any have the same feedback as mine?
  • I'm very interested in the science behind this effort. To what extent is this cd informed by real hypno-therapeutic practice? Do either of you have a background in hypnotherapy? Also, you mention "brainwave entertainment" tracks and the composition's ability to induce/sustain certain brainwave patterns... Is there any reading you could direct me to about that?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    La petite mort,

    I am not nor do I claim to be a certified or trained hypnotist but I have done some reading about the field. I have used some of the information, techniques and technologies I gleaned from those readings in the production of "HypnAerosession". One of those technologies is brainwave entrainment which is also utilized in 'Kelly Howell's "ECSTASY" CD. You could read this thread for some additional information.

    Another technique employed was subliminal messaging which was further discussed in this thread.
  • I have purchased the hypnaerosession mp3, and it has been very effective (especially after smoking a bowl). I've also enjoyed playing it at low volume in conjunction with regular music (esp jazz or psychadelic music).
  • strongonestrongone
    Posts: 8
    Question: Downloaded the CD for play. Unable to play with my Windows Media Player. Please direct me with the steps needed to secure and play the CD's - I can't wait.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Suggest you try 'iTunes', available as a freeware download from the Apple Computer website atApple - iTunes - Everything you need to be entertained.

  • IdentityIdentity
    Posts: 2
    i just downloaded and am looking forward to using it this evening :)