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Progress comes quickly
    Posts: 70
    Hi all. I posted a few weeks ago how elated I was that after about 2 years I finally achieved a dry O by manually pressing the massager deep and the result was my first dry O. It felt so good I had four sessions on that day. I could not stay away from it.

    The good news is that once you learn what feelings to focus on things get better very quickly. I have since began achieving dry Os without any manual help. All I can say is it's great!

    Today, for the first time, while laying perfectly still and focusing on the feeling of pre-orgasm build-up and the muscle twitching that was was taking place, I had my first dry O while not moving at all - it was subtle but it was there. It even had the feeling of cum flowing. I can't wait until my next session which will be tomorrow. I intend to let the feelings build up on their own for as long as I can stand it.

    For you guys that have not achieved this yet I have to tell you keep trying. It really is true, if you aggressively try to have an orgasm you will just "chase it away". You have to just observe and concentrate on the pleasure derived from the feelings and enjoy where you are in the moment. Things seem to be getting better all on their own.

    I'm excited.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi JIH!

    Congratulations on your newest success!

    Also, what you are saying here is all very true! (The Practice, the mind-set,
    your visualizations and the part about chasing it away are all quite true!)

    Stay on your current Path and by all means, continue to enjoy your Journey!

    Keep it up Man!

    Later, hlaser99