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Helix or Progasm? Have you tried both?
  • ok I have been very curious about the aneros for a while and am ready to try one. My girl and I have played with toys before so I am not worried about the size of either. What I am concerned about is which one will give the most pleasure and hopefully super-o's after getting used to the feeling. For those of you who switched from one model to the progasm, what changed for you? If you have used both the helix and progasm, did you notice a large difference or was the main difference in just the size and "full" feeling?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423
    Hi joesmithjoe,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I have both those models plus the Eupho and the MGX and the new little Peridise toys as well. Both the Helix and the Progasm are effecttive stimulators but for different reasons. IMHO the Helix is the more mobile of the two, being more responsive to muscle contractions, while the Progasm gives a 'fuller' feeling but is not as easily manipulated. It takes stronger, more developed muscles to get the same kind of action out of the Progasm as you can get from the Helix. Of the two, as a first choice, I would definitely recommend the Helix as the starter model over the Progasm.

    I think you may have some misconceptions though about the Aneros massagers. Your query “… which one will give the most pleasure and hopefully super-O’s…”? assumes that one model over another is definitively better. This is simply not the case, each model has its advocates to be sure but only you can determine which one provides the “most pleasure” and in all likelihood that will vary from session to session just as the ability to generate Super-O’s is more a function of your mental state than the Aneros model you are using.
    You asked “For those of you who switched from one model to the Progasm, what changed for you?” Nothing has essentially changed for me, I still use both the Progasm and Helix models, it is mostly a matter of the mood I am in that determines which model I will choose to play with, they are both effective in their own ways.
    You asked “…did you notice a large difference or was the main difference in just the size and "full" feeling?” There is a difference in their feel and action, partially due to the size difference but also due to the design differences and the way they move. These are mainly subtle differences to me but others may feel there are large differences, that is something that is very subjective and individually determined. Your own personal experience is the only one that really matters though and unfortunately you can determine only through actual use of each model what the differences are.

    You might want to read “Choosing a Model” in the WIKI – see and visit the Community Polls section and view these two Polls - before making any model choices, you might want to consider the MGX model as well!
  • Thanks for the response, does the fact that I regularly work out my PC muscles make any difference in what model I should be looking into?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    Well developed PC muscles will be advantageous regardless of the Aneros model you ultimately choose to buy. IMHO a successful Aneros experience is much more a mental exercise than a physical exercise. Your physical abilities when beginning your “rewiring” may or may not hasten your learning curve. Learning about reading your body’s internal language of feelings and sensations is more important than being concerned about your muscular development. The muscle toning and strength will develop naturally with continued massager usage and supplemental Kegel exercises will contribute as well but I believe most of your effort should be directed toward the mental attunement process rather than the muscle development process.
    So given the above information, I don't think your current workout regime should be any factor in choosing an Aneros model.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Hi joesmithjoe!

    And Welcome to the Forum!

    Rumel has this one covered 100%!

    Enjoy your Journey!