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Graphic difference between orgasm types
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Hi all
    I'm a fairly new user and have been fortunate enough to experience an amazing orgasm with my MGX quite early on. It was at my computer and I reached a full hands free orgasm within a few minutes of insertion. I tried to describe the sensation in another post here because the orgasm was quite a different experience from my usual penile orgasm. The pleasure level kicked in early and continued to increase until orgasm. With my usual masturbation to ejaculation the pleasure increases slowly and maxes out just before and during ejaculation.

    I thought I'd do a graphic to try and visually explain the difference in the two different orgasmic experiences for those that haven't managed it yet. I know it takes it all to a bit of a technical level but it demonstrates the difference I felt in the level of pleasure I felt between my usual masturbatory orgasm and what I experienced with my MGX.


    I'll probably be thrown off this forum for presenting it this way but it made sense to me. The scale of 10 at the right is maximum pleasure at time of orgasm and the percentages at the bottom represent time from commencing masturbation to orgasm.

    Anyway, here it is and I hope that it makes sense to those that are interested.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    I don’t know why you think you’ll “probably be thrown off this forum for presenting it this way”, you’ve certainly not said anything to offend anyone or presented any falsehoods. You’ve endeavored to express in a graphical form a rather complex physical/psychological phenomenon involving use of the Aneros massager. While the chart you posted may accurately reflect your particular experience, I believe it may not necessarily represent a typical Aneros session for others but I applaud you for the communicative effort and I think I understand what you are trying to express.
    Nevertheless, I have found my own Aneros sessions to be more of a sinusoidal wave form of line with increasing peak amplitudes (pleasure level scale) along the 0 to 100% time line.
    I think each individual would have his own unique graph and the session to session graphs would also probably change. I know my own sessions can have great variability and are totally unpredictable when I’m going to experience an O or not.
    I think a graph such as yours may tend to influence others into thinking that this is how their Aneros sessions should proceed when in fact there is much more variability in one’s sessions.
    I think we need to be very careful when presenting information in a graphical form as it tends to imply a level of exactitude that may not exist in reality.
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Hi Rumel
    Yes, perhaps I should have said that it only represented my experience and left it at that. It was probably an error of judgement to present a personal experience like that in a forum such as this. It may well create unnecessary expectations for new and (perhaps) more experienced users as you imply.

    From my 8 or 10 total sessions so far, I have had two totally different but very nice experiences with my MGX. The one I graphically illustrated resulted in a hands free (dry?) orgasm in only a few minutes.

    Since getting my MGX and discovering this forum, my conscious thoughts have been dominated by my new discovery. I can barely manage to concentrate on anything else due to my excitement. My two experiences have been so different that I have since spent time trying to quantify the sessions.

    In doing so, it occurred to me that in my first session I was easily able to identify the significant difference between what I had experienced pre MGX to post MGX. Essentially, the difference was in the time between commencing my session and orgasm. It was easy to illustrate graphically. Almost a straight line of increasing pleasure until a fully blown hands free orgasm.

    The second, a few days later, lasted for almost 1 and a 1/2 hours but didn't result in an orgasm as such. Intense pleasure during contractions but no conclusion so to speak. It's hard to explain but in a way it left me a tad frustrated and I had to finish myself off manually. I suspect there was something beyond the pleasure I experience by way of relief and satisfaction but I just couldn't reach it.

    If I placed undue expectation in anyones mind I apologise unreservedly, that was not my intention. My intention was to help not to hinder.

    Cheers all
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey mrbater!

    I always try to say that orgasm is personal experience, although doctors and scientists try to explain everything and draw charts, divide it in to phases and so on, reality remains - orgasm is a variable, not a constant. It is difficult and I can even say impossible to measure a feeling, how do you measure love or happiness? You can only relate, what you are feeling now to what you have felt before and say well this feeling feels more intense and I can say that I feel happier or I feel more love than I did ever before or in this case you say I feel an orgasm that is unlike anything I ever felt.

    It is all in relation to you, so you should let other people find within them what their body can experience, presenting charts and setting standards in my opinion is wrong thing to do since people have a tendency to relate themselves to those charts and if their experience is different but unique they think they are going in the wrong direction.

    I hope you understand what we mean to say.

    There is so much more to orgasmic experience, I am experiencing multiple orgasms for four years and I can achieve them in many ways but I feel that every orgasm I felt is unique.

    Trust me every orgasm you have felt is also unique and you will never feel the same orgasm ever again, in fact everything in your life goes same way you never feel same way, you think you do but you do not, our mind marks feelings same way but every feeling is unique, enjoy each one since it is the only time you feel it. :)
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35
    I have also pictured it as a graph. A bar graph. But not showing the difference but actually showing my whole life experience.

    With where I am now, on a graph range of 1-100, I would say my past started out around 10 then, for the next 25 years gradually worked up to around 40. Then came the aneros device and 40 JUMPED to around 70 in a two week period! Then, in the following year, has been steadily increasing to around 90...

    And wouldn't you know it? I still haven't even experienced a true, full body, non-ejaculatory Super Orgasm.

    Been having so much fun and pleasure, guess I'm just not ready yet. But I do expect it's not going to much longer before it completely JUMPS OFF THE CHART.

    Would make an interesting forum feature to compile everybody's input on their life experience before and after Aneros and show it on a graph. Could have two or three past and future trends to track. Including length of pleasure, rating of last orgasm, etc.