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First Super O ? and A Couple Of Questions
  • boxersbearboxersbear
    Posts: 2
    I think I have finally experianced my first super O. You guys tell me what you think. I started out with my mgx lubed up and inserted and me on my stomach doing my regular light contractions. I was getting my usually tingling in my legs and balls when I started some anal twitiching. Felt real good. Then they got more intense and my buttock started to clenched hard and tight and before I knew it I was moaning, groaning, and humping the bed so hard I was bouncing off the bed. I was making sounds I never made before and in a world I have never been too before. I was unaware of my surroundings. The closest thing I could say to explain it was almost an out of body experiance. This went on I would say for about five minutes or so. REAL intense. Then it settled down. I tried again but never could get back to the same place. I had a couple of small O's after that. Some intense enough that I felt I was close to ejaculating but nothing like what happened before.

    The thing is I thought that you were suppose to relax but everything I was experiancing was anything but relaxing. In fact my butt was a little sore the next day as was my rectum. Is this "normal" or is there really a "normal" when we talk about our experiances with the aneros? Also I have a small hemoroid that flared up. Which brings me to my next question. I have the Peridise whch came with two sizes, one with a small head and another with a larger one. I have never really gotten much out of using either of them. Not sure if I'm using them right or not, but I remember reading that they were originally meant to be used for treatment of hemoroids. Can anyone help me with how to use them for that or how to use them for mini o's or even big ones?

    Thanks again for all the posts here. They sure have helped me on my journey with the aneros.
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey boxersbear! Happy to see you enjoying aneros.

    Now about the super "O" seems like people keep asking same question in the same way hehe it sounds something like this - I was using aneros and then I got in to some amassing feelings with an orgasms so intense that I lost track of time and everything else it lasted minutes and I have never felt anything like it.
    Please tell me was that a "Super Orgasm"? :D Answer is - yes it was!

    There is no specific set standard for supper "O" there is no ruler by witch it is measured so big "O" is relative to you. If you felt your "new" type of orgasm was better and more pleasurable than the ones you had before then you had the big "O".

    You will notice that as you begin to explore orgasms you find that what seemed like super big "O" seems "medium" or "small" compared to what you experience later. It is all relative to you as an individual.

    I bring this up i this way because I feel that sometimes people compare their results to what they think they should be experiencing, ignoring what their "self" is trying to express.

    I think this applies - "Follow your bliss".

    I am happy to see you on the forums we are all open and friendly here, and will give any advice we can.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    boxersbear, welcome...

    BoP is absolutely correct.. You had a Super-O !! Only each person truly knows in their mind and body what is happening, but other members do try and help as much as possible.

    It is very normal to get a little sore in the beginning, and it should go away, but if it does not, then give the Aneros a rest for a few days.

    I cannot help you on the Peridise, as I dont have one yet. You noticed I said yet!! :D
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    It certainly sounds like you experienced a Super-O to me. Congratulations!
    The concept of relaxation IMHO is to get you into the mind/body state for the orgasmic process to take hold. Once you are in the throes of an orgasm your muscles may go into strenuous spasms, you may experience extreme intra-muscular tensions to the point of physical rigidity for parts of your body. In other words once you’ve gone orgasmic you can forget about trying to stay relaxed, just enjoy the ride! If you experience a particularly intense session, I would not be surprised at all about sore muscles, I know I’ve had them.
    The question of normalcy is problematic when it comes to orgasms, as has been often stated on this Forum your orgasm can come in many sizes, flavors and colors. What you get in any particular session is unpredictable.
    With regards to the Peridise massager, you may wish to check out the following :
    for more information.
  • Thanks guys for the great response. I had thought what my session was like wasn't out of the ordinary but affirmation is a good thing. Before I had my super O I had experianced some very very good sensations but the super O was deinately different. It was full body and I lost track of time and wasn't able (not that I really wanted to :lol: ) control it. The mini o's I had afterwards were pleasurable but no where near as all consuming as the big one was.
    thank you rumel for the peridise links. I will give it a try and post back if it indeed helps with my hemoriods.

    With the aneros being a device that one doesn't just 'strap on" or plug into it's great to have this forum with such understanding and helpful people on here. Thanks again.