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  • thewanterthewanter
    Posts: 15
    I am a new user (4 weeks or so) who would appreciate some comments on how things have progressed with my MGX.

    As far as the lube I found that the ID Glide was absorbed into the anal tissue too quickly and made the MGX uncomfortable to remove. My solution is to add additional lube only to the MGX with ID Millenium. Is there any down side to using both at the same time?

    Last night I went to bed prepared for some pleasure and found that it just didn't feel right. I rolled over on my side and just sort of let things float with no effort. I drifted off and awoke an hour later. Things had changed I was ready to go. I have worked hard on my sphincter contractions in concert with deep breathing and so away we went. I can't always tell if the sensations are coming from the perineum or the prostate itself, but it was great My limbs were shaking every which way I was breathing hard and I just couldn't stop. Fifteen minutes later I was completely spent. It took me a while to catch my breath and when I had I did not really feel satisfied. I observed I had produced little or no pre-cum. Is this normal?

    I decided to finish myself off by masturbating and when I did I realized that the sensations at the end of my Aneros session were basically the same as when I ejaculated.

    I am also happy to report that I have seen an improvement in my ability to obtain an maintain an erection (I justed turned 60 and have had problems the last couple of years). Should I expect this to continue?

    Thanks for your help!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi thewanter!

    What you describe is a quite normal progression in your Journey in the early stages!

    I sometimes inject a liquid lube (whatever's on sale!) and use Albolene on the Aneros itself, but usually the Albolene is ALL I need???

    I use Albolene, which I buy at the local drugstore in the women's cosmetics section! Although it is used by women to remove makeup,
    it has been used widely by the porn industry as a good cheap lube! It is slick and lasts a long time! (about $10 for a large 16 oz. jar)

    Some will get pre-cum and some don't I didn't early-on and developed this as I progressed; I now have some pre-cum at every session . . .

    As you get used to your Anerios sessions, you shouldn't really feel "spent". (only after a traditional orgasm!) As a matter of fact,
    I feel kind of happy and energized after mine!

    If you are having better erections, GOOD FOR YOU! Some do and some don't??? Go figure???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey thewanter!

    In general I say that if you did not feel any pain or uncomfortable feelings your response is positive normal. Thing is any response your body gives is normal for your body so it not a solid ground to discuss it in this way. Try to go along the lines of did I enjoy this session? yes or no. If no then explain to yourself why and you will see what can be done to improve it, if you say yes then say why and you can then see what made you feel good so that you can work on that.

    People tend to think that their body is in "general" the same as any other, but reality is we all are very different how different? Well there are people immune to radiation and radiation improves their immune system, while other develop allot of problems when exposed to radiation. This as far as I know is not explained but fact remains.

    Look at your body as unique system and everything it does is normal and only when you see it reporting problems in forms of uncomfortable feelings or pain then you can look for ways to help it deal with particular problem if faces.

    If you do not ejaculate after multi orgasmic experience you will feel full of energy just as hlaser99 says. In fact I rarely ejaculate at all. What happens with ejaculation is you release the energy you built while having multi orgasmic experience you let the energy flow. All you need to do is to change your attention from it and you will not drop in energy level.

    As always I offer to practice not ejaculation and staying in some aroused state for some time and at least ejaculate in few minutes after this session, this helps you look at pleasure in a different way.
  • thewanterthewanter
    Posts: 15
    I appreciate your responses. I am learning to follow what feels good and not try to force anything.
    I have taken a much more relaxed approach to my experimentation, such as trying not to tense the large muscles in my legs as I would while masturbating. I just try to enjoy the pleasureable sensations and encourage them gently.

    This weekend I had what may have been my first release of fluid from my prostate. I just felt a small amount of fluid pass.

    This morning I had a mini-o and I felt my first involuntary contractions.

    I will just be patient and enjoy the pleasures.