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My experience and advice needed
  • vigorvigor
    Posts: 6
    Hello everyone.

    I have now had the Helix now for 6 months during which time ive had experimented quite a bit. Unfortunately im not that much closer to the super O but thought id still share my experiences so far.

    First of all id just like to outline some of my observations about my body. My first few attempts with the Helix were very uneventful as many user tend to find. None the less, the rewiring process took/is taking place. My rewiring presented itself through sudden realisation of “activity, lust, slight pleasure” around my prostate, usually when sitting at my desk. It progressed to what I would describe as light throbbing/spasms of the prostate itself and a more deeper throbbing of the surrounding muscles almost as if in synchronisation of my heartbeat. I am not sure whether I have completed my rewiring or only part of the way through it but thought is was important to describe some of these sensations.

    The biggest mystery for me has always been the contractions. Ive reached the point where I can get pleasure by contracting various strengths, holding a contraction or doing nothing at all. All of which feel slightly differently (good but different). At this point I am lost as to which technique to pursue.

    I have achieved a dry O many months ago (3-4) but have not come close to it since. The technique i used to get there was simply on my right side, knees slightly bent holding a light contraction and relaxing. The feelings were that of building pressure in my prostate with clear plateau stages. I felt a constant level of pressure which eventually jumped up to a higher level of pressure (perhaps just a 1 second process) and remained at that level for a while before jumping to the next. My mental focus at the time was what i would describe as moderate concentration on the pressure and pleasure on my prostate while trying to remain relaxed and certainly not fight and reactions my body was providing. My penis was rock hard during all this and eventually after about 1.5hours the pressure built up until I starting having a dry O. The same muscles were engaged as during ejaculation and it felt amazing. After 45 mins of on constant dry O I had an appointment I needed to keep however the dry O had no signs of stopping. I eventually had to masturbate which quickly resulted in the best wet orgasm with the underlying dry O still going. It was as if I was having 2 Os at the same time.

    Almost 4 months on now and I haven’t even come close to achieving that again. I have however about 2 months ago achieved 2 mini Os on my first attempt at the extended male deer exercises (without the Helix).

    Im not quite sure that I get involuntaries as other users describe them. There are times where the aneros does move on its one, however they are infrequent and only ever form any kind of rhythm on rare occasions. I’m not sure however if the throbbing feelings can be classed as involuntaries?

    I would also like to mention that my body seems to crave the helix after a day or too. However the longer my session runs for the less pleasure i feel and eventually i feel no pleasure at all. Almost as if the helix drains that craving and lust. I end my sessions feeling great but with little sexual energy left.

    Ive tried so many techniques, positions and mental attitudes but just cant seem to get back to the dry Os or beyond. My mini Os and dry O would have me believe that my body is ready but for some reason i just cant seem to get there.

    In closing i ask for any help and advice as I am almost out of ideas.
  • leonickleonick
    Posts: 3
    Hi Vigor, I was interested in what you wrote about your experiences with the Helix. I know what you mean that it seems to run out of steam the longer you use it, I find the same thing if I use it for, say, more than an hour at a time. Today I had my second super O using the Helix, here's what's worked for me.

    I've had good results priming myself with the MGX first, for about an hour or longer. I lie on my right side, kind of fetal position, and I start slow anal contractions. I alternate between these and short periods of abdominal panting. As well, I periodically do a slow rectal contraction while simultaneously bearing down on the abdomen, and, at the same time, adding slight anal contractions AND slight, brief panting. I find that when I release from this the Aneros kind of jumps to life. Focusing on the Aneros going deeper and deeper in is helpful for me, and so is fantasizing about some really erotic situation. After about an hour or more, I take a break, maybe just a bathroom break, then I haul out the Helix and do the same things I've mentioned. Sometimes I lie on my back for a while, with my knees bent, and work the Aneros in the same way. I find that the sensations I experience are not as acute when I'm in that position, but if I can get to a heightened state of excitement and sensitivity when I'm on my back, it's amazing when I go back onto my right side again. Sometimes bringing my arms towards my head, arching my back and doing a bit of a twist of my torso provide really nice sensations. Making slight adjustments to the position and angle of my bum works too. I find that trying to get to the destination is counterproductive for me, instead I try to relax into allowingness. When things start to get good, I try to maintain the contractions and the panting, but in a relaxed way.

    I hope this helps, best of luck in enjoying your Helix.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi vigor!

    Interesting post!

    There IS one thing you have over some others out there, in that you have experienced mini's
    and what sounds like a very sweet super-O to me???

    My suggestion would be to keep doing what your doing and time will end your "dry spell"
    as it does for me and others!

    Over the past few years, each time I experience a "dry spell" it is always followed
    (down the road a ways) by an even better sexual plateau, of a higher level!

    IMHO, these are a good thing! I also believe it is an integral part of the re-wiring
    and growing process???

    Myself and others say "now that I a fully re-wired" . . . well, I wonder if we are "ever"
    FULLY re-wired??? One school of thought could be: "If you are not in a constant
    state of re-wiring, you are not progressing???" (as in the re-wiring changes in our neural net!)

    Hmmmm, Makes me wonder???

    Later, Hlaser99