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Aneros SGX and other questions
  • Mrsmith007Mrsmith007
    Posts: 13
    Hey everyone. I have never used the aneros before, and was considering the SGX. Now it says for people 5'6 or shorter, I'm 5'7. Opinions?

    Also, the other night I tried using a very small vibrator (2 inches long, and quite thin no joke). I only got it in like half an inch also and that felt a little painful. Now I tried this while masterbating, and with it only in a minute I felt kind of a weird warm/tingling sensation in my lower stomach before I came. I haven't felt anything like it before. It felt well different but on the good side. So does this give you the impression that with using something as small as that the aneros would really work good for me?

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240

    It is going to be very hard for anybody to truly tell you exactly which Aneros will be correct for you. The SGX may me great for you, but If your 5'7" I think the MGX may be OK also.

    You mentioned that you only placed a little vibrator about 1/2" inside your butt and felt some slight pain, my suspicion is that you were very tense and were not relaxed at all... this is always one of the problems with new users to anal play.

    If you got a small buzz or tingling sensation with that little vibrator, then you will probably love an Aneros, and may be one of the guys that gets to the Super-O's relatively fast, but one never knows for sure. :D

    I hope that helps