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My first week - Any suggestions?
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I received my Helix last week, on Friday, and I've been experimenting with it a bit since then.
    It's been I think 3 proper sessions, one time having sex with it in, and one time regular masturbation with it in.

    Sex with it in was nothing special, but it was only a quickie, and I hadn't had much experience with the Aneros at that time.

    Masturbating with it in was quite good. I was looking at some porn online, and 'edging' for maybe 45 minutes or so. The resulting orgasm was a bit better than my usual non-Aneros orgasms.
    The ejaculate was thinner too, almost watery.

    The proper sessions are the most interesting by far.

    The first session was on the night that it arrived. I'm not new to anal play, so there wasn't any real discomfort or uneasiness involved.
    My partner was present, and masturbating too, so I was a little distracted from concentrating entirely on my own feelings and experiences.
    I didn't find that I had much awareness of the aneros touching my prostate, but I could definitely feel the P-Tab doing something good. It was sort of like being pinched gently in the perenium from inside the anus and from the outside.
    Having my partner there with me made me a little embarassed or inhibited about really getting into the experience, and although the wiki says not to stimulate the penis at all, I found I wanted to masturbate and that the sensations in doing so were greater than they usually are without the Aneros. There was significantly more pre-cum than I usually get when masturbating without the Aneros.
    When I climaxed, there was more ejaculate, and it was expelled with greater force than normal.
    Also, the anal contractions that come with orgasm seemed to trigger the Aneros into action, and it successfully amplified and extended them for maybe twice or three times the length of time they normally last for.
    During that extra time I found myself in a strange headspace, sort of giggling and sobbing at the same time. It was a good experience. Maybe this is the Super-T I've read about on the wiki.

    The second session was a few days later. I'd had the quickie with the Aneros in in between times.
    This time I used a small syringe to try to get more lube into my rectum so that the Aneros could be suspended in fluid like it says in the wiki. The first time I'd just lubed up with a finger.
    The lube wasn't too keen to go in via the syringe though, and most of it ended up on the towel underneath me instead.
    There's not much to say about this session since it was the least interesting of the three.
    I think I became a little more aware of the feeling of the Aneros against my prostate, and I experimented a bit with various muscular contractions making the Aneros move.
    Again there was plenty of pre-cum, and I finished off with traditional orgasm. The Aneros didn't catch hold of the anal contractions of the orgasm as well this time though. There still seemed to be more ejaculate than normal though.

    The third sessions was last night. Saturday night. I'd masturbated with the Aneros in a couple of days before.
    This time my partner didn't join me until maybe five or ten minutes into the session. This gave me time to really concentrate on what I was feeling, and get more 'into the groove' of it all.
    I lubed up with the syringe again this time, and actually got a fair bit of lube to stay inside this time.
    With the Aneros inserted I worked on holding an anal/kegel contraction at about 50% pressure until my muscles began to twitch by themselves. Good plan! This really worked well for me.
    I found that the Aneros moved a lot with these twitches and spasms, and that in turn generated more.
    After a little while I found that my hips and legs started to shudder and shake too, resulting in me sort of humping the air (I've been on my back during all these sessions by the way.).
    This was all semi-involuntary movement, and it felt very good.
    There was a lot of pre-cum this time too, and I started to accumulate a little puddle of it on my belly.
    My penis would bounce up and down with some of the contractions and thrusting, resulting in it slapping or rubbing against my belly in the pool of pre-cum. This felt nice, but I was a little concerned that it might constitute stimulation of the penis which is said to be a bad idea because it draws attention and feeling away from what's going on in other areas. I didn't worry about it too much though because I could still feel the Aneros going at it quite well.
    I tried having my legs in different positions. Bent up with feet flat on the bed, straight out, and bent with feet in the air. Each possition gave slightly different feelings, but all were good. I found that I felt the pressure of the P-Tab most forcefully when my feet were on the bed.
    After about an hour of this session my partner was worn out, so I decided to finish off with a traditional penis orgasm.
    The ejaculate was expelled with greater force than normal (Or should I say the old style), and again there was more of it too. The Aneros picked up the contractions a little bit this time. More than in the second session, but less than the first.
    After the orgasm had subsided I found that I could still feel the Aneros gently massaging inside me and it still felt quite nice.

    I don't quite think I was having Super-Os in that last session, but something special was definitely going on.
    I wouldn't really call it dry-orgasms either since my belly and penis were quite wet with pre-cum...
    Good times. I'm looking forward to my next session.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I've had another couple of sessions since my last post, with similar results.

    I'm still wondering about the leg shaking and hip thrusting that happens though. It feels good, but it has a similarity in feeling to the sensations of striving towards an orgasm when masturbating.
    Do you think this might be detrimental to my progress on the path of Super-O?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Your reported experiences are quite normal and typical of those reported by many others. It sounds like you are experimenting nicely and being attentive to the feelings, sensations and signals your body is conveying to you. Keep with the focused attention and subtly mentally encourage those feelings to build without hammering them with overly strong contractions.
    The leg shaking and hip thrusting are also perfectly natural reactions to orgasmic arousal and are not detrimental to your progress, I would advise that you NOT try to suppress those in any way. Trying to suppress those physical responses may shut down and short circuit the arousal amplification cycle that leads to the Super-O.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Greetings Fuzzy!

    I agree with Rumel 100%, on his suggestions!

    I have found for some time that what ever occurs "naturally" shouldn't be stifled in any way! Just set it free and let it go wherever it wants,
    including those vocalizations that come form deep within! (I am a hip thruster myself! LOL!)

    Just stay on your current Path and all things will come with time and experience!

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser99