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Newbie - my first session using the Helix
  • wolf98wolf98
    Posts: 2
    I appreciate the feedback of this forum, it helped me prepare for my first session. Not much to report for my first time but i do have some questions.

    I read here that using a lubricated comdom along with a generous amount of lube helps the movement of the Aneros device, so i did use one. I also lubed about every 20 minutes, my session lasted about an hour and a half. I didn't get the sensation that the Helix was hitting my prostrate very much. I started on my side, (bottom leg straight, top leg bent in), then moved to my back. I varied my contractions from lightly to very hard, but i didn't feel much of anything. I walked around and did the contractions, and even bent over a little but didn't fell much that way either. While on my back the tab pushed on my Perineum pretty hard, but i didn't get any feeling of arousal.

    So i layed on my stomach, and i actually liked this better. I felt something all over but not in one particular place, certainly not my Prostate. I didn't get the feeling of the need to pee like one of the milestones suggest. It felt more like i was "screwing" myself while in this position, which was very nice. I started to get tired of contracting my sphincter, so i masturbated and finished off.

    should i do without the condom? Will i feel the Helix hitting my Prostate better this way. Is maybe the Helix the wrong device for me? Should i go with a bigger? I don't regularly have anal play but i didn't have any problem taking in the Helix

    Maybe a dumb Question about my contractions; should it feel like i am trying to suck the Helix in? I didn't get a lot of pivot on the Perineum, the Helix was all of the way in. I could feel the Abutment pushing on me but like i mentioned before, no arousal.

    Oh i forgot to mention, while on my back i did have a little arousal, (erection) but i felt more while on my back. I know the votes state on the back is most popular, but does anyone like laying on their somachs best?

    I am looking forward to my next trial, i will be patient, but any suggestion before i try again will greatly appreciated.

    Oh on last thing, what is the best cleaner for my "Toy"?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi wolf98,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I’ll give you my opinion in regards to your questions, just remember they’re opinions, not any gospel.
    “Should I do without the condom?” – Yes, I have tried that method and felt there was no advantage in terms of movement but it does make clean-up slightly easier, but does not increase the prostate’s sensitivity.
    “Is maybe the Helix the wrong device for me? Should i go with a bigger?” - No, there is a tendency to think that bigger models will result in much more intense feelings, I think that as you awaken your prostate even the smallest units will produce intense feelings (read about Darwin’s encounters with his petite Peridise model), so in that respect learning with your Helix should work quite well.
    “Should it feel like I am trying to suck the Helix in?” - Yes and No, anal sphincter and PC contractions tend to pull the Aneros inward, rectal contractions tend to push the massager outwards. It is probably better to think of your massager as an arousal amplification device rather than an arousal creator. If you're not sexually aroused to begin your session then it is most likely going to be a dud session. Arousal is a key component to deriving pleasure from your new toy, but the toy itself is not the arousal source.
    “…but does anyone like laying on their stomachs best?” - Yes, unfortunately, Tripper’s Poll did not include the stomach position but a few members did cite that position as a favorite in their responses. Any position that gives you pleasurable results is good to use in developing your techniques.
    “…any suggestion before I try again will be greatly appreciated.” - Yes, read the WIKI sections "Aneros Basics", "Getting Started” & "The Super-O".
    “Oh on last thing, what is the best cleaner for my "Toy"?" - I recommend antibacterial hand soap and hot water, rinse well and dry.
  • wolf98wolf98
    Posts: 2
    thank you very much rumel for your reply, i'll check out the Wiki like you suggested before i try again. I guess i was so concerned with techigue, and results i wasn't tuned-in to what i should be feeling.

    Question, how long can i leave the Helix in? What if i accidentaly fall asleep with it in? How often should i lube-up while i have it in?

    Thanks again for your help...

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    “…how long can i leave the Helix in?” – There’s no prescribed time limits, as long as you are getting pleasurable results with no discomfort or fatigue you can go for hours, but I would recommend sessions of about 45 min.-1hr. max. initially to get well accustomed to your new toy.
    “What if i accidentaly fall asleep with it in?” – Just take it out when you wake up. The manufacturer does not recommend that you sleep with it in and I concur with that advice.
    “How often should i lube-up while i have it in?” – I usually lube up once and am able to go several hours without needing to re-lube.
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey Rumel!

    Everything that happened to you is ok and I felt pretty much same way when just started, in fact unless your experience is in any way unpleasant you are on the right track. In regards to position I prefer not to recommend anything specific since everyone is different and sometimes it feels much better in one position while other time it's different sort of goes from session to session.
    Condom is something I personally did not try can't say anything about it, I say just wash your hands and aneros well before use and that should be more than enough if internal use makes you wonder.

    I feel that you do not need to do allot of contractions try putting stress on the muscles and holding it(not hard though) you will see that after few seconds they begin to vibrate sort of, and that vibration is what you should try to keep going.

    if you do not feel aroused try to get in the mood before you start the session maybe get close to ejaculation and stop watch videos this will help you.

    Aneros usually hits the spot and many say they feel that it does not, well if you never stimulated prostate before you probably do not know how it feels. It is sort of numb feeling and it does not respond sharply as lets say your skin. i suggest for you to get inside with your fingers and explore a bit you can partially touch it without any problems and you will get the feeling of it being stimulated.

    Good luck.