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New user Helix and Progasm problems
  • Hi I am a new user and have bought both, I believe I'm preparing myself in the right way, I am very relaxed and take it slow to start but I just am not getting anything pleasurable out of either. It just doesn't feel like they are touching my prostate. I tried the progasm for the first time today and my first question is why is it so long if the prostate is only 3/4 cm's up? To me it feels like it is too long, it went all the way in but I got pain at the top inside so had to remove it, I now feel a bit of discomfort deep inside me.

    I'm a bit concerned as to why it isn't working, and I really don't want to cause any harm to my body.

    Any advice? Is it the way it has to be inserted? (after half way inserted I do let my body take it in naturally)