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Have any of you ever tried...
  • Mrsmith007Mrsmith007
    Posts: 13
    Using a massage wand with G-spot attachment? I know that this is very popular with women, but looks like it would work for the male prostate as well.
  • Big GuyBig Guy
    Posts: 22
    I have used that combo, and it can really bring about a strong full body orgasm. By varying the vibrations between hi and lo, thrusting slow, fast, or not at all, or a rocking massage type movement, (similar to Aneros contractions), you can have a pretty interesting experience ;-). It was a fun way to get started with prostate/anal stim to orgasm, especially if you have issues with relaxing deeply, or staying focused intensely enough to experience the more subtle arousals that occur from slow, non-vibrating p-stim, etc. For me, the difference between using the wand and attachment, and using something like the Aneros is like the difference between having a "quickie" vs. a long satisfying night of love making... ;-). There's nothing wrong with either one, but it all depends on what you're looking for. :-) Give it a try, and report back :-)
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I've actually had orgasms from externally using a massage wand on my prostate / perenium area. These were actually intense prostate orgasms that caused me to ejaculate - which is rare. I learned this before I ever used an Aneros, and now with the Aneros I can occasionally get these too. I apparently can't do them at will, but they are delicious when they happen. It happened to me about a week ago, after trying for several months.