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BIG perineum, little perineum tab... :-(
  • Big GuyBig Guy
    Posts: 22
    I received a Progasm last week, and so far I am enjoying it, (I used to use a hard vibrator for p-massage purposes prior to the Progasm). There is only one problem- I am a "large", (read: FAT), guy, and my perineum is a little more expansive than the average guy. I am able to manipulate the perineum "sweet spot" manually, (so I know where it is), but unfortunately the Progasm perineum tab comes nowhere close to reaching that spot :-(. One of two things would be helpful- 1) a Progasm, (or any model Aneros), with a longer distance on the arm between the base of the unit, and the bend where the tab is, or, 2) possibly an angle greater than 90 degrees on the perineum tab so that it extends farther up toward the scrotum. I'm sure, (well, mostly sure... ), that there must be other XXL sized guys who are experiencing similar issues, and who might benefit from a "Plus Size" perineum tab line of Aneros products ;-).

    In the meantime, can anyone offer any suggestions that would help in getting that extra perineum stimulation while still maintaining the wonderful "hands free" aspect of the Progasm, (aside from finding a willing and caring partner ;-) )?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Hi Big Guy,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    The problem of developing a good fit for the P-tab has been discussed in numerous threads. Short of making non-reversible structural modifications (a risky proposition), two ideas come to mind.
    First, consider using a hot glue gun to do a build-up on top of the existing P-tab ball, this might get you close enough to your ‘sweet spot’ to be effective.
    Second, you could attempt to fabricate an extension arm from a plastic rod also hot glued to the existing P-tab arm.
    These two modifications are easily reversible to reinstate your Progasm to its original configuration.
    There is another modification described in the WIKI for a more permanent (but not easily reversible) alteration, see - for more details.

    The simplest solution might be to try, upon insertion of your Progasm, to position the P-tab arm as close to your ‘sweet spot’ as possible and see if that can provide sufficient stimulation. I still have not found my ‘sweet spot’ so maybe you don’t need to be overly concerned about reaching it.

    I hope this helps.
  • Big GuyBig Guy
    Posts: 22
    Hey Rumel, thanks for the welcome, and info!
    I did take a look at the wiki, and for now, (I've only had the Progasm for a week), I'll stay away from making any changes that may be permanent/deleterious to the Progasm itself. I'll experiment with positioning, etc. for awhile, (patience is a virtue... ;-)), and see what happens. I would consider finding a way to fabricate a removable extension, but I wouldn't want to do anything that might lead to sharp, irregular, or gouged surfaces. I was encouraged to hear that you haven't found it necessary to engage the perineum sweet spot for yourself, (I assume that you've had no trouble with eventually experiencing the various levels of orgasm/pleasure as a result?). Maybe I could just stop worrying about it, at least until I've been using it much longer ;-).
    In the meantime, I would still like to hear from anyone experiencing the specific issue I am, (p-tab shaped for normal weight men, and doesn't cover heavier men), just to hear what else might be do-able. And I still think some thought might be given to a "plus sized" p-tab line of Aneros ;-). Thanks again!