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Involentaries Turned Into Dry Os!
    Posts: 70
    Good news. I have been trying to achieve an orgasm of any kind for about 2 years - no luck. It seemed none of the several devices I purchased would quite find the right spot. The PS New came close. I heated the handle and P-tab of the PS New and bent them backward allowing for deeper penetration. I felt something new when ever I clenched the PS New tightly. It felt like cum was being pushed out. It felt great. The involuntaries began as usual. I have been having involuntary spasms for quite a while. But this time with every involuntary it felt like a little cum was being pushed out. It felt great too. I was breathing very hard and I had a rapid heart beat. I reached down and pressed the PS New just a little deeper then BAM! The involuntary spasms immediately turned into dry orgasms. I could not believe what was happening. I must have had 10 or 12 orgasms before I ran out of breath and just had to stop. Now that I have caught my breath I am going to hit it again. Anyone have any recommendations on a longer device? I am thinking about the Maximus. Is it the longest?
    Posts: 70
    I went back for try#2 after about a 1 hour break. I had the same thing happen as on the first try except I got tired quickly. I had about 6 intense dry Os that got weaker as I became tired.

    I took a 30 minute break and hit it again. I was able to achieve the first dry O in about 2 minutes after insertion. I became tired quickly. I had about 6 Os in about a minute and it left me exhausted.

    I took another 30 minute break (this IS addicting) and hit it a 4th time. I noticed something very nice. The Os began to come about 30 seconds after insertion but this time they came when when I released my grip not when I clenched. Also, I did not have to clench near as hard. A subtle clench and release would trigger an O. I did this generating 10 or 12 Os and I became so exhausted I had to stop.

    The muscles I was clenching and releasing was every muscle in my anus and anal area including the muscle you normally clench when you are trying to stop urine flow. I think this is the same muscle that tightens down during a traditional orgasm and I think this is the muscle that must be clenched to achieve the dry O. I think it was a combination of my anal muscles forcing the massager against my prostate and that muscle that finally produced the dry O. The anus had to be clenched to force the massager up into the right position. I had to help it manually.

    Who knew orgasms could be so exhausting? Maybe is was all the extreme heavy breathing, high heart beat rate, and thrashing around in the bed. This has been a real breakthrough day. This evening my SO came over and I had a traditional orgasm. I cannot wait to recoup and hit the massager again. I may try a Maximus. Has anyone experienced anything like what I describe?

    By the way, the dry O feels almost like a traditional orgasm and it feels almost like cum is flowing, but you can tell it is not. Also, you know right away, during the series of orgasms, that there is the possibility to keep going indefinatly. At least until your muscles just get too tired to carry on. It's very nice.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    JIH said:

    Who knew orgasms could be so exhausting?

    Yes, I have remarked on that fact a few times, but typically no one ever responds. Long series of intense orgasms can leave me somewhat weak. Sometimes afterwards if I lean over to pick something up I start getting dizzy. Make sure you drink tons of water and take a multivitamin. Actually something I've found that really helps me recouperate is to drink V8 or make it into a virgin mary.

    Don't over do your orgasms - you can over do them. Your body can only take so much. Learn your healthy limits.
    Posts: 70
    Should have had a V-8 :D

    Now, everytime I see someone having a V-8, I'll think of this.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi JIH!

    Congratulations on your huge success!!!

    All the things you are experiencing are ALL normal parts of the O-Zone!

    Vitamins, including lots of Fish-Oil, would help, IMHO! (some use sports drinks too, but I don't need the salt???)

    As you get used to your "new groove", you will learn how to relax more and keep more even breaths; this should help with endurance, as well!

    In other words . . . at some point your body takes over the contractions and you can just relax and breathe and let your body do the rest! (Great Ride in Auto-Pilot!)

    Congrats again!

    Later, Hlaser99