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Notes from the backdoor
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    So, a long time lurker here, finally deciding to breech the silence and join the community. I've been reading the forums off and on since last July, and bought a helix last December. It has been an interesting and enlightening journey so far, and I'm looking forward to more exploration in the future.

    I'd like to share some thoughts and techniques here as the more coinage is thrown into the pot, the more there is for everyone else to enjoy and partake from. YMMV with following these suggestions, as I've found mixed results from others ideas; like is oft mentioned here, experiment often and find what is right for you.

    Warm up
    - the aneros directions mention 10-15 minutes of relaxation after insertion. I've found that a very hot bath replaces this for myself. Some like a shower, but I've found that full immersion of the anus, testicles and penis in hot (don't burn or injure yourself) water for 8-10 minutes really helps relax everything. Feel free to play around with yourself with or without extra erotica; I'll often stimulate the nipples which hands-free excites me into an erection and often mini-O's. This hot bath should also include your lube bottle and the aneros itself. Immersed for 10 minutes in warm to hot water, the aneros won't feel like a stranger when you go to insert it. Plus, after soaking everything in hot water for that long, the area is *very* relaxed. I hop onto bed, lube up and insert, and I'm getting great prostate dancing almost immediately.

    - prior to the bath some good pr0n that you enjoy can be watched/read, or during. I've found that either hand stimulation or not to your penis, it is good either way. But some arousal beforehand is helpful, if but to help keep you aroused into your session.

    Getting going
    - good pr0n of your choosing can be helpful to start up and maintain arousal, especially if a beginner to the aneros. I remember early on, the mental connections of this type of pleasurable stimulation just weren't there or enough to keep me turned on. If you have a laptop, this is a good way to bring your videos to your bed (put the video on loop so you don't have to restart if it reaches the end). Of course, this is for solo sessions, a well-trusted partner is the penultimate outer arousal method.

    Working the aneros
    - I've read a lot about people worried about having erections or not. I would not fret over this. I have both physical states many times throughout a session. However, when I am really getting aroused via my prostate, I will garner a strong erection. I've found the trick, through practice, is to not squeeze or manipulate the aneros too forcefully at this point. Allow your mind to understand you are being sexually turned on by these feelings, which will often feel different than when ejaculation is going through your penis. I've found you shouldn't try for "that" type of feeling; don't get me wrong, strong grasping of the aneros such as happens when you do ejaculate, feels great. But I've found that the erection subsides shortly after that. Focus on the internal feelings again and allow your mind to accept the new sexual feelings and I think you'll find your erection back and hard again. I've had super-O's lasting 8 minutes with rock hard drooling penis.

    Understand your sessions
    - if you have your computer/laptop in your room with you, get a decent webcam. This has helped me a lot. You don't need to post yourself all over the Internet. A good camera tripod is helpful, as is extra bright lighting (if it sounds like your setting up for a pr0n shoot...well, you sort of are). Experiment with lighting angles and camera placement as well as how you might be positioned (back, side, etc) and could move to. Do you want to document just the movements of the aneros in your anus? Do you wish to see what really happens with your erections? I found this very enlightening as an hour or more session I often lose all track of time and what really happened. Now you can say, "I remember some great feelings about midway" - and you can check out what was happening. Were you really erect when that awesome wave of bliss happened? What else are you doing during the session? Heck, the recorded videos could even get you excited later on and lead to a new session. But honestly, I've found it another good tool to help you understand yourself in this whole process.

    - still examining options in this area. I do have to admit, original KY jelly is quite nice. It is very thick and seems to stick around for quite a while. I'll use a more fluid lube (like KY silk, ID Glide) for internal lubrication. Try to experiment as much as funds allow. I seem to do ok with glycerin based lubes, but am trying ones without it as well.

    That's all for now, thanks for letting me share. I'll be posting more of my thoughts and trips through this wonderful journey. Looking forward to the Peridise soon!
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    I guess I had some more to say after all.

    Finishing off
    - the super-T is a great way to end a session, and I've just discovered a new method (for myself at least) to do this. I'll typically go for about 1 to 2 hours in the bedroom with the aneros and have great mini and super O's (often time full body shaking and very sweaty afterwards). Instead of finishing off with my hand right there, I'll go head into the shower. Generally I'm fairly flaccid then. I have a water pik shower head on a extended flexible tube that angles and stays put where you point it at (of course shower heads on a long cable can work, as long as you can fix it somewhere so you don't have to hold it).

    I just use the standard stream and get it angled and pointed at my penis. Normally this isn't super exciting to me, but after being worked by the aneros (which may or may not be in at this point), the water streams striking me are very stimulating. I'll let it work the topside of the head for a bit as I get hard again, then hold my penis up so I get full stream contact on the underside. This really starts ramping up the excitement level. Once I'm fully hard, I don't touch myself anymore. I also don't have to hold the water...I just have to keep my legs from buckling under the extreme pleasure that starts rippling from my groin. I found out this morning that actually avoiding stimulation to the head allows me to edge with immense pleasure for a while. Finally I focus on my breathing; steady rhythmic breathing starts increasing the arousal level. Using a "pushing out" motion (the opposite of when all your muscles contract in during an erection), I let the arousal level climb higher. I'll often start cumming before any traditional ejaculation contractions begin. Then wham! I explode quite powerfully; this morning I actually had the first contraction shot launch over my head, the second hit me in the face...I can't remember how many more I had.

    It is really quite a turn on to stimulate yourself to ejaculation with any use of your hands (or fleshlight, etc). It's a bit of lack of control if you will; I find sometimes while solo I might not jerk off as strongly as the moment arises (as I'm controlling the stim). Actually this shower method is a lot like a former girlfriend who gave great handjobs; she would just keep the stimulation going faster and stronger through the ejaculation. Same happens with the shower, it never slows down. It could be too strong for some to handle, so approach with caution. After experiencing this this morning, I've been walking around with great prostate (and consequently penile) feelings all day.