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Womans question about flacid penis during aneros use
  • View Poll Results: Has your penis ever gone limp when using the aneros? Voters: 620

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    yes during use without penile stmulation 27 4.35%

    no, never 0 0%

    yes, even with penile stimulation 12 1.94%

  • mad1mad1
    Posts: 1
    I purchased two of the models for my husband recently. The first try was a no go. I think he was putting to much pressure on himself.The second a little bit of feeling something different. The third good enough to ask if he had actually leaked fluid. The room was dark and his position didn't give him the same vantage point as me. When he noticed that his penis was'nt hard it really bothered him.
    Not a problem for me as I was just focused on him feeling so good. After that he just couldn't get back into the rythm. He felt it was odd that his penis wasn't erect. So I guess my question is besides tying him up so he cant see his penis how can I convince him that this isn't a problem.How many men out there go limp at some point during use with the aneros??? He has never had that happen before .With a minimal amount of oral he was rock hard again. So not a lasting issue either.

    Just wondering
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419

    You may wish to have HIM read the following threads for results often reported : , , , . There are many similar threads on his Forum and you could go and find them using the ‘Search’ function, but the bottom line is insertion and use of the Aneros massagers does lead many men into a flaccid state when no penile stimulation is provided. Thankfully this condition can usually be quickly reversed by the manual or oral intervention of a loving partner, as you have discovered yourself. This temporary deflation should in no way be interpreted as a decrease in his virility or masculinity, it is just a case of how some of us guys are "wired".
  • oatmealoatmeal
    Posts: 10
    WHEW!!!!!! thanks for asking the question. i thought it was just me! new user, only been "experimenting" for about 2 weeks. anyways, goes both ways. sometimes i will go flaccid but then other times i will start to feel something moving against my leg and next thing i know i have a "woody" as hard as ash and a contraction that lasts for for 1-2 minutes. 57 now and haven't felt like that since 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have the peridise which is very subtle but then sneaks up and WHAM!
    had fun with the mgx and just received the progasm. these are some fantastic "toys". never really tried anything like this before. thinking of seeing an attorney and filing a lawsuit............i think these things are ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding. anyways, thank-you ANEROS, seriously, for the great product. it truly is awesome!
  • nodaknodak
    Posts: 24
    Hello Mad1,

    The only time I get erect when using either my Helix or Progasm is if my Wife is with me and we're getting busy :D If i'm having a solo session, I'm never erect. To be totally honest, my Penis likes to pretend it's a turtle and hide :D The one thing for your Husband to remember is that you do not need an erection for the Aneros to do it's magic. For me, an erection would just get in the way as I lay half on my side and half on my stomach.

    Don't sweat it, there is nothing wrong with you. Just enjoy.

  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
  • When I first started I would be fairly hard right at the start of a session, but as you really set your focus to the inside your penis is "forgotten".  And it really should be.  Your attention doesn't need to be there. 

    Moving into the future of sessions I no longer get hard at all.  Exceptions to the rule are when I am intentionally trying to be fully aroused.  I use audio files with nice easy music and lovely moaning sounds.  Use those as a focus to ramp up the arousal may give me an erection, but when I put my focus towards my prostate and my Aneros the erection will deflate time and again.

    Tell him not to sweat it.  Unless there is manual stimulation by yourself, your loving partner, or a beautiful imagination - chances are likely the penis will be flaccid.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 623
    @drummel Opening message is more than half a decade old.
  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
    Regarding a flaccid penis during Aneros use and pegging; it stands to reason with all of the blood flow directed to the prostate, it is understandable that there would not be enough blood pressure to support an erection. The Pro-Dom I have played with says that is correct based on her experience, and frankly I trust her experience. She also said unless you manually stimulate the penis typically, not always the guy will be flaccid.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    it's still relevant though, isn't it?
  • Canacan said:

    @drummel Opening message is more than half a decade old.

    There are lots of posts older than that!  Why does that matter?
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 623
    Pommie said:


    it's still relevant though, isn't it?

    Canacan said:

    @drummel Opening message is more than half a decade old.

    There are lots of posts older than that!  Why does that matter?

    Well, of course... But I suspect the comment "tell him..." wont ever reach its recipient. I am not criticizing, just pointing Drummel to detail he justifiably missed due to akward bump from previous poster.

    Cheers !