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Not Sure I'm Hitting the Prostate. Help.
  • This is my first post - I must say this forum is extremely informative and well done. Thanks for that. I particularly like the polls.

    I'd read quite a bit before I bought my MGX. I was fortunate in that I started having what I am thinking are Super-O's on day one. I've used it 4 times now and learn a little each time. I do have the panting/gasping/moaning/shaking/whimpering/convulsing sensations that are quite fantastic and can go on for quite awhile. I will probably be ordering the Helix soon.

    What I'm wondering about is the fact that I NEVER have an erection during my sessions and when I do wind up having a semi-flaccid ejaculation at the end of my sessions (masturbating with my hand), there is no more fluid than I would expect from any regular orgasm. This makes me think I'm having anal orgasms, but am not really getting prostate stimulation. Is that possible? If that's true, is there something I should be doing to make sure the prostate is also stimulated? I'm not sure I would know how to identify the difference between prostate and anal stimulation. The sensations I feel are like involuntary clenching of the PCs.

    Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated....and thanks, Aneros, for a mind blowing product.

    -- just a thought -- has there been any thought given to a sort of instructional video?......seems like there's lots of questions about subtle technique......might help people learn faster. Thanks.
  • Oops. I see that there is a DVD already. My bad.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    consider the peridise as a second model instead of the helix.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Connor,

    My assupmption is that you are hitting your prostate just fine. It seems as though the only reason that you feel like you might not be hitting it is because of the amount of ejaculate that is expelled during your traditional orgasm, right? You said that it was a normal amount. I have read threads from guys who describe their ejaculations as so powerful that they needed to clean the wall behind them! Like virtually everything else, I think that results will vary from guy to guy.

    Sounds like you are having a great time and congratulations on being so successful so early in the process. Count youself as one of the extremely lucky ones.

    Keep the posts coming, there are many out there who can use the encouragement.
  • Correct.....I was thinking if the prostate was getting stimulated, it would naturally have to produce a lot of fluid. I had already had some limited anal play before, but I had no idea what the prostate was capable of when stimulated properly. You really do want the thing to be able to SLIDE. That's key for me. It helps me to think about how I stimulate my girlfriend's G-spot, actually. Simliar motion. (Doesn't make me feel particularly masculine, but I seem to be coping with that just fine.) One user wrote that he's had good results by 'snaking' his body. I have to say, that's what's worked the best for me. My most intense orgasms are simply lying on my side with my knees together, snaking; although I'm getting to where I can get orgasms in nearly any position. It does take some experimentation.

    Sorry Darwin...I already ordered the Helix before I read your post. :) Maybe the Peridise will be my next one. ....still kind of baffled as to why the smaller Peridise is supposed to be the more intense...

    Anyway....thanks for the feedback, guys.