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Strange Forehead Effects and Sensations. Help needed!
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi all, I'm asking for some help here...

    For some time now I have been getting strange 'forehead effects' that interfere with my Aneros use. The sensation is fairly similar to that of a sinus headache with a feeling of pressure/congestion but without the actual pain. The location of it starts above my eyebrows and continues up midway into my scalp and across to just above my ears into a sort of slipped forward too-tight skullcap.

    The sensation seems directly related to focus, i.e. Aneros of choice starts its 'thing', feels good so I notice/feel/focus on it and immediately the forehead thing gets worse and expands to include the bridge and sides of my nose. I say gets worse because most days it is there in varying degrees all the time whether or not I have Anerosed, whether or not I have Super Oed, whether or not I have ejaculated recently. Some days I get up and realise it isn't there, but just the thought "Ooh my head's clear" can trigger its return.

    During Aneros use it has become quite an impediment as it dominates all other sensation. Imagine you have banged your head hard on something which leaves a throbbing feeling, you then go into a session and the ensuing increase in blood pressure/pulse makes the throbbing worse. It's a bit difficult (lol) to enjoy the pleasure when there is a negative sensation associated with it.

    I can usually work through this to the extent that I can enjoy most sessions, and still super O, but even when in the throes of ecstasy the forehead 'thing' is still omnipresent and distracting. I have tried ignoring it, which I can sometimes do up to a point, and still enjoy my sessions. I have also tried focussing on it and directing sensation into it, thinking that, perhaps, it is the path to another milestone. I have read of (was it GrandTiger?) 'headgasms' and wondered if my forehead 'effects' might lead to this. Not knowing what I am looking for though...

    Whilst some might advise consulting a doctor I am not inclined to do this as I am certain that this effect/sensation is only related to Aneros use as it started as a small centre of forehead tingle soon into Aneros use nearly a year ago and has gradually expanded as described above. There is no pain anywhere in my head and the sensation is confined to forehead and scalp musculature/skin.

    I can temporarily alleviate the worst of the sensation by lightly stroking my fingers up my forehead/scalp or by placing one finger on my third eye.

    If, when I have a shower, I direct water directly at my forehead it tingles and is very sensitive.

    I have given as much info as possible in the hope that someone can offer any advice, support or better still, a "Yes I've had that, it goes away/you can make it go away by..." but ask away if you need anything else.

    Any and all contributions gratefully received. PMs welcome too.

    Old Wolf
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    I'm not sure I'm the one who should be responding to this, being not only new here but female besides,but your description of your symptoms sounds very familiar to me,down to bringing them on by noticing their absence.

    I get most types of headaches known to man, so my head generally hurts to some extent everyday; when they start to intensify my scalp feels like it's shrinking until it's too tight for my head. Not much relieves this other than a light scalp massage, and usually my head is too painful to tolerate even that. I'm so accustomed to having this feeling that I barely notice it now unless it's getting worse or missing altogether.

    One type of headache that I thankfully don't get is the one related to sex. I don't know if it's limited to women or not, but some people get bad headaches for some reason when they engage in sexual activity and especially when they orgasm; perhaps, just as your body "remembers" the sensations your aneros brings on sexually, it is also remembering the headache that goes with it.

    Don't know if this will help or not, hopefully it will give you a starting point to finding a solution. Good luck!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Old Wolf,

    Sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Headache's can be pretty bad.

    A couple of years ago, I had a fare up of a pretty intense headache when I would overdue a workout or more troubling, during an orgasm. I went to the doctor and we did a series of tests to discover that I suffered from "exertion migraines". He said that there was really nothing that could be done about it except for taking it easy. I can certainly tone down the workouts, but what about the orgasm? I was bummed! I took it easy for a bit and when I felt one coming on, I just dialed it back. For me, it eventually went away and I feel pretty fortunate that I have not had a flair up since. My assumption is that it will flair up again, but I was able to work through it. As I recall, making sure that my body had sufficient oxygen was a help. The more winded I got the worse it got.

    I dont know if it is the same, my headache's started and ended directly center on my skull in almost a straight line from ear to ear. Very accute like it was happening along a seam or something. Certainly a mood killer. I guess you could get the same type of thing starting in your sinus area.

    I hope that helps.
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Old Wolf,

    I sometimes get sinus congestion during my KSMO sessions but not as often during my Aneros sessions. I'm not sure if it's due to me making the key sound or not or the panting that I do when I'm having pelvic contractions, but sometimes I have gotten a headache from it. I usually attribute this to general allergies as I seem to be congested fairly often! :) It doesn't happen every time so I just try again on a different day.

    I'm assuming you've tried the obvious of either taking an aspirin before your sessions or perhaps an antihistamine. The latter may make you drowsy which will more than likely dampen your pleasure but perhaps a minimal dose will help. Are you under stress or are your neck muscles tight? Perhaps you are having tension headaches and your sessions may be making them worse, especially if you experience pelvic contractions during your sessions. A low level headache can be made much worse if your body is flailing about!

    [quote=Old Wolf] I say gets worse because most days it is there in varying degrees all the time whether or not I have Anerosed, whether or not I have Super Oed, whether or not I have ejaculated recently. Some days I get up and realise it isn't there, but just the thought "Ooh my head's clear" can trigger its return.

    It seems odd to me that you say it is there most days whether you Aneros or not yet you attribute the problem to your use of the Aneros. If that's the case, then I would suggest stopping your Aneros sessions for a few weeks to see if the symptoms diminish or go away. If they don't, then I would consult with your doctor to see what else may be causing the problem.

    Hope this helps,

  • Old Wolf,

    This sounds like one of those bizarre side effects of using the aneros. I have personally had lots of really strange side effects, and I even posted about them here (with me it's mostly twitching and feeling weird pressure and tingling sensations at random parts of my body but other things have happened as well).

    There are two ways of looking at these side effects, and their cause--

    First you could say that it is all neurological. I really believe the aneros is hitting nerves that under normal conditions will never be touched for prolonged periods of time, and the brain can respond to this in many strange ways. One can have many strange sensations and effects. As you probably know, several people here have actually stated the brain "rewires" itself to feel pleasure in a new way. As for what this means, and what is actually going on in the brain, it is anyone's guess. I've done a bit of reading and there actually isn't very much scientific knowledge about what is happening in the brain during a regular orgasm let alone an aneros induced continous orgasm. Nevertheless, from my own personal side effects, and from reading others like this, I believe that the brain can produce bizzarre sensations and twitches and other effects.

    An alternative way of looking at all this is instead of taking the purely scientific/medical view and saying it's all neurological, take a philosophical or spiritual view. I personally don't believe science can explain everything when it comes to the human mind -- I don't think there is any way that whatever is producing consciousness and free will can be explained _entirely_ in terms of some mathematical algorithm that can be broken down to simply neurochemical interactions. (some may disagree with me, and that's quite alright, I'm not here to argue -- only to present information)

    If you take this view, I suggest you google "kundalini awakening" and just start reading everything you find. I just now found a page that lists symptoms (there are other pages out there that lists different symptoms):

    I noticed on that page that "headaches, pressures within the skull" is listed, in addition to many symptoms I myself have experienced. Other pages I have read do say that prolonged orgasms can trigger Kundalini awakenings so it certainly makes sense to say from that view, that you are having a kundalini awakening. Beware that if you take this view and google this you will find really terrifying stories of so called kundalini awakenings. When I first started having my symptoms I googled this a bit, and it actually did scare me. This is one of those things that you really tend to laugh at and not believe in until you personally experience some of the symptoms, then it becomes terrifying. I still don't know what to make of it myself.

    So, is there anything behind kundalini awakenings? I don't know, but they sure seem to be describing our symptoms and they do seem to have some answers.

    Anyway, so you're looking for advice on what to do. I know this may not be what you want to hear if you really are enjoying it, but I personally agree with Onthepath that you should try setting aside at least 3 weeks without the aneros and see if the side effects diminish. I was sick for a couple of weeks in december and did not use the aneros, and all of my side effects completely went away during that period. I highly recommend trying this because at the very least, you will know you can make your problems go away by stopping use -- and hopefully it'll be comforting to know that it is nothing permanent. Stopping aneros use for a while isn't so hard if you get rid of sexual energy through masturbation feel free to do that all you want-- so give it a try.

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Wow, I had assumed that this kundalini awakening stuff was a good thing. I'm glad I never tried to get into it.

    I hope you'll be feeling better soon Old Wolf and will figure out what the problem was.

    I always bring the focus of my pleasure into my head. That's a technique I use to maintain a profound orgasmic state without spending myself. So literally my orgasms go to my head :lol:

    Sometimes I visualize myself extending beyond myself, whether out into the cosmos or into a higher dimension, I'm not sure, but that also helps me not to "explode." Perhaps this kind of visualization may help dissipate the headache. Worth a try; it's amazing what visualization can do in our brains and in our bodies.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Hello, sailor! :D I think your body is supposed to be doing that, you are sexually waking up your sixth chakra.
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Zane, so this 6th chakra is in the front of the head? Since I've not experienced the headaches, does it mean mine is still sexually sleeping in spite of my experiences, or have I been lucky to have it awake without the headaches? I hope for Old Wolf's sake that the headaches are just a passing phase of the process of awakening.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    From what I understand from what he said, he's only having pressure, not any pain, so it's not really a headache. I think he's feeling the build up of sexual pressure there, preliminary to its release. I had the same experience with my fourth chakra, which is where women send out their sexual energy. Men do it from the center of the forehead and (obviously) the second chakra, the testicles.

    With my fourth chakra orgasms I thought I was having some sort of angina, if angina was pleasurable instead of painful. I was a little worried until I read up on tantra. Soon I was "ejaculating" the energy from the center of my chest.

    I think this rising energy is a natural result of having lots of either vaginal or prostate orgasms every day.

    I know this sounds silly but I wonder if it would help to imagine a penis growing from the center of his forehead, and to imagine having an ejaculatory orgasm there. It might help the energy release.
  • Zane, where do you learn about this stuff? I mean, seriously is there a book or something that you would recommend that explains sexual energy and how it all works?

    I can remember during some sessions, having feelings of pressure build in my prostate right where the P-Tab is resting and that is actually a very good sign to me that it is touching the right spot and that I will soon be having major orgasms.

    Funny thing is, I also have felt those pressure feelings in my hands and feet in the days following an intense session. It's almost like a dull pain. and it'll sometimes just build up very intensely in a single spot and stay there, then fade. It _feels_ to me like the twitches I sometimes get are releases of that pressure.
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi all, sorry I haven't responded over the last couple of days, I've been working and we've had Mrs OW's son visiting.

    Many, many thanks for all the replies, advice and support.

    Buttercup, don't dismiss your opinion because of being new to the forum/being female, your contributions here have been enlightening, fascinating and of wonderful & refreshing insight. Please continue to post on any subject! I'm sorry to hear of your persistent and varied (!) headaches, "thankfully" indeed that they are not associated with/exacerbated by sex. It's interesting that you, too, report 'phantom' headaches that re-emerge just from a fleeting thought

    Buster, I'm glad that your headaches have taken a back seat for now, long may it continue! Thank you for your input.

    Thank you too Onthepath, some interesting thoughts. No I haven't taken any medication. I am reluctant to take analgesics prior to a session, I remember trying to masturbate once after taking paracetamol (US acetaminophen) for toothache - the toothache went away but so did virtually all pleasurable sensation. A non starter! Re decongestants etc., as there is no actual congestion I don't think that there would be any relief.
    Yes I do attribute these symptoms to Aneros use simply because I didn't didn't get them before using the Aneros and they increase during use as soon as I focus on pleasure. I suppose they continue irrespective of Aneros use (not that I miss many days,lol) in the same way as pelvic aftershocks do likewise. I'm only guessing though...

    Binaryfellow, I had wondered about Kundalini and have read quite extensively on the web on the subject. Whilst I am not dismissing out of hand that concept I am not too worried (yet!) that I am suffering from a Kundalini Rising gone bad. I am not getting any of the other horrendous sounding symptoms, thankfully!

    GrandTiger, thank you for reminding me! I had forgotten that early in my Aneros 'career' I had used just such a viisualisation. I must go there again...

    Zaneblue, I seem to recall a comment of yours in a thread here expressing interest in forehead effects/sensations Well, you did ask, albeit a long time ago ;-)

    So, just to clarify: zaneblue's assertion is correct in that there is no headache or actual sinus congestion or pain of any sort; only a feeling of pressure like that of a sinus headache/congestion which gets more intense as I focus on the increasing pleasure elsewhere. The sensations can change in position as well as intensity sometimes manifesting as a strange crawling feeling over my forehead and tingles up into my scalp. Changing how my eyes are focussing behind my closed lids can alter the effects too. For e.g., crossing my eyes slightly centres the feeling, opening up my visual focus as though I am looking at the horizon (still behind closed lids) removes the centre and accentuates the effects either side of my eyes and into my frontal scalp. I think I'm in danger of over intellectualising this...

    Zaneblue again, I like your 'forehead penis' analogy. I have previously posted about my 'wheel' visualisation, maybe my 'forehead penis' should be instrumental in making up the wheel, if you get my drift. That is where I shall go tonight. Watch this space...

    I shall leave it there for now. I will let you all know how my 'forehead penis'/spinning wheel visualisation goes. If you don't hear back from me I have spun off into another dimension. Let's hope it is a kind one!

    Thank you all again for your input. Just expressing my problem and getting some support has already been beneficial in that last night I was able, more or less, to bypass my 'head' and really feel what was happening elsewhere. I know that the additional replies today are going to help me on to pastures new.

    Bless you all.

    Old wolf
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I should mention I've had a similar experience except in reverse. At my sixth chakra (center of the forehead), I occasionally get an aching sort of vacuum, a need to be, well, penetrated. I figured there must be at least a few men out there who have the corresponding boy parts! :lol:
    Posts: 39
    Hola' Old is so funny that you posted this subject because I had been experiencing similar sinus pressure/dull headaches, 1-2 days post-aneros use. I RARELY get headaches, unless i'm having a migrane, which is EXTREMELY RARE, and which this obviously is not. I first thought it was some type of extra benefit of aneros usage-my sinuses would typically open after my session, and I would feel a "release" of nasal tension in the front of my head. However, approx. 1-2 days later, I would get this dull ache in my head, mostly toward the rear of my head. It is a different kind of headache; not one that people typically describe. I've taken some aspirin, and that seems to help a little. It goes away in about 3-4 days, and then I'm fine. I've spaced out the span of time between aneros sessions and I will see if that helps at all in ruling out any other source of the headaches.

    I agree that this may be the result of the aneros orgasms stimulating nerves that would not/do not normally receive anywhere near the amount of stim that resuls from aneros usage. Maybe this is part of the rewiring process that is diverting previous neural pathways along a "new route." Perhaps the headaches are "road work" in progress along those new neural pathways? I'll keep you posted on my self-analysis on this subject as I learn more.....

    We'll talk soon....

  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    Your pineal gland is probably waking up.
    For me it feels like a magnet.
  • SanSan
    Posts: 2
    Two disclaimers; firstly, I'm not a very spiritual person, believing more in sheer will and power of the body (edit: in a fully biological sense), and secondly, I haven't used an Aneros yet. However, I'd like to offer two suggestions all the same, since I find this problem, eh...intriguing, I guess.

    For starters, I've had similar symptoms to the ones you describe (mind, not quite the same) when breathing wrong, or too fiercely. I imagine your sessions with the Aneros lead you to breathe heavily, or rapidly, especially since you say you reach what people term "super O's". The way I understand it, oxygen's exact working on the body is rather a mystery, hard to believe though that may be, while (pure) oxygen itself is most certainly toxic. Take for example this highlight from an article that concerns a heart disease;

    "Shallow, irregular but rapid breathing washes out carbon dioxide from the system and the blood will become over-oxygenated. An overloaded blood actually does not give up oxygen as easily, therefore the amount of oxygen available to the heart is reduced. Carbon dioxide is present in the blood in the form of carbonic acid, when there is a loss in carbonic acid, the blood becomes more basic, or alkaline, which leads to spasm of blood vessels, almost certainly in the brain but also in the heart."

    If interested, see also here for an article concerning carbon dioxide. When you do find yourself breathing "weird" during a session, I suppose you could try to normalize breathing, and see if that helps any. Without trying to be a bigot, but actually being reminded of something - I understand meditation is, ah...the art of breathing? There's something spiritual to this as well, I guess.

    Secondly, if the problem is an itch, you scratch. You describe a problem with (or near; concerning) the sinuses - do something about the sinuses. I would suggest giving nasal irrigation (also known as jala neti) a try. If anything, it'll make you feel fresher and more hygienic!

    On a sidenote, I understand jala neti is a yoga technique as well... I'm not sure if I'm more spiritual than I think, or if spirituality is more "down to earth" than...I think.
  • As I have shared elsewhere, an excellent resource on the web for Kundalini related resources is Bob Boyd's Kundalini Support Forum.

    Bob can help you determine if yours is such a case and offer some guidance. Lots of great folks there too. :D
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    I've just read most of the book, "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams.

    The authors discuss the "microcosmic orbit" and how to circulate sexual energy around the orbit and how to prevent blockages, emphasizing the importance of bringing the energy back down from the head to the navel where it can be safely stored.

    Old Wolf, and all you guys, I think you would find this book extremely helpful.

    I'm also learning many new things from it. For example, in the EMD exercise, I'm actually moving the energy up the front of the microcosmic orbit, whereas we should practice directing the energy up the spine to the head, swirl it around in the head for a while, and then touch our tongue to the roof of the mouth to close the circuit and direct the energy down the front to the navel.

    Interesting that the front of the orbit goes straight from the tongue to the penis. No wonder I feel pleasure in my tongue when orgasming! The book also has chapters for women and for couples and explains how couples can circulate their energies between them and truly become one. This is wonderful reading; I highly recommend it.