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    follow up to my previous posts.....THIS IS MY 3RD SESSION WITH THE PROGASM....


    i bought the progasm over a week ago (i named it "John"-don't ask why because i don't even know why i named it that....), and as seen in my 2 posts in the community, i've had some pleasing results with it. no super-o yet, but some pleasing sensations and mini-o's. usually i finish my sessions with a super-t.

    last night, i did something different and had some really "interesting" results. I watched the video (x-tube) of the guy lying on his stomach, having a couple of super-o's. it got me hot and my prostate and ass started contracting. i got "John" out, lubed up, and ended up having almost a 4 HOUR session! it was really fun. i changed postions a couple of times and i learned that i really enjoy being on my back and stomach. especially on my back, i can directly stimulate my nipples and abdomen-both of which are very sensitive and cause my body to contract, "John" in for a nice massage!

    anyhoo, i was lying on my back and decided that i would just leave it in, and kinda started drifiting off to sleep, somewhere between 1/2 sleep and dozing. everytime that i dozed off, a wave of sexual electricity would radiate through my ass and i would start contracting my pc muscles, making "John" start to f**k me! it would only last about 30-45 seconds, but it happened like, 2-3 in a row, then it would subside until i drifted off to sleep again. i finally decided that i needed to get some sleep (it's now 1:30am and i had to work today!) i finished off with a somewhat super-t, TOOK OUT the progasm, cleaned up, and went to sleep.

    Now, here's the part that's freakin me out....about 4:45 this morning, I was asleep, BUT MY ASS AND PROSTATE STARTED CONTRACTING. i was lying on my side and was awakened (it kinda scared me) by my abs and hips buckling! i felt like i was cumming! i rolled onto my back and felt my heart racing, my breath coming in pants, and again, my hips, ass, and abs all contracting. my pc muscles were squeezing double time, and i felt like i wanted to cum so badly! i opened my eyes and that's when i remembered that I TOOK OUT THE PROGASM before i went to sleep....WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN THERE? my ass wouldn't stop contracting so I got up, went and got "john" and had a session for about 45 minutes. lying on my back, i would get this muscle twitching in my r leg, and it would spread from there down into my toes, coming up the left side. i had a couple of contractions-mini-o's i think. i finally took it out, and decided to go workout.

    while i was getting ready-standing in the mirror shaving, i started having contractions again! my heart would race, my breath would come in pants, and my ass would contract! this would last about 6-10 seconds, then subside. while it was subsiding i would just start smiling and laughing for no reason! it's crazy!!

    after my workout i made it work and things are still happening....i went into my office and as soon as i sat down i started having contractions again! my pc muscles started contracting, my ass started twitching and my body was slightly "jumping." it subsides after 6-10 seconds and then i'm okay. it's even happening a couple of times while i type this! I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!

    is there something wrong with me? am i having orgasms? i don't think i've had a super-o, but will i ever have one? am i doing something wrong?

    oh, one more question-when i start to feel those involuntary pc contractions, should i begin voluntary pc and anal contractions of my own?

    .....I hope i can make it through the day!
    Posts: 39
    i just had my first SUPER-O.....right here in my office at prostate and ass have been mini-contracting all morning finally got what it was after.....i almost lost it-was breathing really heavy, a couple of moans excaped....

    i still don't understand how all of this is happening and the PROGASM isn't even in me......
    Posts: 39
    just had another one....that's 4 so far this morning......
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    Congratulations! There is nothing wrong with you - many people report having super-o's and mini o's with the device not inserted. It looks like your rewiring process is moving along nicely :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    First, I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. Second, congratulations on the Super-O (after only one week yet, that is bound to make many fellow users envious). Third, yes you are having orgasms, apparently spontaneously. Fourth, it doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong (with the results you are getting how could there be?) As regards to instituting voluntary PC and anal contractions, there is a good likelihood that this can bring on another series of involuntaries and/or mini-o’s leading to another Super-O. The deliberate and conscious application of light contractions just reinforces what your body is already experiencing, part of the continuing arousal amplification process.
    You and “John” have awakened your prostate in a big way. While this is not a unique condition, it is not frequently reported. I suspect the spontaneous orgasms and other effects are just a temporary occurrence and will subside as you become more familiar with the frequently described “aftershocks” from the Super-O experience. You should consider yourself fortunate to have advanced so far in such a short period of time. I’m fairly certain that the intensity of these new sensations are somewhat overwhelming to you right now but I’m also confident you will rapidly adjust and really get into the natural flow of pleasure your body is now producing for you. Follow your own advice “…unleash your inner star-just breathe…” relax and enjoy the ride, see where it leads you.
    Posts: 39
    Thanks guys for your feedback. I'm still at work-doin okay. the "aftershocks" have subsided and all systems are operating normally.

    I think i'm gonna take a couple of days off from "John" and let my body recharge. Additionally, I need to get some sleep tonight!