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Not a Super O but one Hell of a MANGASM
  • nodaknodak
    Posts: 24
    Hello all,

    Well, I think I’m at the top of the “rewiring mountain” and I’m looking over the edge into the land of the “Super O”. I’ve been making great progress the last few weeks and this past Sunday, I started having the most intense what I’ll call “MANGASMS”. I’ll explain. I’m to the point that within a minute or two of inserting my Helix, my prostate wakes right up and fires up the in voluntary contractions of my sphincter. For me, I found that very relaxed breathing get’s me going. On Sunday, everything was moving along as usual, just relaxing and letting things happen as they happen and all of a sudden, my Helix felt extremely pronounced in my rectum. Then, it was like one little point appeared and began to expand. The feeling was as if the Helix began to turn into a hollow tube in my butt. I could feel the outer walls of the Helix “stretch” my rectum open and every other feeling was directly centered in the “hollow” space that was created. I know that sounds dumb but, that’s the best way I can describe the feeling. This hollow space centered right over my prostate which, as I’ve described in a past post, feels like a big puffy ravioli to me (I know, dumb again). Anyway, every muscle in my body seemed to contract and I started to shake uncontrollably and I felt like I was gently ejaculating at the same time. This lasted for about 5 minutes or so then gradually dissipated. While this was happening, I’m thinking to myself, oh boy this is it. I’m sure I chased it away. I could tell there was more to come but I chased it in my excitement and, bye bye. After I caught my breath, I checked and found my Penis totally dry. I was kind of disappointed as I never produce pre-cum and I thought I just might have this time. I think my Cowper’s gland is dead :>) . I had 3 of these Mangasms on Sunday. The neat thing is that my Wife came into the bedroom in between the first two and saw me experience the last two. Needless to say, she got all worked up and the session ended with a different kind of “Super O”.

    I decided I needed to relax a little before bed last night as I was kind of stressed and very tired. I inserted my Helix again as I find it very relaxing and great for relieving stress even if it doesn’t lead to anything. Well, not even 5 minutes into my session, the”hollow tube” feeling came back this time, much more intense. I had all the same feelings magnified and then it was like the head of my Penis came alive. I could literally feel the “pee hole” (sorry, can’t remember what medical term is). It was like that and the hole in my ass were the center of the universe. Every nerve in my body lit up like a spot light. Then, the skin on my Penis felt like it began to crawl back and forth. I then had a hard core DRY Penile Orgasm. While all of this was happening, my whole body is shaking. The weird thing is I felt like my body was telling me that this isn’t it yet, there’s more to come but not tonight. I’m going away now but I’ll be back……then it was gone. Not a drop of pre-cum or semen although it felt like I literally came a gallon. Needless to say, I was now exhausted and fell asleep. I woke up later on thinking what the hell happened. That was AWSOME. Like I said, my body seemed to be telling me that this wasn’t my first Super O but just a very juicy tidbit of things to come soon. My only fear is that now I’m so excited, I’m going to try to catch it and it won’t come. What a Wiley creature this Super O is.

    Sorry for the length but I just wanted to share this.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785

    Way to go!

    Congratulation, Man!

    Keep at it and you'll find what you are in search of!

    As always, Enjoy your Journey . . .

    Later, Hlaser99