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So I just got my Progasm in the mail today...
  • TheDudeTheDude
    Posts: 7
    And I am looking at this thing, I am afraid to put it in me! (I don't mean like right now but I mean like if I was ever going to stick something up my butt.) I have tried all the models down from SGX up to Maximus, I know The Progasm model is a community's favorite but I didn't know it would be this huuuuuuuuuuuge! This thing is going to like rip through my colon lining I knew it!

    I need some reassurance! Help me!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    If you are afraid of inserting the Progasm then DON’T INSERT IT! Fear is going make you tighten all your muscles, including your anal sphincter, making insertion much more difficult than necessary. NEVER FORCE SOMETHING INTO YOUR BODY!
    Just to ease your mind, while the Progasm may look imposing, relative to the other models it is actually a smaller jump in size, percentage wise. From MGX to Helix is a 20% max. width increase, from Helix to Maximus is a 17% increase, from the Maximus to the Progasm is only a 13.5% increase, so you can see it is not “huuuuuuuuuuuge” comparatively.
    The key to comfortable insertion is ample lubrication and a relaxed anus, using the same relaxation techniques that you use for your other toys and the ‘spooning technique’, see – “IN PRAISE OF THE PROGASM” - by B Mayfield for further details.
    If you are relaxed and take your time and don’t rush the insertion you will avoid any pain or minor tearing around your anus. It is highly unlikely that you would or could rip through your colon or rectal walls as those membranes are quite elastic but very prone to abrasion, laceration and puncture by sharp objects (which the Progasm is obviously free of).
    It will also aid you if you massage your anus into a nice relaxed state and warm your Progasm (and lube) to body temperature prior to attempting insertion. I hope these tips help you overcome any unwarranted fears.
  • TheDudeTheDude
    Posts: 7
    Haha, thanks Rumel! I was just being melodramatic, I know there's no way it would rip through my colon lining, in all honesty I have tried other anal toys other than the Aneros, and I guess I've wasted hundreds of dollars just to have proven that Aneros are by far the best anal toys for men that I have encountered, so I am faithful in its design and implementation.

    But again, in all honesty... this is freaking huge, haha! Well at any rate, I will definitely take this for a spin soon.

    Thanks again Rumel!
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    When I first got my progasm I tried laying on my back, but my mind told my body to roll over on to my belly, and the progasm proceeded to pin me to the mattress for 2 hours - LOL. enjoy! :)
  • nodaknodak
    Posts: 24
    Hey TheDude,

    The Progasm is large and you probably will say "HELLO" when you get it in but, it is fun.