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First Time - Success/Failure, Never Used Aneros!
  • I recently purchased the aneros mgx. Before I tried it, I browsed some of these forums and read up on techniques to achieve super Os. I also discovered that some people can achieve super Os without the aneros by contracting their sphincter muscles. After a few hours of reading up on the aneros i decided to go to sleep. As I was lying in bed, I thought I should try contracting my anal muscles and pay close attention to my feelings. Keep in mind I have not yet used the aneros!! within a few minutes i started to feel gentle but amazing sensations around my prostate and anus. I carefully focused on the control of my muscles as my sensations escalated. I soon found myself moaning uncontrollably and gripping myself as if it was too much. It was a dream like experience. It finally stopped with huge contractions of my muscles. I continued to retract my muscles and went into a few more (not as intense) orgasms that i have never experienced in my life. Remember, I HAVE NEVER USED ANY ANAL TOY, INCLUDING THE ANEROS. yet

    After about an hour, i couldn't quite seem to get back to my original O. Desperate, I dashed for my aneros mgx, still unused. I inserted it and waited about 5-10 minutes before i started gently retracting my muscles. I tried for about 40 minutes with no luck. I recieved strong sensations when i clenched but they never escalated to more.

    The interesting thing is that by reading techniques on this site, and by closely paying attention to my own body, I was able to achieve an orgasm unparalleled to anything I have experience in my whole life, AND WITH NO DEVICE.
    But after using the aneros for the first time directly after, i failed.

    SO i gave up on my first attempt. I feel kinda sore down there.
    Did I overdo it and try to rush to fast?
    Is it normal to feel soreness after your first time?

    Im 19 years old, I haven't masturbated in 6 days, i would imagine that helped?
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    Hello - I have experienced the same thing. Before I ordered my Aneros I read a lot of information on this site, and realized that I was well aware of each of the muscle groups that people were describing, and was already enjoying sensations that I received from contracting and flexing those muscles while masturbating, etc..

    After I ordered (and before I received the device) I had similar feelings to those that you described while I was sleeping. I felt some slight waves of energy centered around my sphincter and prostate, and then felt those waves start to stack up on top of each other and had very slight mini-o's. After I received the Aneros it took me a few sessions to feel those same sort of feelings again. I feel that each session makes me more aware of those feelings, and during my 8th session I had a super-o.

    I am sure that as I continue to use my Aneros device that I will look back on that first super-o and think to myself "I thought THAT was a super-o?," since it seems that each session grows more intense, as I learn to relax and enjoy the new found feelings. Currently I have only been able to achieve that state while stimulating my penis manually (trying for a super-t and ultimately leading to ejaculation), and am looking forward to dry multiple super-o's that last much longer.

    Since you are able to have the sensations that you described, without the MGX, you should have no problems using the massager to help you tap in to those same (and much more intense) feelings - it's just a matter of relaxing and getting used to using it. Your body will tell you what it likes and what feels good - just go with the flow. I am sure that there have been people that had super-o's the first time they inserted their Aneros, however I would be willing to bet that those people are a rare breed - most everyone needs to go through a rewiring process. Some people's rewiring only takes a short amount of time, while other strive for a year or more and only begin to feel those feelings that your body was able to bring on naturally.

    Enjoy the journey - the view along the way is beautiful.