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Only works on my Stomach...
  • I've been using the Aneros for about 4 years with some success. I have not reached any super O's yet, but have occasional mini O's.

    I am always on my stomach as I feel it helps me relax. I lay on my bed face down and picture myself "melting into the bed" which really seems to help me relax and ultimately get super O's.

    I'm wondering how many others lie on their stomach as well?

    Are there certain things you do while on your stomach to help?

    Have any of the "stomach" people made the switch to lying on your back and other positions? Was there a common denominator or change you made when going to another position that seemed to make the difference from last time you tried being on your back or side?

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I tend to flop around - I start off on my back and switch to my stomach and on all fours, and then back to laying on my back etc.. I am new to this and am trying to let my body tell me what feels good. When I lay on my stomach it feels really good to push my penis down between my legs so I don't stimulate it on the bed, and then "hump" the bed a bit - it makes the aneros move in a natural way that feels good against my prostate.

    Many people have reported success while laying on their side, but so far it has not done much for me, but am willing to continue to give it a try.

    I had my first super-o last night, while doing a super-t, and I know that I am just peeking in to the world of what potential pleasure is possible at this point, and am glad to have discovered the Aneros.

    Good luck on your journey :D
  • I've just recently started the humping motion and have found it to work pretty good. It seems to let me relax more and enable me to keep focusing on what I'm doing at the same time. One issue I usually have is once I find a sweet spot and rhythm and a mini O starts, my muscles seem to tense up in anticipation of the impending feeling and it changes the movement and the angle of the Aneros. I've often had things fall off at this point. The humping motion seems to enable me to relax my internal muscles since it's the exterior ones (abdominals etc.) that are doing the work. I haven't peaked yet with this method, but have come close. And often when stopping and returning to letting my internal muscles do the work, I find that I'm in a more advanced state to receive pleasure than before.

    My main thing with the other positions is that they seem hard to relax completely like I can when lying face down.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi hamptonbdsm,

    I am a stomach guy. It was on my stomach that I achieve my first Super O's. Even to this day, my most intense sessions will be on my stomach. If I lay on my left side, I can get some great sensations, not so much laying on my right. Go figure!

    I dont do anything special on my stomach. There will be times when it is more comfortable to have my head turned one way over another. That seems to change. Like you, I just seem to be able to relax more on my stomach, and that is what it is about.
  • macanudomacanudo
    Posts: 3
    seems to work for me. I have only just started with aneros a few times now and it works best if I am bending over with chest over dresser on a pillow and jerking off. THis is how the dr did it to me twice and I came hell a lot. It was the most embarrassing thing besides having temperature taken in my butt. I am able to have huge orgasm bending over like this. Maybe this is why the drs do it this way. ??