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I have started my journey.....(but may need some help)
  • Hello, I am 26, straight, and not new to anal play. I have had my first 5 or 6 sessions in the past 2 weeks or so with my new helix. The first one and the 3rd have been the most promising. I am mostly trying to figure out what all the contractions are, and after reading about 100 posts I think I have figured that out. I can manage to have some "involuntaries" with the contractions, and a few times my heart has started to race while I get this tingling sensation down inside. I get so excited, I cant control the contrations well, wich makes me lose focus. Although it is frustrating, it is also excting to know that this is real. I am not sure what to do next.

    I try to get set up as good as possible, and leave myself 60 to 120 minutes. I usually inject 5-6 ml of lube, insert,relax 10 to 20 minutes, then do some contractions for a while. After 20 to 30 contractions I will start to hold a medium to light contraction. That was how I first got the tingling feelings, and was able to recreate that once again. during one session, my legs also started to shake pretty hard after I put a pillow under my back, while this did feel nice, there were no p- waves associated. It lasted for about 10 minutes and stopped.

    Well, I am definitly in this to figure it out. so I am trying to go into each session with an open mind and no expectations. Thanks for listening and I hope there will be some words of wisdom for me!
  • ede_1943ede_1943
    Posts: 23
    like you when i started my journey i tried to start things with holding contractions--i found that this did not work for me--it was good for learning the contractions, of which there are three, namely anal, for drawing in, rectal, for forcing out, and pc for positioning--i have found the breathing to be pretty useful--all this will get you familiar with the feelings and contractions and will start the rewiring, but what i have found most useful is that the body seems to know what to do if you let it--therefore i have found that being relaxed as much as possible will always start something for me and not the forcing of something through contractions--that is to say, let it happen and when you feel it and can identify it, then try your various contractions to try to prolong whatever you feel but letting it take you wherever it wants to--it can never be forced and is easily overcome--good luck and enjoy--see my latest blog posts for what i have been doing lately
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi joejoebanks420 and ede_1943!

    And Welcome to the Forum JoeJoe!

    Ed is giving some good advice here!

    Basically, relax, breath and keep your great mind-set! (open mind and no expectations!)

    Each of us re-wires a little different, so go with your body's flow!

    Enjoy your Journey and if you have any question, just ask!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Hey...a few thoughts...first, warm both the Aneros and the lube in hot water to the point of body temp. It eases relaxation upon insertion and helps start contractions immediately, as both cold lube and cold Aneros kind of clamp up the old sphincter. Second, it takes time and practice. Don't set the bar too high at first. Your muscles need to be conditioned, just like any other form of physical exercise and that takes some time, unless you're already in top condition down there, which most men wouldn't be naturally. Third, pay attention to the subtle feelings. Those are where the Super Os come from, not the intense clamping and muscle shaking and all that. I also think nipple stimulation helps to activate the prostate as the nerves that run through the nipples also run through your prostate (see the book: The Science of Orgasm). And, it seems vocalizations also aid in the building up of the orgasmic feelings. Finally, view this as more of a meditative experience than a full on, raging erection, ejaculatory event. It will disappoint you if you approach it seeking the same kind of orgasm as you experience with traditional sex (either intercourse, oral or masturbation). It is different than that. For me, it's more subtle and more like the high you feel after a good work out combined with the feelings of orgasm, if that makes sense. It feels really good, but it's not a replacement for traditional orgasm. It's an additional way to experience sexual and physical pleasure. And, it builds as you become more experienced with it. The other day, I counted over 60 orgasmic waves in a session lasting around and hour and a half. You'll know you're on the right path when you can feel an almost electric kind of sensation deep in your pelvis right after insertion and then the same kind of shooting, electric pleasurable sensations down your legs as you contract your anus. There are different kinds of contractions...outer anal, deep anal, Keigel and so on. You will start to experience all of these as your body becomes experienced. So, give yourself time, relax, be patient and let yourself go.
  • hey thanks for the great replies everyone! I think I will just relax my next few sessions and see what I can feel. So when you say "warm both the Aneros and the lube in hot water to the point of body temp. It eases relaxation upon insertion and helps start contractions immediately" is this to say that there may be involuntary contractions? but anyways i will try that next time!