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i found my trigger spot...more super-o's coming
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    yesterday was a new experience..session with tail-less helix...started out bout normal...on back knees up...slight twitching in hips n thighs...whole session was bout hour 15 minutes...

    turned on stomach...feling good there..back on back...on stomach again..feeling way good...grinding my ass around...back on back...bout an hour in here...everythings feeling really good...

    was going to go for a super-T ...started massaging my balls while contracting..started getting a woody as usual...this always gets the helix feeling better...thinking if it was darwin or who that mentioned fingers on perinem...i started my left hand...first 3 fingersin a left to right or vise versa motion right under my sack maybe i/2 to an inch above where the p-tab was hitting...

    rubbing in a lil..not deeply...oh hell...a wild feeling started building...4 or 5 seconds...felt my right hand which was on the bed start shaking a couple whole body went into a convulsing seizure type mode shaking wildly..head to toe...went for maybe 10 seconds i'm guessing and i was freaking out...felt as though i had left the bed shaking all over in mid air...

    stopped my fingers down subsided...oh shit...thinking...dick still hard i thought i had cumm..nope...started again...same results a second super-o hit me like a freight train..throwing my whole body in to spastic convultions...maybe 15 seconds i rode this one...

    freaking out again..knowing i've truly got there...mind goes blank during this..just total euphoria... more time...again..same thing happens...i was tripping and started cranking my rod while contracting hard and erupted a fountain bout 6 inches up of a massive cumm shot...

    oh jesus...fell back on the bed..feeling wave after wave of pleasure slamming through me...

    if the wife had of seen this she prolly would of thought i was having a i got it..i'm so looking forward to todays session...l could feel where the helix was hitting inside n concentrated my rubbing there..was just mind blowing to put it mildly
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172 report back on this....after 4 sessions of using this technique..,i am able to trigger the super-os in every session...basically what i'm doing is starting by massaging my balls..which feels good while doing contractions..

    then pulling them up and my left hand flat on them...right underneath my sack i place 3 must be my dick root i'm massaging...i can feel where the helix is hitting right underneath this area...flicking my fingers in this area across what feels like a root ....i also get an erection while doing this...within just a minute or so these wicked sensations start...a buzzing feeling down there so to my prostate or whatever starts vibrating...the whole area ...then...the waves and i start having full body convulsations....hard to keep my fingers on the spot as i'm shaking so feels truly incredible...

    let off ..relax n try to get my breathing under control...find myself moaning loudly during these episodes...can start these over and over...same results....full body shaking and a euphoric feeling of bliss...i love it...give it a try ya'll...see if it works for you... :D
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    hey evil-zombie-

    i tried your trick. worked really well for me.

    i stretched my balls up with the flat of one hand while the fingers of the other probed around below to find trigger spots.

    definitely enhanced the trigger spots.

    thanks for the idea!

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I found myself doing the same thing myself and did notice an increased pleasure and arousal, not sure if I have located the trigger spots per se, but I noticed it does help, and it's another non-penile stimulation that feels good, which always helps with the aneros sessions.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Thanks guys ...i will try it next round that I go. I think the p tabs are not doing it for me on the smaller models ....much better with the Progasm. I thought it may be the size but maybe its the location of the p tabs hitting the spot better.

  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    The trigger spot comes naturally -- If you relax the lower pelvic floor totally (like you want to poop) and leave it there, your anal canal will contract and pull the P-tab directly into your "sweet spot".

    The key is to NOT activate your PC muscle. Just let it go... Let it go...

    After a while you'll get the deep internal "twinge" that activates your arousal response. You'll feel it in your perineum. It's almost electric.

    Good luck.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    thanks darwin..for me this is working very well...the p-tab on my tailess helix is obviously hitting to low for me...although during my sessions i do get good vibes all in my pelvic region...sometimes mild quivering of the hips and thighs...i go with this enjoying it till it subsides for some reason...

    usually when i turn over onto my stomach and enjoy grinding my hips around doing contractions ...which feels realy great also..this kinda builds it up...i did try something different yesterday...before going back onto my back n starting my triggering fingers technique i got on my knees off my stomach...and reached n started my fingers ..sitting straight up...right under my sack as before on the a few seconds and was all i could do to remain in an upright position as i shook all over having a most wicked super-o in the position...almost falling over and off the bed...

    not recommended...LOL...i'll stay on my back from now on...ya'll enjoy..glad i could contribute a lil something different here... :twisted: :twisted:
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172

    I found myself doing the same thing myself and did notice an increased pleasure and arousal, not sure if I have located the trigger spots per se, but I noticed it does help, and it's another non-penile stimulation that feels good, which always helps with the aneros sessions.

    feel right above where u can feel the aneros{which ever ur using} is hitting inside you...fingers flicking across that area will trigger the response...
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    i think i need to clarify something...on this technique...its not gonna work real well if after inserting u wait 10 minutes or whatever then start need to play a lil other your normal thing for a bit...on stomach..on back... whatever...get everything worked up and feeling good...then after say 30 minutes or so...your gonna need a hard on or semi at least to be able to feel the hard tube under ur balls..i call it ur dick root...leading down to ur for me is massaging my balls and stim on my penis enough to get this thing stiffened a lil so u can feel racking...or massaging this root with ur fingers ur sending direct vibrations down it straight to ur prostate which is being caressed by which ever aneros ur using...kinda like a double whammy of sensations to from underneath being the aneros..pressing into ur from above being ur fingers vibrating the dick root leading to it...this sends deliciously wicked sensations straight to ur prostate...causing it to overload and send u into super-o land...hope this helps..i'm really loving my helix and progasm so much better now :twisted: