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paint brushes on nipples
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,304
    in this video, a guy uses artist's paintbrushes on his nipples.

    i gave it a try. fantastic!

    the cool thing to notice is that, possibly unwittingly, he is stroking below not on his nipples. that is a great advantage of the brush. you can't tell exactly where you are, so all that guides you is which spot feels best, not where your finger thinks it should be.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Darwin

    Great to see two of your vids back on xtube. I watch the paint brush guy's when you had it on ArcticWolves' Super Orgasm thread and was intrigued.

    However, yesterday I had a great experience employing another suggestion from you through the external prostate massage (and more) site. I felt around and intuitively decided to try the sides of the abdomen beside the inner thighs about a third of the way up from the genitals toward the hips. Massaging deeply there produced good feelings but different than internal prostate massage contact.

    After maybe five to seven or more minutes, it felt like time to give it a rest. Almost immediately little but lively feelings began inside at the prostate and they rapidly blossomed into energy waves and clouds moving up through my abdomen, throughout my body and into my head. I had a mid-level Crown Chakra orgasm and a very rich Calm Seas orgasmic "float" with multiple full still body Os!

    To round out the story, I have never had any response to nipple stim, until yesterday. During this event, I suddenly felt like bringing my hands to my chest, and floating them just above, doing a kind of "Touch for Health" massage. With my hands just barely caressing, mostly the hairs on my chest, I got the most wonderful warmth and energy rise. Repeatedly I was able to amplify and extend the run of Os. It was also accompanied by strong strange imagery that my chest was actually a pair of buttocks.

    Now I feel trying the paint brushes may well be worth it.

    Thanks again for all your great hints and links!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Guys!

    I am a graphic artist and do have a full range of brushes available! (and have used them for this purpose, too!)

    I have also used these somewhat successfully at times . . . there are all sizes and textures available too!
    (Mink and Sable are extremely soft and Camel hair somewhat courser)

    The Guy in the video is a regular Rembrandt, but I can do without the "Poppers"!

    Nipple play, for me, just keeps getting better and better! (and now breast play too)

    Later, Guys!