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Seeing Colors etc~
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    I am curious if anyone is seeing strange things when they are orgasming.
    Like lately when I get into the session and I'm getting close to what I feel is absolute
    ectasy , that is to say the most pleasure I have attained so far I begine to see a color that looks like
    purple. Kinda hard to explain all the details but objects sort of dissapear and sometimes things will merge like a shadow is forming around the objects.
    The Purple color is the koolest thing it's like a fizz or like TV ..static?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I believe the aura effect that you have described is the result of entering an altered state of consciousness during orgasm. Visual, aural, tactile and even taste sensations have often been reported by people while in altered states. The color purple has often been associated with feelings of deep passion and compassion. These mildly hallucinogenic events are nothing to worry about, just another effect that your mind is capable of producing for your continued enjoyment of the moment.
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    Well I am definitely not frightened of it or anything just curious as to what others may be seeing. I should have mentioned that sound does change also as you mention like the audible sound range
    extends to places I am not normaly aware of like I can hear very small sounds outside the house and my home is brick so..
    I think it might be kool to see if anything more could come of it...especially the visuals sometimes
    the colors almost seem to be contained somehow and move about as I watch.
    Also if it is altered state I wonder if it's possible to remember how to get there without having an orgasm:P That might be worth learning.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    I had quite the experience a week or so ago. Remember when i said about wanting my essence to curl around itself into a sphere? Well i think im one step closer. I did my usual thing, put some relaxing audio erotica on. Then suddenly, instead of my essence curling around itself, it was straight but it was asthough i was spinning around at 100mph on a turntable. I didnt feel dizzy or anything, it was quite nice infact. So i think im that one step closer to that sphere. I think its just a case of letting go of fear now. and entering the most sexy (beyond sexy even) feeling. im getting aroused at just thinking about it now. LOL :P

  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    Hi Tipereth,

    I often doze with the aneros in. On one occasion I woke with a feeling that my body was vibrating or tingling all over and saw flashes or green and blue. I saw these flashes of color just as I was awakening. I rarely dream so I doubt it was that. I tried to hold the vibrating/tingling feeling but lost it after 30 seconds or so. I often experience the vibrating/tingling all over feeling as I awake with the aneros inserted. I have not yet learned to hold on to them for an extended period, just can't figure it out yet. Stay with it, its a great experience, let us know what happens.
  • FestusFestus
    Posts: 2
    Hi Tipereth

    I've been learning about and trying out various "lucid dreaming" techniques recently, and what everyone is describing sounds quite similar to the "hypnagogic" state. This occurs when you're state changes in the cross-over between being awake and asleep, which lasts around 5 minutes-ish. If you're able to pay attention during this period, i.e. remain conscious while falling asleep (sounds a bit paradoxial!!) you'll typically see vivid dreamlike imagery: swirling dots, fuzzy "globules" of colour, vivid dream-like imagery, or all of these. It's also usually accompanied by a feeling of "spinning" or "swirling" and tingles or vibrations in the body, and some people are able to have "out-of-body" experiences during this period.

    The period between sleep and waking up is similar to this, but has a few different characteristics.

    I've yet to have a full blown super-o, but I've been learning about these techniques as they sound like they have a lot in common. Well, that and both are pretty fun :D
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    This is a great thread. I feel right at home and among friends. It's wonderful to hear of others finding these additional sensory/cerebral effects. These kinds of experiences are the beginning of what can be diverse astoundingly rich worlds of experience.

    In older threads here I have described what in my youth I called Intellectual Orgasms, and asked for any others experiencing this kind of multi-sensory response/variations to the body/muscular and nerve energy pre-orgasmic and varied orgasmic sensations at the core of our Aneros practice here. I intend to bring some of that together in my blog soon.

    Yes Hypnagogia is a wonderful key element in these phenomena, but so is Synaesthesia, the crossover effect of hearing music as visual colours and the many other combinations possible. Almost 20 years ago I learned to slip down into Hypnagogia at will and come back up at will. Now I find myself drifting in during Aneros sessions or KSMO sessions naturally, without willing it.

    IOs occurred in my youth as after effects, without anal stimulation, the next day or so after a session of anal prostate massage. From these kinds of initial multi-sensory effects, they developed into vast energetic cinematic trips with vivid imagery and narrative or commentary sensed and a lot of vigorous body movement. Rather than out-of-body travel, I called it "through-the-body travel" and always ended tangled up in twisted bed-sheets sweaty, exhausted and hugely exhilarated!

    Tiphereth, the TV static you reference, as you may know, is partly the Cosmic Background Radiation, the remnant of the Big Bang itself, an original orgasmic explosion into being for us all!

    Yesterday I had a head centred (Crown Chakra) mid-level orgasm after trying some external prostate massage being discussed in other threads here now. After decades of leaving those youthful IOs behind for several reasons, including severe body injuries from car accidents, I am finding them teasing just behind the doors of Aneros, KSMO and Chi Gong energies practices now.

    Try calmly watching and accepting and being open to more of this and see where and how far you would like to go with it...

    all the best with this

  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    Hi Festus,

    Good info. I seen the colors, experience the buzzing and body vibrations when waking up with the aneros inserted. I've tried to stay with the buzzing and vibrating feelings but always lose them after 30-45 seconds. Any tips. I've tried chasing them by clamping up a bit and also be letting go a bit but nothing has worked to date.
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    Lately I have had alot of stress goin on in the home and last night while sleeping had a VERY interesting dream, thought some peeps would like to analize.
    I was in a "world" of sorts like the mountains was fairly bright in a sureal way..kinda like just as dusk is beginning.
    Anyway, Imagine all this but the air was not air it was water, not heavy water but extremely light water a very strange medium. Imagine swimming in air and it had the slightest green tint to it almost undetectable.
    anyways I found myself sort of at the top of a hill floating lying straight out and then suddenly
    my whole groin area lit up bright white green and there was this crazy energy surging from it when I looked down the hill and saw this woman who was comming up the hill like to meet me and she was moving somewhat like a snake and was a bit sinister.
    all of the sudden I realised that I was ejaculating and that I was dreaming or in this altered state.
    the woman retreated back down the hill and I started waking up. It was all because my underwear was tickling my cock or maybe cuz i was a bit afraid. I hadn't cum in like a month by the way :lol:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Bump! For all the purple colour people!